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Outsource 5 Things to Know About News Abstraction and Extraction

Managing a large business can often leave you with no time to research, study and leverage upcoming market trends. However, having ready access to market developments, trends and information is vital in ensuring that your business does not get left behind in corporate domains that are constantly evolving. A newsletter or news abstraction service could be the answer you're looking for.

  1. Why do I need news abstraction services?

    In this era of cut throat competition, your best weapon is information. It becomes crucial to stay aware of emerging market trends and developments to enable effective decision making. The only way to do this is to regularly read corporate dossiers and media analysis reports. However, this could be a time consuming, although important exercise.

    What if you could get all the relevant news prepared for you in a concise report? All you would need to do is go through a single summary report of news articles from various sources carrying just the right information to move your business forward. Outsource2india's news abstraction and extraction service does just this.

  2. What Services do you offer at Outsource2india?

    At Outsource2india, we offer the following specialized news abstraction and extraction services.

    • Compilation and analysis of corporate developments of specific stocks on a daily basis
    • Earnings surprises, ratings watch on daily basis
    • Significant industry/economic trends that have a bearing on market performance
    • News Abstracts and Summaries
    • Press Reportage Analysis
    • Media Content Analysis
    • Newsletter Creation and Preparation
  3. What Process do you follow for news abstraction and extraction?

    We conduct in-depth research into current market trends to compile a comprehensive, intensive news abstraction report for you. This is how we go about preparing a report.

    1. Web research and download articles
    2. Selecting news item
    3. Short listing news clips
    4. Compilation of news clips
    5. Preparation of news abstract
    6. Categorization of news clips
    7. Editing/value addition
  4. Can you also Prepare Industry Newsletters?

    Of course we can. Our industry newsletters will offer you a quick perspective into the industry or company. We also update the newsletters on a weekly basis or monthly basis depending on your requirements.

  5. Can I get customized reports for media content analysis?

    Yes you can. We prepare ratings of company specific news based on specific criteria and related analysis, from various media sources as identified by you.

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