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Outsource SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) Analysis Services

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) has evolved, from a mere statistical software to a very powerful management tool that few corporates can ignore.

The capability of the SPSS Software Package for analysis makes it an indispensable part of every decision making process of a company. The decision to invest in the SPSS software package means additional expenditure not only on the software, but also towards hiring trained professionals, to manage this genie efficiently. This is where Outsource2india can assist you. Our professionals can handle your SPSS Analysis software requirements.

By outsourcing SPSS analysis and data mining, you get the best of both worlds. You can tap into our knowledge pool of experienced professionals while using the software to take major decisions with a high degree of confidence.

Can Outsourcing SPSS Analysis help increase my company’s online sales? How?

Yes, it can. Predictive Marketing for one can help you optimize your marketing strategy. SPSS Predictive Analysis also offers real time feedback, which will help you in making quick, optimized decision during online communication with your client. O2I can provide this service. Contact Outsource2india for more information.

What process do we follow at Outsource2india?

  • The first step would be to understand the needs of your organization
  • We then look at the databases that you currently maintain; and
  • We determine the types of analyses that your organization will benefit from

As soon as you commission us for a trial, one of our SPSS Analysis professionals will work with you to capture all your needs.

These are the broad steps we follow:

Large pieces of data are captured from within the organization and through questionnaires circulated.

  • The data is processed by parsing/cleaning;
  • Inputs are analyzed/evaluated using in-built statistical techniques; and
  • Reports/models are generated, covering such advanced areas such as ‘anomaly identification’ to something as simple as segmentation’
  • Reports/models are generated, covering such advanced areas such as ‘anomaly identification’ to something as simple as segmentation’

We also conduct Advanced Analytics and Data Mining with the SPSS package?

Yes. Advanced Analytics and data mining are very popular and powerful tools of SPSS and we can work with these for you. Advanced data analytics are primarily used for complex data sets where data can be interpreted in multiple ways. Contact Outsource2india for more details.

What kind of expertise is required to carry out such work?

Though the SPSS software package is very user-friendly, it is a statistical tool and any tool is only as good as its user! You would need highly skilled statisticians or software professionals assisting you. At Outsource2india, we offer you a package where we provide you the power of the software and professionals who manage it. Working with Outsource2india is like having your own in-house SPSS software installed with a team of highly qualified personnel managing it!

Please contact Outsource2india here with your outsourcing requirements.

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