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Outsource Business Market Research Services

Business market research has become more important and more specialized than ever. With tight budgets, some companies have been tempted to cut their expenses for business market research. A smarter solution for saving money while still obtaining the critical benefits of business market research is to outsource these services to Outsource2india.

Your market research needs are likely to be constantly changing as you adapt quickly to a fluctuating economic and business environment. Which of Outsource2india's 14 business market research services will you need next? Regardless of your answer, we are ready to give you our immediate support and expertise.

There is no longer a need for you to hire more full-time employees for business market research. A phone call or email to Outsource2india is a winning strategy to get the job done.

Outsource2india's Business Market Research Services

We understand the market research needs for companies of all sizes, and are prepared to roll up our research sleeves for big and small businesses alike. However, smaller businesses in particular have much to gain from our expertise because our cost-effective pricing works for the most modest research budget. Outsource2india provides 14 specialized market research services:

  • SWOT Analysis - This continues to be one of the most important services that we provide. In particular, Outsource2india uncovers business weaknesses and threats that are often overlooked
  • Competitor Analysis - Analyzing your competitors should be a never-ending task, and we keep you up to speed on everything that you need to know without the need for hiring extra employees
  • PEST Analysis - Regardless of whether you want a PEST, PESTEL or STEEPLED analysis, our experts can fill in all of the critical blanks when assessing macro-environmental factors for your business
  • Porter Five Force Analysis - This specialized micro-environmental analysis supplements SWOT by giving you insights about the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers so you will be prepared for the competitive intensity in each market
  • Sector Research - This research is essential in helping you to get a strong foothold in new market sectors, and Outsource2india provides it to you quickly and seamlessly
  • Country Analysis and Profiling - If you want to enter new geographic markets, this is an ideal starting point so that you get an immediate "look and feel" for doing business in a new country
  • Business and Investment Environment Assessment - We scrutinize what your real business risks are while also assessing potential for expanding your operations, increasing sales and obtaining a solid return on your investment
  • Country Risk Assessment - We help you analyze, manage and control business and political risks when you are contemplating doing business in a new political jurisdiction
  • Industry Analysis and Profiling - You can never know too much about an industry that you are already in or want to break into, and Outsource2india keeps you fully-informed about industry intelligence at all times
  • Industry Feasibility Studies - This should be the final research step you take before making a leap into a new industry, and Outsource2india will do it right for you the first time
  • Market Sizing Study - Instead of your needing to guess about an appropriate market size to take on, let us perform a scientific study that gives you hard data for making a decision
  • Company Analysis and Profiling - We take a hard look at your company to give you a customer's perspective of what your business looks like from outside the boardroom
  • Sectional Highlights - We dig deeply into industry data and then break it into more understandable nuggets of information so that you have a detailed cross-sectional perspective
  • Target Screening - One of your biggest business challenges involves finding and analyzing your most profitable niche and target market, and Outsource2india is always up to taking on this challenge for you

Market Research Process at Outsource2india

Defining the objective of the research project: The first step of the research process is to define the goals of the project. Further activities are planned based on the goals.

  1. Research plan design: A detailed research plan is designed, which constitutes the target market (sample), the data collection methods, the duration and the personnel needed
  2. Data collection: Data is collected from the target audience through means such as questionnaires, e-mails, online surveys, online focus groups and field surveys. The means of data collection depend on the nature and scope of the project. The collected information is stored in a database which is further used for analysis
  3. Data Analysis: Using statistical methods such as Regression analysis, ANOVA, Cross tabulation with tools such as SPSS, the collated data is tested on all fronts. This provides findings into various relationships and insights into the collected data
  4. Presentation: The final stage of the research process involves presenting the information in the form of graphs, charts and self-explanatory tables. These are intended to help the end-user of the research report to assimilate the findings of the research project easily

Partner With Outsource2india for All Your Market Research Needs

Whether it is business to business market research or a full-fledged consumer market research program, Outsource2india can bring in all the expertise needed to maximize your business goals. Combined with a highly qualified team of research analysts, statisticians and managers, we can provide you with a cost benefit of nearly 40%.

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