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Outsource Credit Research Services

Financial consultants often find themselves running out of time in a 24/7 world. If you want to expand your clock for providing advisory services to your clients, outsourcing credit research is a common-sense strategy to consider. Outsource2india can save you both time and money while improving the quality of your financial advisory services. Let us show you how.

If you are analyzing credit issues as complicated as collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps, you want accurate answers in a timely fashion. Outsource2india offers the cost-effective expertise to make this work seamlessly for you.

Our advanced approach to outsourcing will make you wonder why you did not do this sooner. Outsource2india is synonymous with professional credit research outsourcing.

Outsource2india's Credit Research Services

Whether you require cash flow modeling, covenant analysis, advanced financial modeling or detailed credit reports, we at Outsource2india can offer you with expert credit research services that match your requirements. Our end-to-end credit research services cover areas related to -

High yield and leveraged finance
Our detailed analysis allows you to manage and control the added investment risk when you are dealing with specialized credit issues resulting from turnarounds, mergers and restructuring situations
Investment grade
We look for the subtle credit issues that will help you distinguish among investment-grade securities that might look the same but are seen as distinctly different under our advanced credit research microscope
Distressed debt
Our goal is to help you find both undervalued and overvalued distressed debt instruments so that you can avoid investment mistakes before they happen
U.S. municipals
Our credit analysts are constantly looking for both positive and negative changes in U.S. government and municipal debt markets in order to find the best investment values for your clients
If you are looking for the best way to simultaneously participate in debt and equity investments, we can help you assess the appropriate pricing relationship between stocks and bonds
Structured products
You should always be looking for new ways to analyze financial asset securitization, and our experience is invaluable when you need to understand asset-backed securities and how they impact corporate balance sheets
Sovereign debt
We are constantly analyzing government debt in multiple countries across the globe and can provide you with an in-depth understanding of developing changes and potential credit problems
Emerging markets
Our premier international credit research capabilities allow us to help you identify the delicate balance between credit obligations in emerging countries and developed countries and then how to profit from it

Our Research Engagement Model and Commitment

Outsource2india can give you four pricing models to choose from when you hire us:

  • Project pricing
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE) pricing
  • Customized pricing (half of FTE, etc.)
  • Risk free Fixed-Hours Pricing

To know more about our flexible pricing options, contact Outsource2india today!

If you are not sure which pricing approach makes the most sense for you, we can provide a cost proposal that demonstrates different possibilities. We are committed to finding an approach that makes you comfortable.

Regardless of which research pricing model you choose, you will receive our best service at all times. Our research services always include two special commitments -

  1. One point of contact: You will have a designated research assistant to work with regarding any requirement or task
  2. Guaranteed resource availability: You will always receive prompt and responsive attention to each and every detail. We will answer your emails and calls swiftly

Top Four Benefits of Using Credit Research Services

Credit research services, can help you with finding:

credit research analysis services

Our Strength - An Expert Team of Research Analysts

To uncover the best investment opportunities for you, Outsource2india has a team of dedicated credit research analysts of various levels of experience. Together, our analysts construct industry reviews and constant fundamental analysis of issuers that relate to buy, sell, or hold decisions. Our trained analysts are proficient in fundamental as well as quantitative credit research.

The Outsource2india team of credit research analysts possesses extensive knowledge of financial modeling and decision tools and can help you in the following -

  • Fundamental analysis of the legal structure and the financial condition of current and potential holdings
  • Written watch or drop recommendations; systematic on-going financial review of all securities and issuers
  • Design and development of indebt index for the unsecured lending market, alongside the credit bureau and economists
  • Define the interplay between credit strategies and their impact on business operations cost
  • Keep an eye on the developments in the regulatory, legislative, economic, and fiscal arenas relating to securities and issuers and much more

Outsource2india's credit research analysts are carefully recruited after many rounds of screening and trained vigorously before being deployed on client projects. Most of our credit research analysts have Master's Degrees (or equivalent) in Economics, Business / Management, Finance, etc., from top educational institutions in India. Some of our analysts also possess additional financial qualifications like ICWA / CA/ CFA (US).

In terms of working experience, most of our credit analysts have between 2-5 years of work experience in Finance, Corporate or Institutional Banking or in the Research / Credit ratings arena. With demonstrated skills in corporate credit analysis and good working knowledge of GAAP (US) and IFRS, our tax credit analysts are the perfect fit for your company's needs.

6 Reasons to Choose Outsource2india for Credit Research Services

  • Our analysts use the latest proprietary modeling tools
  • We incorporate live market data into all the levels of our analysis
  • Get an experienced and skilled team of credit research analysts to work for you
  • We employ stringent data security measures at the hardware/software level
  • We can provide you with daily, weekly or fortnightly reports, depending on your requirements
  • During the course of project, our team will regularly update you with reports on numbers, analyses and recommendations

Contact us to outsource credit research services today and give your business a competitive edge.

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