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Outsource Business Analysts at Outsource2india

Are you looking for experienced, trained and skilled business analysts to help you with business research? If yes, outsource your research services to Outsource2india and get access to a dedicated team of business analysts that will include a business strategist, a business systems developer and an IT systems developer.

Today the scope of Competitive Business Analysis is very vast. You need trained business analysts with hands-on experience to help you successful manage the entire scope of competitive business analysis.

The Team of Business Analysts at Outsource2india

When you outsource business research to Outsource2india, you can get access to a team of business analysts that will include the following -

  1. Business Strategist

    In the modern world of business, organizations need to focus on strategic matters on a more or less continuous basis. Our business strategists who serve this need are adept in analyzing the strategic profile of any type of organization and its environment and in advising the Senior Management of the concerned organization on suitable policies and the after-effects of the their decisions.

  2. Business Systems Developer

    A business strategic analysis may identify business problems within an organization but cannot do more than that; however these problems need to be solved by introducing changes within the organization. At Outsource2india, our business systems developers can analyze the objectives, processes and resources and provide better suggestions for Business Process Redesign (BPR) or Business Process Improvements (BPI) that can be implemented.

    The specific skills that our business systems developers possess are “soft skills” like extensive knowledge of the world of business, understanding of stakeholder analysis and some “hard skills” like Business Process Modeling. Though this role demands an awareness of technology and its uses, it is not an IT-centric position.

    Three elements are crucial to this aspect of the competitive business analysis effort -

    • The redesign of core business processes
    • The application of enabling technologies to support new core processes
    • The management of organizational change

    This aspect of competitive business analysis is also known as “Business Process Improvement” or “Re-engineering”.

  3. IT Systems Developer

    The IT investments made by an organization are generally very expensive and are of critical and strategic importance. Getting the best return from these investments has been an enduring problem. Usually, organizations recruit a business analyst to carry out a thorough Business Analysis in order to better understand and define the enterprise requirements from their IT systems. The role of an IT Systems Developer might overlap the role of a Business Systems Developer; however the focus of an IT systems developer will be on the change process. Often an IT systems developer gets involved only when a case for change has been decided upon.

It's time you streamlined your business operations by hiring a team of experienced business analysts from Outsource2india. Contact us now.

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