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Outsource Case Study on Company Profiling Services

Company Profiling Services

Outsource2india, a renowned service provider of research and analysis services performed a detailed web research project on the studies performed by various organizations for a US-based company. This opened up new business avenues and helped the customer in expanding their business and making it number one among their competitors.

The Customer

The customer was one of the leading Market Research companies located in the US. They required information regarding companies in the Airbag Industry. They wished to outsource the service to spend less time on training and also wanted a hassle-free professional web research approach that required the least inspection.

The internet has a lot of Information about the Airbag Industry. However this data is available in clusters and is combined with other pieces of data which is unnecessary for the analysis. Our customer realized that outsourcing this service to a skilled professional company like Outsource2india will result in a thorough approach, extraction of the required information, and a detailed profiling of the airbag companies.

The Challenge

At Outsource2india, we were given the daunting task of profiling all the companies in the Airbag Industry. The immediate search resulted in 87 companies! We were required to look into the technical data studies that were previously performed by government agencies, chambers of commerce, trade associations and other organizations. Once this data was available, we divided it into different segments and removed the unwanted data. The challenge was that, due to the enormity of the field, we had to handle several combinations of segmenting the data, so that useful information could be secluded and easily understood.

The Solution

Our expert web researchers began the process by profiling the companies based on the company's history, its organizational structure, the financial data, executive profiles, advanced R&D, new technology fields, current and advanced products, short-term and long-term events, legal and overall strategic positions and internal tracking. SWOT analysis was also carried out.

We also performed segregation of companies on a regional level with their region-wise business operations, plants, joint ventures, alliances, OEM detail, market position and business status. This kind of profiling was done for each company in the list.

The Result

The result was a well-researched and professional profiling of the Airbag companies. The available data obtained from the web research was transformed from its jumbled form containing difficult to understand jargons, to a form which could be easily understood and browsed to get the specific information quickly.

The team at Outsource2india provided a high-quality output with a low turnaround time. Weekly meetings were organized with the customer to maintain the focus continuously towards a client-specified approach, thereby leading to guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our web research services helped the customer by providing an insight into the latest industry trends, the existing competitors to look out for, the current market share and the important details to consider before introducing a new product into the market. It also helped our customer answer queries regarding a particular market segment, a geographical area and customer preferences. The research opened up new avenues for our client's customers to expand their business and venture into new markets armed with the knowledge of their competitors. The results of the web research provided our customer with a greater chance for success.

Outsource Company Profiling Services to Outsource2india

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