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Outsource Asset Management Support Services

Asset Management Support Services

Supporting your company's asset management functions require dedicated efforts, which if delayed, may lead to complications in business operations. If you are looking for reliable asset management support services, then look no further; outsource your service requirements to us.

We, at Outsource2india, provide support services to asset management companies, ranking agencies, fund research companies, third-party information providers, Exchange traded funds (ETF) providers and many other companies around the world.

Our wide array of timely and professional services includes (not limited to) setting up back-office systems, fraud-detection services, setting up backend accounting systems, performing credit risk analysis, helping with tax issues, evaluating cash flows and helping you manage regulatory compliance.

Our Asset Management Support Services

We offer a host of different support services that suit your requirements. Our in-house asset management experts work around the clock to provide the following support services related to asset management -

  • Detailed Reports - You can get detailed reports related to different asset classes, asset-backed securities, ETFs and other structured products. Getting cross-asset class reports will be a breeze with Outsource2india's team at your service. Additionally, we provide following types of reports -
    • Industry-specific Reports - We can create specialized reports catering to specific industries containing detailed company profiles so that you get proper insights into the functioning of a company. These reports contain key company information such as SWOT analysis, PEST Analysis, current and past financial performance data, industry forecasts, capital structure, management strategy and more.
    • Evaluation - Evaluating different fund managers based on their performance is another service that our staff can provide. Besides, we can also review key financial portfolios and provide a performance report.
  • Assessment & Evaluation Services - Assessing global equity markets is key for any asset management division of a company. We can help you with the latest trends in the market and provide some predictions based on the technical or fundamental research that we conduct.
    • Fixed Income Market - If you are looking at analyzing the Fixed Income market, then we can help you with an evaluation of central bank policies, prevailing interest rates and the macroeconomic trends in the market. Our in-house experts can also provide rich insights into the Forex and Commodities markets.
    • Financial Modeling - We can help you get the right financial mix with our financial modeling services which include debt analysis, multi-asset portfolio evaluation, stock/bond valuation, as well as short and long-term forecasts.
    • Fund Comparison and Monitoring - Our experts also help you compare two investment funds or portfolios based on costs, exposure to risks, performance and other critical factors. We help you with asset allocation adjustments as well as facilitate diversification by identifying new potential investment partners.
  • Managing Risks - We help you stay abreast of all the possible risks and risk scenarios by assessing all credit risks, compliance risks, and Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS). In addition, we also make you aware of all national, regional and international investment regulations that may impact investment practices or your business operations. We can provide updates on a regular basis (based on your preference) on all types of potential risks.
  • Managing Third-party Information - Verifying third-party information and validating the same for effective and accurate decision-making is also supported by us. Based on a benchmark portfolio, we can also help you measure returns and performance of a portfolio (performance attribution analysis).
  • Data Management - We understand that managing so much data about various investment portfolios can be demanding. In such a scenario, we can help cleanse data and organize, structure and manage all key data that could be useful to your asset management operations.
  • Other Services - Apart from the services listed above, we also provide services related to investment prioritization, technical audit, risk ranking, governance audit, developing asset lifecycle cost optimization strategy and more.
    • Tax Regulations - Our experts are ready to assist you with any kind of information or training that you may require with respect to tax regulations like the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) and other similar significant tax laws.
    • Portfolio Returns - We help asset managers optimize their portfolio returns while minimizing risks related to investments at the same time. For this we leverage data mining and primary market research to identify new and profitable investment opportunities.
    • Market Updates - Based on your preferences and requirements, we provide market updates to you regularly, summarizing the key events, trends and market performance.
    • Pitchbook Updates - On the lines of an elevator pitch, we can develop a more sophisticated pitchbook which you can use to connect with investors.
    • Analyzing Commodities - Our experts can analyze the activities of the commodities market and related sectors like crude oil, precious metals, natural gas and grains.
    • Reporting Standards - We offer the latest legal updates and provide all support for IFRS compliance management in different jurisdictions across the globe.

Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Analysis Services to O2I

There are many benefits that you will experience when you outsource your asset management service requirements to us, some of which are as follows -

  • We have an experienced in-house team that is well-versed with the operations in the financial industry as well as asset management support services. Simply outsource your requirements to us and get access to their services, without having to recruit additional staff members
  • Get access to expertise in managing and deciphering complex data sets which helps compare asset portfolios easily
  • Our experts leverage industry best practices when it comes to financial analysis. Be rest assured of high-quality support services delivered to you within a quick turnaround time
  • You do not have to wait for a business day for time-critical projects. We can work overnight so that you get the desired reports immediately, just in time for your presentation
  • By selecting us as your partner for asset management support services, you get the benefit of accessing all our support services under one umbrella of offerings. Instead of connecting with multiple vendors across regions for services like market research, product research, legal research, regulatory compliance research, investment performance reports, cross-asset class product research and more, you can simple choose to work with us and get all these services delivered to you
  • Besides, you get several cost benefits when you work with us, as compared to working with multiple vendors for multiple services

Hire Outsource2india for High-Quality Asset Management Services

When it comes to asset management support services, you should select the best outsourcing company to share your workload. Some reasons why you should select Outsource2india as your outsourcing partner -

  • We have been providing management support of assets for over a decade and are well-versed with the nuances of this domain
  • We use the latest software for bookkeeping, data management, asset management, and tax preparation to ensure you get services of the best quality. Besides, you get access to state-of-the-art infrastructure without making any additional investment in-house
  • Our experts understand that every asset management company has unique requirements and they specialize in working as per your needs and delivering customized services
  • Timely support services from Outsource2india help you manage your schedule better and spend more time on selecting the right portfolio

Outsourcing helps you focus on your existing critical business operations. You do not have to invest in recruiting people onboard for performing tasks related to asset management. Share your requirements with us and allow our dedicated asset management experts to deliver asset management services to you. Contact us to outsource asset management support services, our team will be glad to assist you.

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