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Outsource Faster Turnaround Time - Research & Analysis

Here at O2I, we understand the importance of a set schedule. As a client, your calendar is the universal metric we use to plan our resources, efforts, and deliverable scheduling on all research and analytic projects. Whether you need it six months from now, or last week, our firm scheduling system ensures that your project will meet or beat all your deadlines from start to finish.

One of the chief reasons we can consistently match our client calendars is by employing a highly flexible staff capable of adapting to the specific needs of a particular research or analytic project. If we find that one of our clients requires a large amount of research that needs to be done, we can bring in a fresh team to assist in that capacity, produce a precise deliverable on time, and then fold that team into another project for another client.

By using a flexible approach to effort, rather than the stiff and antiquated model common to many other outsourcing providers, we can bring the perfect amount of talent to any project. This allows us to concentrate on producing results for our clients rather than filling up our offices with salaried employees. Even better, it means we can react quickly and efficiently to the evolving needs of our clients, and allows us to push our overall expenses down while keeping our core teams lean and effective.

The overall effect of a flexible effort system is an increase in the overall efficiency and deliverable scheduling of our research and analytic projects, and an overall decrease in the bottom line costs to our clients.

In addition to our flexible effort model, we utilize an advanced scheduling system to manage all the day to day details of project orientation and production. Our management team has many years of experience in facilitating research and analytic projects across a broad range of industries, and we know how to plan a project to ensure that each deliverable is managed, checked, and forwarded in a timely and effective manner.

Finally, our clients themselves also represent an effective resource in maximizing efficiency and minimizing turnaround time. At O2I, we take our customer feedback very seriously, and we review each and every suggestion, comment, or complaint that our clients issue. Using this information to eliminate pitfalls, prevent mistakes, and strengthen the efficiency of our scheduling system allows us to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and reliability for our clients who require research and analytic services.

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