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Syndicated Research Reports Services

Outsource Syndicated Research Reports Services

Looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of specific markets or technologies? Maintain a competitive edge and ensure sustainable growth by choosing our highly detailed, secure, and GDPR-compliant reports

Is your company having trouble understanding the emerging needs of the market and how to position your brand accordingly? Are you unable to create a self-sustainable business strategy which can generate revenue for you without too much meddling? As modern businesses start relying heavily on technology and analytics to help them gain an edge over their competition, our syndicated market research reports can help them remain appraised of the current situation in their industrial sector and make the most of it.

Our syndicated research reports help you work towards building a competitive intelligence about your business atmosphere while understanding how your brand is perceived by your customers. With a team comprised of some of the most experienced, qualified, and skilled research analysts we create reports covering the length and breadth of the industry for your company to gain insight from.

Syndicated Research Reports Services We Offer

With over 25 years of experience in the field of research services, we have established ourselves as a premier syndicated research report service provider. We leverage advanced tools and sophisticated techniques to get the best out of the data available at hand, and then gather them to create market-specific reports that provide you with in-depth details that you require. Our offshore syndicated research reports services include -

  1. Information Analysis

    Information Analysis

    Today, information is everything. Whether you are a large multinational company or a small start-up, you need to leverage the information available at hand in the form of customer surveys, field reports, etc. and combine them together to gather useful insights. At O2I, we excel in finding the required intelligence and creating data-specific reports which can help your business grow.

  2. Data Collection

    Data Collection

    If you require highly specific data collection services which leverage the latest data mining and data scraping tools and techniques then you are at the right place. Our web research specialists and data analysts gather discrete information available over the internet and bring them together to meet your exact requirements. Our data collection methods are ideal for data interpretation, composition, comparison, finding relationships between multiple touch points, etc.

  3. Syndicated Reports Design

    Syndicated Reports Design

    Sometimes, you might not have enough time to collate the data available for the report in a presentable manner so that everyone can easily digest the information. Outsourcing syndicated research reports services to O2I ensures that your reports feature attractive designs which are especially useful if you are presenting to shareholders or investors.

  4. Syndicated Research Report Writing

    Syndicated Research Reports Design

    Writing research reports in such a way that everyone understands the specifics and can leverage the information takes a lot of skill. We get the best research report writers to work on your requirement, ensuring the entire report follows established patterns for easier acceptance and better visual performance.

Ready to Purchase Syndicated Research Reports

Here are some of our reports available for purchase -

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market $3,350

Report Title

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare-By Solution (Hardware, Software, and others), Technology (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and others), Application(Medical Imaging, Virtual Nursing Assistants, Precision Medicine, and others) and Geography - Current Outlook and Forecast to 2023

Number of Pages


Report Description

In 2017, the global artificial intelligence market exceeded $900 million. The healthcare industry needs solutions that help suppliers make meaningful clinical decisions in less time, which is one of the key factors driving the development of artificial intelligence in the healthcare market. In addition, the growth of Big Data analytics, rising demand for precision medicine, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in research, clinical data management, and the growing demand for curbing healthcare spending will further drive market growth.

The growing demand for decision making and data mining has made AI solutions a pioneer in the health revolution. AI promotes access to health information, actionability, availability, and accuracy, hence, increasing the patient outcomes by 50% and reducing medical costs by 50%. It is expected that the use of artificial technology in drug breakthrough will drive further expansion of AI in the healthcare domain.

Because of the increasing growth of AI in healthcare, many cross-industry partnerships are happening. For example, in May 2017, Partners HealthCare and GE Healthcare worked together to develop & integrate deep learning technologies for the entire healthcare industry. Collaboration between leading artificial intelligence providers, biotechnology, life sciences, and pharmaceutical companies should support the immediate introduction of AI in drug and medicine development.

In 2017, the discovery of pharmaceutical products accounted for more than 25% in the AI healthcare market, and medical imaging and diagnostics showed tremendous growth potential. AI enables efficient and immediate detection of drug targets while supporting drug development and molecular screening. The increased pervasiveness of cancer has created a requirement for initial tumor diagnosis and the usage of deep learning techniques improves tumor diagnosis due to its pattern recognition capabilities.

In the year 2017, the United States controlled the AI market in healthcare, largely due to the proliferation of Big Data analytics. In the next few years, China will provide profitable growth opportunities for AI in the healthcare marketplace. The rapid aging of the country's population will surge the demand for better medical services and put tremendous pressure on the health care system. Thus, AI tools can be successfully used to solve this issue.

AI in healthcare is an all-inclusive report covering the current scenarios and upcoming growth forecasts of AI in health applications. The report also offers important insights into market drivers, new trends, constraints, opportunities, and competitive strategies pursued by key players, and further refines technology, solutions, applications, and geography.

The report is divided into four main regions, including, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, MEA and Latin America. Europe includes the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Artificial intelligence in the North American health market is further divided into the United States and Canada. The Asia Pacific region includes China, India, South Korea, and Japan. The report covers company profiles, competitive conditions, and market size estimates and projections for key players in the healthcare market.

The report also includes a comprehensive analysis and an overview of key market participants. A few of the key players in the AI market are Microsoft Corporation, DeepMind Technologies Limited, iCarbonX, CloudMex Inc., Philips NV, IBM Corporation, Atomwise Inc., Next IT Corp., Flatiron, Recursion Pharmaceuticals. INC, Careskore, General Electric, Bay Labs, Welltok, AiCure, Sentrian, Butterfly Network, Apixio, Pathway Genomics, etc.

Global Industrial Robotics Market $3,350

Report Title

Global Industrial Robotics Market (2017-2023)

Number of Pages


Report Description

It is expected that the industrial robot market will grow at a fast rate in the next five years because of the increased use of robots such for non-automotive applications, amplified use of industrial robots in emerging markets, and benefits such as increased productivity and reduced manufacturing costs associated with the use of industrial robots. The market segmentation of industrial robots focuses on the four most important market parameters, including products, functions, applications, and geography. The product market divides the industrial robot market according to various robots, like articulated robots, Cartesian robots or gantry robots, SCARA robots, cylindrical robots, etc. The market has been divided into industrial applications in the industries such as electrical and electronics, automotive, chemical, rubber, and plastic subdivision, heavy machinery, metals, food and beverages, precision and optics, and more.

The report qualitatively and quantitatively analyzes the industrial robot application market and provides detailed insights into each application's capabilities.

The Industrial Robot Market Research Report aims to capture market roadmaps through market size, sales forecasts, value chains, competitive landscapes, leading companies, and their key developments, strategies, and profiles.

The market is divided into five regions; namely, the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW for geographic analysis of the market. The Industrial Robot Market Review examines the current state of the global industrial robot market and assesses the market's prospects for leveraging emerging market opportunities.

GDPR Market Trends in Hotel Travel and Leisure Industry $3,350

Report Title

GDPR Market Trends in Hotel, Travel, and Leisure Industry

Number of Pages


Report Description

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) was implemented on April 14, 2016, and became effective on May 25, 2018. It standardizes data protection laws in all 28 European countries and sets strict rules for controlling and processing personal data. In addition, it manages the way companies manage, use and share personal information. This approach is beneficial to customers because companies need to be transparent in collecting, storing and sharing their personal information. Failure to comply with GDPR can result in severe penalties amounting to about 20 million Euros, accounting for 4% of annual income (whichever is greater). GDPR applies to personal data of all companies and organizations or EU citizens who provide goods and services to the EU. For instance, if there is personal information about a citizen or resident of an EU in a hotel in India, the GDPR will apply regardless of the location of the hotel. Therefore, when European guests stay in their hotels, hotels in India must comply with GDPR.

Blockchain Technology Market $3,350

Report Title

Blockchain Technology, Global Market Overview, 2016-2024

Number of Pages


Report Description

Blockchain technology is an open distributed ledger with a peer-to-peer network usage where it serves as a public ledger for all transactions making the network both secure and not requiring a trusted administrator. It also has a programming language that allows users to write more sophisticated smart contracts creating invoices that are self-generated throughout the transaction period. Blockchain by design inherently resistant to modification of data- once any data is recorded it cannot be altered retroactively form the block with the added benefit of time stamps and a link to a previous block. It has also addressed major failure models to rectifying them with proper implementation techniques.

The market of blockchain technology is still at a very nascent stage with a billion-dollar investment on research and development of applications throughout various industry verticals resulting in massive growth during the forecast period. The blockchain market is expected to have a CAGR of 51.8% from 2016 to 2024 resulting in a massive expansion of the technology with a wide range of applications and implementation throughout the industry verticals. Major applications of blockchain technology are payments, exchanges, smart contacts, documentation and digital identity covering various sectors as banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), government and public sectors, health care and life sciences, retail and e-commerce, automotive, media and entertainment which will have a massive impact on current market structure eventually revolutionizing the economic platform into a transparent and accountable system. World Economic Forum predicted 10% of the global GDP to be stored in blockchain by the year 2027.

Custom Research Report on Digital Therapeutics Market $3,350

Report Title

Custom Research Report on Digital Therapeutics Market

Number of Pages


Report Description

Digital therapy has made great strides over the past decade and has used technology to complement or possibly replace traditional clinical treatment. A few devices complement traditional therapies by helping patients handle their condition, including the time and amount of medication. Some offer alternative therapies for drugs, such as sensory stimuli conveyed through tablets to treat depression or insomnia. Prominently, digital therapy is often directed at diseases that are poorly managed by today's medical systems, such as chronic or neurological diseases. Moreover, they can usually be treated more favorably than traditional therapies by reducing the time spent on the doctor. Also, there is growing evidence to prove its clinical value.

Health Safety Service Market for Single Person Household $3,350

Report Title

Custom Research Report on Health Safety Service Market for Single-Person Household

Number of Pages


Report Description

Lifestyle changes and viewpoints toward marriage not only affect the size of the family but also the type of family. A one-person household may have a greater impact on the economy. Compared with other peers, single families usually expend extra in their homes. These families may choose to rent rather than buy a house. Even if they buy, they favor multi-family homes over the one-family homes. This might disturb the structure of the real estate market, which is still recuperating from the effects of major economic recessions and recent real estate financial changes. The increase in single-person households can promote the mobility of the labor market. Because there are fewer attachments and no marital burden, these people may be more willing to resettle the city to get a job. This may make the job market more liquid than it is now.

Generic Pharmaceuticals for HPV, HSV, HBV & Drugs $3,350

Report Title

Custom Research Project on Patented Generic Pharmaceuticals for HPV, HSV, & HBV Drugs

Number of Pages


Report Description

China is among the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. Economic and demographic development, public incentives and public health awareness, market integration and improved R&D capabilities can help a country become a more urbane market in the next decade. In 2017, Chinese drug manufacturers received 38 generic drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, which are cheaper versions of patent expiration compared to 22 last year. Recently, the Chinese government has extended the franchise period for pharmaceutical patents from 20 years to 25 years. The government accepts as true that in the long run, only foreign brand drug manufacturers will benefit, as many generic drugs produced by Chinese pharmaceutical companies will withdraw from the market for an extended period. Waiting for the launch of generic drugs also means that consumers' prices will rise. China's generics market is conquered by many cheap domestic manufacturers. This splintered industry includes about 5,000 drug producers, with the topmost 100 accounting for 33% of the marketplace.

Custom Research Report on new Contents Market $3,350

Report Title

Custom Research Report on new Contents (VR, AR, MR AI) Market in 6 Countries

Number of Pages


Report Description

New and emerging technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) have been creating a buzzword since quite a few years now. They made their way into mainstream conversations, so much so, that keeping up with these terms can seem daunting at times. Although these technologies came from different places and they have different functions, they can still make use of some similar technologies. The present-day technology has come a long way from thin cardboard discs to today's VR and AR. In fact, AR and VR are increasingly gaining popularity with each passing day, thanks to the heavy investments from giants, such as Facebook, Google, Samsung, and many others.

Wearable Medical Devices Market $3,350

Report Title

Wearable Medical Devices Market - By Device Type (Diagnostic, Therapeutic), Application (Sport, Fitness, Home Healthcare, RPM), Type (Activity Monitors, Smart Watches, Smart Clothing, Patches), &Geography -Current Outlook and Forecast to 2023

Number of Pages


Report Description

Wearable (Portable) medical devices are leveraged to diagnose or monitor the disease, incorporate digital health information and are worn by a person. These record rudimentary health metrics such as blood glucose, heart rate, blood pressure, daily activities, etc. With advances in medical technology, portable medical devices such as glasses, watches, clothing and even contact lenses are also available. It helps to reduce the number of medical visits because the patient can determine the cause of the symptoms by himself. With the increase in global diabetes cases, the requirement for these devices is expected to rise. Though, the high price of fitness trackers can curb market growth.

As health awareness increases, lifestyle changes and the prevalence of obesity and diabetes continue to increase, the portable medical device market continues to thrive and is expected to continue to grow rapidly. The increasing demand for early detection and preventive medicine, self-monitoring equipment & user-friendly devices, and increased health awareness are some of the key drivers for the growth of the wearable medical device business. As per the International Diabetes Federation, about 420 million adults worldwide have diabetes in 2016. This means an annual growth of 8.4% and is expected to touch 625 million by the year 2040. The devices also support technology platforms and tools, including Microsoft CRM & Salesforce, thus, enabling devices, products, services, and data, to work together in multiple ways.

Fingerprint Scanner Market $3,350

Report Title

Fingerprint Scanner Market (2017 - 2022), By Sensor Type (Capacitive, Optical, and Others), Application & Geography

Number of Pages


Report Description

Biometrics is an automated technique of recognizing people based on their behavioral and physiological characteristics. Among them, some of the most important measuring human characteristics are fingerprints, IRIS, face, veins, sounds, and hand geometry. Among all biometric technologies, fingerprint modality will endure controlling the biometrics industry due to its high accuracy and low cost. Fingerprint scanners are widely used in many applications, such as healthcare, commercial buildings, defense, consumer electronics, and more. The fingerprint scanner industry is finding its place in many major applications such as the proliferation of smartphones, the growth of cloud computing and online payment traffic applications, rise in the need to improve border security, regulatory and rising global security issues. It's market size in the consumer electronics industry is growing rapidly as fingerprint sensors are increasingly used in a variety of electronic gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc.

Leading IT companies are driving the development of the fingerprint scanner business. These companies are committed to improving existing technologies and introducing new and innovative products to offer users with cost-effective and unfailing fingerprint scanner alternatives. One more emerging trend in the market is a solo sign-on. It allows users to easily log in to the system with just a finger touch instead of entering a login ID or password. Also, the two-factor proof of identity, non-contact fingerprint scanners, fingerprint matching system, etc., are the main trends in the market. It provides the right security solution for eliminating passwords, patterns, and PINs. In addition, it helps reduce threats associated with hacking, theft, and misuse of user data.

But, because of cultural barriers, the implementation of fingerprint scanners in some countries around the world has limitations. It is one of the main reasons for the decline in the growth of the fingerprint scanner industry. The biggest obstacle to its growth is the dearth of standardization for implementation and development. A few of the many key players in the fingerprint scanner market are BioEnable, 3M, CROSSMATCH, Synaptics, BIO-Key, SecuGen, AB fingerprint cards, DERMALOG, SAFRAN, HID Global, etc.

Rehabilitation Robotic Market $3,350

Report Title

Rehabilitation Robotics Market, By Types (Assistive Robots, Prosthetics, Orthotics, Therapeutic Robots, Exoskeleton Robotic Systems), (Stroke, Orthopedics, Sports, Cognitive & Motor Skills Disabilities), Growth Rate & Forecast, 2018 - 2024

Number of Pages


Report Description

Rehabilitation robotics is becoming more and more important as it expands prevailing therapies to effectively restore patients with physical challenges and support an aged population. The rehabilitation robot market will continue to show healthy growth in the coming years, given the increasing demand for caregivers and the need for rehabilitation services due to the aging population.

The speedy aging of the population in the United States, Japan, and Europe, and the industrialized ecosystems that benefit robotics should stimulate requirement for the rehabilitation robots. By 2050, the proportion of the elderly population is expected to increase from nearly 40 million in the United States to 80 million. Also, the improving life expectancy of Japanese people and reducing the birth rate, the proportion of people over the age of 65 is expected to increase to 38% in the next few years, that is, 50 years. The aging of this population is expected to increase the incidence of age-related disability and diseases such as Parkinson's disease and stroke.

The rise in the global incidence of stroke is expected to further drive the market for rehabilitation robots. According to the World Heart Federation, 15 million people worldwide suffer from stroke each year, of which more than 5 million dies and 5 million are disabled. According to the American Heart Association, approximately 85.6 million Americans suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease or the consequences of stroke.

Farm Management System Market $3,350

Report Title

Farm Management System Market - Analysis, Growth Trends, Opportunities, Key Players, Forecast to 2022

Number of Pages


Report Description

A farm management system is demarcated as an “information and technology-based agricultural management system for identifying, managing, and analyzing land, space and time changes in order to achieve optimal sustainability, profitability, and environmental protection”. It is a necessary method to safeguard the right resources are available for plant growth and that crop protection requirements are always met without any shortage or excess.

Today, the farm management arrangement contains millions of hectares of land and permits farmers to change the amount of fertilizer on the ground-based on the needs determined by sampling in the GPS controlled area. The United States, Canada, and Australia are pioneers in precision agriculture worldwide. Britain is the first, followed by France in Europe. Therefore, less than 10% of French farmers currently have a variable rate scheme.

The Farm Management System Market is an inclusive research description on component applications, technology, and geographic area. It provides detailed analysis, trends, and forecasts for the farm management system marketplace. It contains a comprehensive study of existing growth drivers, opportunities, and barriers.

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Why Outsource Syndicated Research Reports Services?

Outsourcing syndicated research reports services to Outsource2india can give you a series of benefits that you can take advantage of. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include -

  • Top-notch Infrastructure

    To provide the best quality services we understand that our infrastructure needs to change with the times. We leverage high-quality infrastructure in the form of high-end proprietary analytical tools, uninterrupted high-speed cable broadband, modern workstations, etc. to ensure we provide the best services in as short a time as possible.

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    Most of our clients work with us repeatedly because of our flexible pricing options which change dynamically based on your region, ensuring you are always paying the best price for top-notch services. With multiple pricing structures, we have something for everyone.

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    One of the main factors that set us apart from other syndicated research companies is our ability to provide services which follow international quality guidelines. As an ISO certified company, we take our quality guarantee extremely seriously and deliver results which work right out of the box.

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    Most businesses are worried about data security while outsourcing. While understandable, we ensure that our data security measures can put you at ease. We even offer a tour of our premises so you can understand the nature of security in place. As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization, we are one of the few providers of syndicated research reports services in India who can actually back up their claims and offer a secure experience out and out.

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O2I Provided Primary and Secondary Research Services to a Leading Digital Transformation Company

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