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Account-based Marketing Services

Account-based Marketing Services

Accelerate your B2B business and replenish your marketing and sales pipelines with our targeted account-based marketing solutions. Prices start at $14/hour

Looking for ways to boost your B2B business with targeted account-based marketing? At Flatworld Solutions, we employ the most innovative marketing strategies to help meet your business goals. Our globally-certified research and analysis experts identify and define a set of accounts and we come up with personalized campaigns to target them. We accelerate your revenue by focusing only on those accounts that can bring in the most business.

Our services lead to abundant growth opportunities for our international clients; we enable them to bring new accounts on board while deftly maintaining the existing ones. Owing to our unparalleled expertise, our ABM experts help track productive accounts and optimize campaigns so that you earn the best ROI for your business. Reach out to us to discuss your specific business needs.

Account-based Marketing Services We Offer

Our comprehensive and customized services nurture client relationships by aligning outcomes to client expectations. Our account-based marketing solutions include -

  • High-Value Accounts Identification

    High-Value Accounts Identification

    We leverage innovative BI technologies to identify and prioritize high-value accounts for your business. To generate the best leads, we use firmographic data which includes company size, revenue generation, industry, location, market influence, and expected profit margins.

  • Account Research for Target Marketing

    Account Research for Target Marketing

    After identifying the accounts, we conduct in-depth research to identify the decision-makers and the key influencers. The data that we gather in the process aids the content marketing strategy, which we use to target and communicate with these key players.

  • Developing User-centric Content

    Developing User-centric Content

    To boost our ABM initiative, we weave valuable and user-centric content to influence the targeted accounts and convert them into customers. We create content that addresses specific industry challenges and adds a personalized touch to drive the account-based targets.

  • Content Marketing Across Channels

    Content Marketing Across Channels

    Even great content will not do much good unless it is marketed across the right channels. Our ABM experts determine the efficacy of each channel for the targeted industry and come up with the right mix to push your content.

  • Campaign Review and Analysis

    Campaign Review and Analysis

    We review your ABM marketing campaigns, analyze their performance, and optimize them if needed. Our experts carry out an extensive review and prepare detailed reports to give you a clear picture of the campaign outcomes.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Account-based Marketing Services to Outsource2india?

We offer B2B account-based marketing services to 18,000+ global clients from 160+ countries. The benefits of outsourcing account-based marketing services to us include -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    We help our customers with cost-effective and flexible pricing packages for our clients. Our prices start at $14/hour.

  • Information Security

    Being an ISMS-certified firm, we ensure that the information you share with us is safe. We sign NDA agreements that bind us legally to protect your enterprise data.

  • Experienced Team

    We have some of the most talented ABM experts in our team who use the latest tools and techniques to chalk out the specifics of your target marketing campaigns.

  • Quality Services

    We are an ISO-certified organization that ensures 100% reliable and effective account-based marketing professional services at the best rates.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    In our 10+ global delivery centers, we have access to world-class infrastructure and office spaces and the best marketing software and technologies.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Primary Research Services to Leading Chinese Trade Consultants

O2I Provided Primary Research Services to Leading Chinese Trade Consultants

A leading Chinese client required robust and reliable primary research services. We provided professional research assistants who delivered cost-effective services to the client.

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O2I Provided Secondary Research Services to a Swiss Hospitality Company

O2I Provided Secondary Research Services to a Swiss Hospitality Company

A leading Swiss hospitality service provider was looking for reliable and accurate secondary research services. We provided the client with high-quality services within a quick time.

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Outsource Account-based Marketing Services to Outsource2india


Let me thank you for the professional way in which you are managing the project and meeting our deadlines. Unfortunately, our second supplier- I cannot say the same for and have let us down considerably.

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Outsource2india offers a range of business research services to international clients. Our expert marketers can handle the intricacies of your account-based campaigns and run them successfully. We use the right mix of channels to get the appropriate messages delivered to the right audience.

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