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Investment Banking Support Services

Investment Banking Support Services

The investment industry is heavily legislated and is always looking out for good talent to deal with investment banking. Investment bankers are one of the busiest in the investment field and need to keep moving while serving existing clients along with guiding new clients. It is always advisable that investment bankers outsource their processes to some experienced third-party service providers to get some free time on hand to concentrate on critical tasks.

Outsource2india is one such investment banking support service provider which helps you with all the investment-related processes and gets you through the challenges involved in the investment industry. We provide our quality services at cost-effective rates and ensure that the work is done within a short time. Outsource investment banking support services to us and take advantage of all the benefits we have to offer.

Outsource2india's Investment Banking Support Services

Outsoure2india has been providing the best-in-class investment banking support services to clients around the world for over 19 years now. Our vast experience of having worked with several investment bankers across the globe has instilled enough confidence in us that we are capable of handling any kind of investment banking support requests. Some of our services include -

  • Equity Capital Markets

    Our team at Outsource2india is trained to compile reports, analyze capital structure, calculate WACC, develop IPO models, and complete pre-IPO analysis.

  • Debt Capital Markets

    We provide one of the best debt/leverage and liquidity analysis, evaluate credit ratings, prepare bond market updates, and analyze the various precedent transactions.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Our investment executives are trained to screen and identify buyers, pitch books, prepare information memorandums, conduct business reviews, and create market reports.

  • Sales Support

    We can work with your sales team and help them identify potential buyers, update and maintain various sales databases and prepare sales presentations.

  • Investment Banking Market Overview

    Our team is skilled at providing benchmarking studies, global reviews of the investment banking markets which will help you in evaluating competitive opportunities.

  • Tax Reports / Documentation

    We address the tax changes and its impact in different jurisdictions throughout the world and ensure tax compliance. We provide quality documentation of other reports such as specialized markets and sectors report, macroeconomic reports, restructuring reports, regular trading reports, regulatory reports, etc.

  • Financial Modeling

    We have the required expertise to provide advanced support such as IPO modeling, merger models, WACC calculations, DCF and LBO modeling or asset valuation.

  • Project Finance

    As project finance plays a major role in financing large-scale projects, our team can assist in identifying potential clients, validating financial and data models, creating credit reports, collecting diligence information, etc.

Why Choose Us for Investment Banking Support Services?

At Outsource2india, we have the required expertise to provide the best-in-class investment banking support services to investment bankers and companies. Customer satisfaction is one of the key aspects of business and we understand that very well. We provide highly customized services to our clients and ensure that they comply with their requirements.

Some of the reasons for you to choose us for investment banking support services include -

  • Our team of text analysts hail from the top institutes from the world and are well-trained to handle any kind of investment banking support requests
  • We have the required expertise to work on some of the latest investment banking software and technologies
  • We provide the best-in-class investment banking support services at cost-effective rates and have various flexible pricing models to offer
  • Our team consists of highly experienced professionals trained in different investment-related processes
  • Our delivery centers are spread across the globe which enables us to provide our services within a quick turnaround time
  • All our processes are ISO certified and you can be assured that all the results delivered by us are of high quality
  • We follow strict confidentiality agreements and workstation data security policies which ensure that all your investment-related data is safe with us

Outsource Investment Banking Support Services to Us

Outsource2india has been providing the best-in-class investment banking support services to and a host of other financial research services to clients around the world. We are leading company in data management and you can be assured that the time spent on database support will be reduced. Investment banking success depends majorly on the presentation or written report and our team provides the best and high-quality presentation support and helps you to stand out among your competitors. We have the time-zone advantage and hence make us capable of delivering the results overnight with a great accuracy level.

If you are looking for a reliable investment banking support service or investment banking back office services provider, then you have come to the right place. Write to us or talk to one of our representatives and we will be more than happy to help you.

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