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Outsource Primary and Secondary Research Services

Primary and Secondary Research Services

Fast-paced growing economy and highly competitive global market scenario has posed a threat to the financial growth of organizations worldwide. Therefore, it has become imperative for businesses of all sizes to have in-depth knowledge of the core business areas along with their characteristics, capacity, and expected threats. With a deep focus on the consumer market and research, we at Outsource2india provide a comprehensive suite of specialized market research, data analytics, and measurement tools and services to help our clients gain a competitive advantage. By providing relevant and extensive enterprise-related information, we help you make smarter business decisions. Our capable and experienced research team takes the labor-intensive primary or secondary research work off your shoulders and offers a streamlined approach to all your research-related needs.

Outsource2india has been a pioneer in primary and secondary research services for over two decades with a niche in providing essential statistics, figures, and facts to aid clients in their successful professional initiatives. Built upon a methodical research framework to gather both qualitative and quantitative information based on scientific and empirical evidence, and global quality processes, our services are highly accurate and cost-effective.

Primary and Secondary Research Services We Offer

Providing comprehensive market knowledge to its clients, Outsource2india aids enterprises to understand their consumer as well as competition better. Our specific product or service research services and sophisticated insights on the demand and supply ratio prevailing in the current market to not just help you to stay ahead but retain your undisputed position. Our exclusive, adaptable services cater to a wide range of business research goals, gathering information from different sources, and securing details to be compiled for various business-related requirements.

  • Primary Research Services - Our research experts collect original data specific to prescribed research requirements following a scientific method through various sources such as surveys, offline materials, emails, web material, or interviews
  • Secondary Research Services - Our team at Outsource2india compiles information that summarizes and synthesizes research received indirectly from pre-existing sources and materials, such as online sources, statistics, reports, and mathematical models
  • Qualitative research - We offer exploratory, behavioral governing research options for understanding patterns within certain details of market research with social-science based data to aid better market understanding
  • Quantitative research - Through hard facts, computational techniques, and systematic exploration, our expert researchers gather unbiased information as part of our research services

8 Phases of Our Primary and Secondary Research

With a clear understanding of the research objective, our primary and secondary market research is conducted in distinct phases, which include:

Survey designSurvey design
Target audience profilingTarget audience profiling
Target respondentsChoosing target respondents
Data collectionData collection
Data processingData processing
Data analysisData analysis
Report generationReport generation and presentation
Expert insightsExpert insights

Advantages of Outsource2india’s Primary and Secondary Research Services

At Outsource2india, our experienced research team comes with deep domain expertise on primary and secondary research classifications of various industries. We use cutting-edge research analytics models as well as innovative tools to create a benchmark for reporting and dashboard creation to help brands create value. There are many benefits you can avail of hiring us for your market research requirements, like -

  • Up to 60% cost savings
  • Access to best business research analysts specializing in a wide range of industries
  • Free trial to assess our capabilities with high levels of accuracy at every stage
  • Quick turnaround time and on time project delivery
  • Regular updates on research and collected data in future
  • Risk-free outsourcing with maximum data protection
  • Advanced research methodologies to choose and profile targeted focus groups and audiences for complex Primary Research
  • Fill in the gaps from your missing information by utilizing a combination of Primary and Secondary Research related techniques

Read the case study to know how Outsource2india Provided Exclusive Reports on Travel Industry for a Marketing Strategy Firm.

Contact O2I for Expert Primary and Secondary Research

Outsource2india’s methodical approach to primary and secondary marketing research is backed by a dedicated and proactive team of research experts who come with varied industry experience. We have created a niche for ourselves with our exceptional research capabilities and business support services that help businesses succeed with the power of right information at hand.

Be it B2B or B2C, qualitative or quantitative, or primary or secondary, Outsource2india performs market research functions to meet all your critical business intelligence needs with meticulousness by following scientific methods and time-tested market research methodologies.

If you have decided on outsourcing primary and secondary research services to India, choose Outsource2india as your primary and secondary market research partner today and leverage the benefits of our years of expertise. Contact us today to learn more about our marketing research services.

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