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Outsource2india Provided Market Research Services to a Top US-based Law Firm

Case Study on Market Research Services for US Law Firm

The Client

The client is one of the most well-known law firms based out of Orlando, Florida. Known for their professional, entrepreneur and investor seeking customized domestic and international asset protection strategies, the client works on asset protection, tax, corporate, healthcare, international law along with estate planning and probate, internet & technology, and most primarily business litigation. The client analyzes potential exposure to individuals and businesses and provides strategies to insulate vulnerable assets.

Requirement & Challenges

The client required help to analyze legal & regulatory issues involving voice-controlled digital assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, the Google Assistant, etc. They wanted help to assess the possible concerns about privacy and security related to these devices. The client needed an overview of laws and regulations that currently exist related to these devices in both on a federal and state level in the United States. They also need information on laws and regulations that have been proposed or are likely to be proposed in the United States concerning the digital assistants with a careful analysis of the story on both sides. They needed citations, examples and all available resources on these aspects involving these smart devices, including wearables as well as other artificial intelligence devices. They particularly looked for region-specific information including, US, Canada, and Europe.

The challenges of the project included finding authentic and most relevant information from the hoards of online and offline resources available on this controversial topic.

Our Solution

Outsource2india with its extensive experience in qualitative research services services was able to understand the complexity of the requirement and placed a team of 2 research analysts and an SME to handle this project. This project involved both primary and secondary research involving various digital assistants available in the market along with the rules and regulations surrounding the usage of those items. Our team collected all available information and deployed various research tools to validate the data collected. They categorize the information based on three different aspects, namely, concerns regarding the devices, rules and laws around those, and prospects of these devices in the future. We provided an exhaustive report on each of those categories with citations, references and studies. We were able to provide the required information in a presentable and easy to comprehend manner which pleased the client.

The Outsource2india Advantage

Outsource2ndia is backed with two decades of research services services that have distinguished us as one of the most sought-after research service providers. With our latest and highly accurate statistical tools, we help you transform data into insights. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make profitable business decisions with our research and analytics support.

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