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Customer Testimonials - Research and Analysis

At Outsource2india we promise to create a hassle free outsourcing experience for our customers. The following customer testimonials vouch for our management skills, our quick response, the quality of our work and our ability to create value in outsourcing ventures.

Outsource your Research and Analysis Services to O2I and benefit from our strong research and analytical skills.

quotes-left The services that Outsource2india provided helped us achieve substantial cost and time savings on several difficult projects. Their prompt attention to our requests and attention to detail are excellent.quotes-right

Senior Vice President,
Automotive & Transportation Industry Solutions Group

quotes-left Very thorough, precise research analysis. Extremely easy to work with even though most communication was done via email. Turnaround time for requested information was superbly quickly...almost quicker than I actually needed the request. At times I felt that I was their only customer! They were always there when I needed them!quotes-right

Lynn Kowalczyk

quotes-left We have carefully reviewed your documents and are suitably impressed with the meticulous details with which you are conducting your audits to ensure exceptionally high quality for the extracted data delivered.quotes-right

Leading STM Publisher

quotes-left The general information is well sourced. The financial information had been well researched, the format was perfect, and the commentary in the services section was well presented, in fact, better than we are used to!quotes-right

quotes-left Let me thank you for the professional way in which you are managing the project and meeting our deadlines. Unfortunately, our second supplier- I cannot say the same for and have let us down considerably.quotes-right

quotes-left Everything is going well and we have no requests or things that need to be changed. We are happy with the project going smoothly now and everything seems to be under control.quotes-right

*Note - We are sensitive to customer information and have therefore not provided customer names.

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