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Outsource Credit Research Services

Credit Research Services

Analyzing credit issues that have the potential to dismantle your entire business model can get highly tricky. You need accurate and timely answers while analyzing collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps. At Outsource2india, we offer quick and reliable solutions to help you deal with these seamlessly.

Credit Research Services We Offer

Be it cash flow modeling, covenant analysis, advanced financial modeling, distressed debt modeling, or detailed credit reports, we at Outsource2india can offer you with expert credit research services that match your requirements. Our end-to-end credit research services cover areas such as -

High-yield and Leveraged Finance
Our detailed analysis allows you to manage and control various added investment risks related to specialized credit issues that result from turnarounds, mergers, and restructuring situations
Investment Grade
We help you distinguish among investment-grade securities that might look the same but are completely different as we use our advanced credit research microscope to distinguish it
Distressed Debt
Our goal is to find both undervalued and overvalued distressed debt instruments so that you can avoid almost every possible investment mistakes
U.S. Municipals
Our efficient credit analysts are constantly looking for both positive and negative changes in the U.S. government and municipal debt markets to find the best investment values for the clients
We can help you assess appropriate pricing structure between stocks and bonds to simultaneously boost risk-free participation in debt and equity investments
Structured Products
If you are looking for new ways to analyze financial asset securitization, our invaluable experience comes in handy aiding you to understand asset-backed securities and how they impact corporate balance sheets
Sovereign Debt
We are constantly analyzing government debts in multiple countries across the globe and can provide you with an in-depth understanding to assess upcoming changes and potential credit problems
Emerging Markets
Our premier international credit research capabilities allow us to help you identify the delicate balance between credit obligations in emerging and developed countries and to profit from these

Credit Research Process We Follow

In order to provide our clients with the best possible services, we follow a streamlined credit research process. Having a multi-domain industry experience, we understand that business requirements vary from one client to another and hence our financial analysts strictly focus on specific client needs. Our process flow includes -

  1. Scope Finalization

    • Discussion with client about sector, economy and geography
    • Define scope and valuation methodology
    • Finalization of deliverables including financial model methodology
    • Finalization of delivery schedule and milestones.
  2. Primary & Secondary Research

    • Data collection and review with client
    • Comprehensive analysis of information
    • Information memorandums
    • Analyzing industry reports and competitor profiles
  3. Financial Model Building

    • Interim deliverable preparation with revenue/cost drivers
    • Review process and detailed quality checks
    • Final financial model preparation after client feedback
  4. Report Preparation

    • Analysis and drafting of report including sectoral, economic, and technical analyses
    • Identifying opportunities and devising investment strategies
  5. Support and Analytics

    • Live support on pitches and deals
    • Decision Support Analytics and CXO Dashboards

Reasons to Choose Outsource2india for Credit Research Services

At Outsource2india, we have over 25 years of experience in providing financial research services to global clients. Our analysts use the latest proprietary modeling tools and by choosing us you can be assured of the following benefits -

  • Affordable Services

    We bill our clients strictly based on project complexity, skills of the credit research analysts involved in the project, time required for completion, etc. This assures quick and accurate services at affordable rates

  • Certified Financial Analysts

    Once you choose us you can get an experienced and skilled team of credit research analysts to work for you, who will promptly incorporate live market data into all the levels of our analysis

  • Stringent Project Security

    We employ stringent data security measures at the hardware/software level and can also provide you with daily, weekly, or fortnightly reports, depending on your requirements

  • Quality Systems for Efficient Services

    In order to provide efficient credit research services, we have strict quality control policies and processes in place

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have the best infrastructure in place, which enables us to provide efficient, secure, and confidential credit research services that precisely cater to your needs

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We totally understand the importance of set schedule, so we plan our efforts and resources accordingly to complete your project within a quick turnaround time

  • Project Transparency

    During the project, our team will regularly update you with reports on numbers, analyses, and recommendations to ensure complete project transparency

Choose Outsource2india for Accurate and Timely Credit Research Services

Outsource2india is an outsourcing firm offering a gamut of financial research services including credit research services. Our rich multi-domain industry experience enables us to provide accurate and timely services that precisely cater to your requirements. We also provide other services including investment research, corporate finance support, asset management support, investment banking support, etc. Once you partner with us you can be assured of getting accurate and timely inputs that help you to make informed decisions.

Get in touch with us now to discuss your requirements and outsource credit research services to get a competitive edge.

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