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Video Editing for a Client in the Real Estate Industry

Case Study on Real Estate Video Editing Services

The Client

Our client represents several properties in the Netherlands and needed a partner who could edit videos that provided overviews of those properties. They needed a partner who could provide high quality finished products in a timely and cost-effective manner. They turned to Outsource2india to provide this service as well as -

  • Editing 15 video files of different property views into a 10 minute videos with a property overview
  • Extremely high quality finished products that looked as professional as possible for attracting new customers
  • Specific experience in this field to understand the best practices for display of information related to real estate

Project Challenges

Throughout the project, there were several challenges faced by the O2I team. These included -

  • There were several challenges in the original footage provided by the client including shaky camera, lighting issues, etc. which affected quality. The O2I team had to correct these elements and then edit the videos
  • There was a communication issue between the O2I and the client's team which affected our team's approach towards the project. The first batch of edits done by the team did not meet the client's requirements. As a result, our team had to rework on those files, which resulted in lost time

The Solution

To ensure the highest quality finished product and avoid any issues with editing, the Outsource2india team performed the following actions -

  • Initial samples were provided to the client by the O2I team to gauge the quality of the work done by our team
  • After the samples were sent and the client was highly satisfied with the work, work began in flow with one full-time resource assigned solely to the project
  • The client was provided full access to the O2I FTP server so they could share their video files
  • The client provided 15 video files and our resource worked to resolve the issues that affected video quality including shaky movement, poor lighting, and other issues, all within Adobe Premiere Pro

The Results

After completing the project, the client was supplied with finished videos which met their 90% quality benchmark expectations. The client was highly satisfied with these results and assigned additional video editing work to O2I team. With a new long-term relationship in place, the client now sends 10-15 videos per month for editing to Outsource2india.

Choose Outsource2india for Real Estate Video Editing

Video editors at Outsource2india completely understand diverse editing needs of our global clients. Our cost-effective services can help you achieve large cost savings while getting perfectly edited real estate videos which attract prospective buyers and increase your business ROI.

To learn more about Outsource2india's video editing services and to determine if they are a good fit for your needs, contact us at O2I today.

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