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The animation industry has seen massive developments in the recent years - thanks to the spur in the digital technology. Animation, both traditional and computer generated, have gained widespread acceptance in all the major industries. This happened because of a sudden surge in the demand for animated entertainment and viewership. Today, satellite TV and the endless broadcasting connect the world. The time/slots aren't the issues.

The bone of contention, however, is about creating high-quality animated contents. The audiences' expectations have skyrocketed which puts pressure on the purveyor to create high-resolution realistic animation. To overcome these challenges, we have come up with some of the best animation tips and tricks which can prove to be highly beneficial for animators.

Best Animation Tips to Make your Animations Realistic

Marketers know that their potential customers want to be wooed and not bored with the monotonous jargon of blogs, emails, and whatnot. Animation grabs one's attention quite aptly. That is why we have collated the following eight indigenous tips and tricks for animation.

  1. Planning is the Key

    Planning is the KeyA successful animator sticks to the simple rules. It helps organize the project and ensures on-time delivery. Start by designing a workflow. Have a distinct plan of your project's need and create the outline of the execution stages. Eureka moments come once, and with proper execution of ideas. And if you have a proper project plan and workflow, you can chart the timeline to complete that.

  2. Grab the Attention

    Grab the AttentionIt is a well-known fact that the first few seconds of the video are the most important. It is important to grab the audience's attention at the beginning which helps to keep them captivated for a longer time. Especially in short videos, the first few seconds will decide if your viewers will continue to watch it or not.

    Pictorial Superiority Effect (PSE) - a phenomenon that states "visual" prevails all other senses. Our brain is wired to pay more attention to color, size, orientation, and motion. However, it prefers simpler videos over the complex. That is why in an animated video, the first few seconds are important to grab your audience's attention. And especially in short videos, the first few seconds will decide if your viewers will continue watching or not.

  3. Don't Over Animate

    Don't Over AnimateThis is one of the best animation tricks and techniques for animation. Young animators today believe that an animated scene must be moving all the time. Well, that is not always true. Animation means a state of being full of life. Over-animating a scene would alter its intent. A scene, despite being simple, establishes the character's mood, emotion, and reaction. If over animated, it will ruin your viewer's experience. When you stick to the basics, the results will surprise you.

  4. When Things Complicate, Start Again!

    When Things Complicate, Start Again!Sometimes scenes get complicated and result in confusion. In such instances, it is important to save the existing work and then start over. This helps to simplify the complex scenes and to begin with a clear mind.

  5. Timing is the Key

    Timing is the KeyThis is one of the most important 3D animation tricks and techniques. Timing in an animated video connotes the speed of an action. A pitch-perfect motion executes perfectly only because the scene is perfectly timed. It implies you must put an ample amount of time on the anticipation of an action, on the action, and on the reaction to the action.

    Optimization is important here. Timing affects the perception of an object, body, or a subject. Too much time would detach your viewers and too little would leave them confusing.

  6. Ask for Feedback

    Ask for FeedbackYou might have excellent animation skills, but feedback from the right people would take your animation capabilities to the next level. Without feedback, your animation can turn into one-dimensional. It is vital to be creative and imaginative in your approach, but it is also important to follow advice that you may get.

  7. Silence is Important

    Silence is ImportantSilence is an astounding creativity tool that can spike your viewers' level of immersion. It can be equally effective, same as the music, if used in the proper context. The quiet moments in a video can give an impression that the character is thinking, and the audience can immediately connect with them.

  8. Decide the Ending First

    Decide the Ending FirstComing up with an interesting end to the story is the most difficult part of the entire animation storyboarding. To better captivate your audience, you can come up with the end before you figure out the mid-story. It is important to keep your viewers happy, amazed or intrigued by what will come next.

Popular Animation Tools Leveraged by Animators

An animation is one of the toughest aspects of graphic design which requires specific software and high-speed systems. Moreover, it is a time-intensive activity. Also, as the customer expectations are sky-rocketing and it is important to provide them with what they are looking for. High-quality and realistic animation videos are in high-demand now and this is made possible by animators by making use of some of the latest animation tools and technologies.

To help you pick the best animation tool, we have collated some of the popular animation tools here -

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