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Top 7 Trends in Business Intelligence that Will Shape 2017

Latest Trends in Business Intelligence

2016 was a revolutionary year for the business intelligence industry, and the trends predominant last year will continue to be strong through 2017. The BI industry continuously monitors these trends on a year on year basis, and 2017 will witness increased business-specific customization. Today, corporations are no longer asking if business analytics is required or if data visualizations can improve analysis further; they are rather looking for the BI solutions which can be best fit for their business needs.

2017 will be the year of artificial intelligence and digitization. It will mark the collaboration of embedded BI tools with powerful presentation. In this article, we have listed the top business intelligence trends in 2017 that will shape the future.

7 Business Intelligence Predictions for 2017

The term business intelligence is used for a wide range of processes. The field of business analytics will be characterized by the way technology is rapidly changing as vendors are trying to stay updated with the BI use cases, new user types, data sources and usage models. Some of the latest trends in business intelligence and analytics are listed here -

  1. Shift in Self-service Business Intelligence

    Shift in Self-service Business Intelligence

    The coming year will see a steep increase in the demand for an easy to use business intelligence environment which allows users to access, share content, and grant power to admins to take critical decisions based on a single set of data. Self-service for analysis will move way beyond just self-service for analysts.

  2. Analytical Databases to Rise

    Analytical Databases to Rise

    Even the largest of the databases can be easily analyzed using SQL-based technology and the coming year will be remarkable year for SQL. The coming years will see an increase in demand from organizations to continue to leverage Hadoop's ability to analyze data in clusters. This is possible mainly due to SQL engines' flexibility and speed.

  3. Data Discovery and Visualization Will Gain Importance

    Data Discovery and Visualization Will Gain Importance

    Powerful graphics and highly advanced cloud authoring capabilities will have a great demand in 2017 and beyond. Data discovery is the term used when you hand over the power of data analysis to individuals without having to deal with any underlying problems. Many organizations still struggle with governance problems even today.

  4. Importance of Data Quality Management Will Increase

    Importance of Data Quality Management Will Increase

    Slowly and steadily, companies have started understanding the importance of data quality management. We will see a considerable amount of investment in data quality management in 2017 and beyond. Companies need to make sure that the BI tools support Data profiling, data integration, data quality, and data augmentation.

  5. Cloud-based Data Sources to Grow

    Cloud-based Data Source to Grow

    The massive increase in the number of cloud-based applications in the year 2016 has resulted in an increase in SaaS BI deployments. This indicates that there will be a rise in the demand for BI solutions which will enable users to connect, analyze, and integrate the data into the company reporting initiative.

  6. Growth in Embedded Business Intelligence

    Growth in Embedded Business Intelligence

    As the reporting and analytics capabilities increase, applications will start integrating BI functions into their solutions. Both, organizations using BI and application developers will demand highly customized solutions in the coming future. This customized analytics demand is mainly driven by the need of having analytics functionality aligned with corporate styling.

  7. Boom in the Internet of Things (IoT)

    Boom in the Internet of Things (IOT)

    The smart and networked IoT devices tend to send and receive a lot of data. This data holds great potential if collected and analyzed in a meaningful manner. Companies will be able to use business intelligence complemented by IoTs and explore and extract data which can be used to make the business operations better.

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