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Outsource Perceptual Mapping Services

Perceptual Mapping Services

Marketers throughout the world extensively use perceptual or positioning maps before embarking on any new brand positioning activity. Ever wondered what is the secret behind the popularity of perceptual mapping? Perpetual maps are easy to understand with graphical representations of complicated market information help clients make strategic business decisions. We provide comparative perspective with regards to competition, consumer behavior, market trends, etc. with our specialized perceptual mapping services. Our perceptual maps are the outputs of multi-dimensional scaling and give you that additional insight into the current position of your product and its potential in the face of competition.

We are a pioneer in research support provisioning to our global list of clients which includes many conglomerates from the Fortune 1000 list. Our global delivery process, qualified resource pool, and quality-centric approach ensure client satisfaction while providing value adds to help them enhance their bottom line by helping you perceive and visualize your brand as compared to your competitors to create a better market positioning.

What are Perceptual Maps and How Do We Use Them?

Perceptual mapping helps to communicate the relationship between competitors and the criteria used by your consumers while making purchase decisions, and Outsource2india's perceptual mapping services does exactly the same. We create perceptual maps with simple graphic figures to pave the path towards strategic thinking and trigger discussions. We deploy various statistical and mathematical methods to produce perceptual maps. Most predominantly, we use multi-dimensional scaling to ensure reliable and accurate perpetual maps.

Perceptual Mapping Services We Offer

Perceptual maps are generally created using Rating scales which provide the data required for perceptual mapping. We at O2I also use Rating Scales apart from an assortment of other statistical procedures like subjects, selected attributes, etc. to prepare valid perpetual maps. We evaluate the attributes and subjects closely to ensure long-term validity of the map.

Our perceptual mapping services serve various marketing functions, including -

  • Brand Positioning
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Identifying New Market Opportunities
  • Identifying Potential Customers
  • Market Segmentation
  • Positioning Analysis
  • Product Positioning
  • Trend Analysis

Role of Perceptual Mapping in Brand Positioning Research

A perceptual map is the output to multi-dimensional scaling. Perceptual mapping can be used to give you that additional insight into the current position of your product and its potential in the face of competition.

You can perceive and visualize your brand like never before and what's more, even make it a reality. Perceptual mapping will help you find out how your brand is positioned as compared to your competitors.

Our Perceptual Mapping Samples

  1. Perceptual Map of the Ideal Market to Launch Your Product

    In the following map, you can see your competitors' products at different levels. While some of your competitors' products fall within the high quality and high price quality, there are other products that fall within the low price and low-quality category.

    By using such a perceptual map, you can identify the category under which you can offer your product. In the following map, there are not many competitors in the medium price and quality range. You can probably choose this spot to launch your new product.

    Perceptual Map of the Ideal Market to Launch Your Product

  2. Perceptual Map of Consumer Perceptions on Competing Products

    The following map shows consumer perceptions of various airlines on the dimensions of Affordable/ Onboard comforts and Entertainment/Services. Most customers felt that Airline K was the most affordable and had good services, while Airline I had onboard comforts with the best entertainment facilities. If you are planning on starting a new airline company, you will have to find an area on the map that is free from competitors.

    Perceptual Map of Consumer Perceptions on Competing Products

  3. Perceptual Map of Consumer's Ideal Points

    The points on the following map display the ideal combinations of two dimensions as seen by customers. This map shows a few customers' ideal points in regarding automobile products. The dots on the map represent each customer's ideal combination of the two dimensions.

    The cluster of points on the map, such as C or D represents a market segment. Demand voids refer to the areas on the map where there are no ideal points. A new company planning to introduce an automobile must look for areas with a high density of ideal points.

    Perceptual Map of Consumer's Ideal Points

Process We Follow to Create Customized Perceptual Maps

If you are planning to launch a new product in an area with a high density of ideal points without competitors, Outsource2india helps you find an area free from competition. Our perceptual mapping/brand position analysis services help you map relationships between competitors and the customer perception in making purchase decisions and recommendations.

Our in-depth and customized reports give your decision makers greater insight and help them in making important decisions. The reports that we provide determine the position of a product, brand or a company relative to your competition. Apart from displaying consumers' perceptions of related products in our perceptual mapping reports, we also analyze your consumers' ideal points.

Perceptual Maps at O2I

Outsource Perceptual Mapping Services to Outsource2india

Perceptual Mapping or PERMAP services offered by Outsource2india act as a great marketing tool for brands or product lines to understand how potential buyers perceive their products in comparison to the competitors and decide a further course of action. We have the industry expertise, infrastructure, skillset, and resources to provide customized services as per the unique client requirements.

If you have decided on outsourcing perceptual mapping services to India, look no further. Contact us get a well-drafted perceptual map to meet all your business needs.

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