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Outsource Differences between Primary and Secondary Research

Primary vs Secondary Research

Companies have always relied on research when it comes to making important business decisions. The entire research effort revolves around two basic needs - the need to make good decisions that bring positive results, and the dire need to avert risks. Now, you can meet such critical business needs and create a favorable environment for increased profitability with market research services.

Primary Market Research Vs Secondary Market Research

Primary Market Research
Secondary Market Research
Primary Market Research
  • Primary market research is a full-fledged research activity, wherein the entire research process is freshly conducted in an elaborate manner
  • In primary market research services, market research team will directly collect information from consumers
  • Examples of primary research include collecting information through focus groups, test marketing, telephone interviews, postal surveys, online surveys and face-to-face surveys
  • Data for primary market research is obtained through:
  • Telephonic interviews
  • Snail mail surveys
  • Email surveys
  • Web research
  • Offline research
Secondary Market Research
  • Secondary market research makes deductions based on readily available information and researched data. This is convenient, as you need not spend time on data collection or processing
  • In secondary market research services, market research experts conduct internet research and compile all the published material on a specific product
  • Examples of secondary research include collecting information from reports, statistics, data, articles and popular viewpoints, etc.
  • Secondary data can be collected from web and offline resources

Depending on the objective of your research, you can choose between primary or secondary market research.

You can also choose to adopt both primary and secondary research based on your unique business requirements. In such cases, secondary market research leads primary market research and gives ample information on which the primary research is designed and deployed.

Different Phases of Primary and Secondary Market Research

With a clear understanding of the research objective, primary and secondary market research is conducted in different phases, such as:

  • Survey design
  • Target audience profiling and choosing target respondents
  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis
  • Report generation and presentation
  • Expert insights

Advantages of Outsourcing Primary and Secondary Market Research to India

There are many benefits you can avail by outsourcing market research services to India, especially, to companies like Outsource2india.

  • 60% savings on costs
  • Services of expert researchers
  • Free trial program wherein you can assess our capabilities
  • Quick turnaround time and no compromise on project delivery schedules
  • Regular updates on research and collected data in future
  • High levels of accuracy at every stage with utmost importance given to the quality of work
  • Risk free outsourcing with maximum data protection

O2I Can Help You Extract the Best out of Your Market Research Initiatives

Our scientific approach to primary and secondary marketing research, skilled and experienced research team, as well as our state-of-the-art research methodologies make us a preferred marketing research service provider in India. Outsource2india can efficiently provide your company with critical business intelligence and meet the requirements of your marketing and business development departments. Whether it is B2B or B2C, qualitative or quantitative, or primary or secondary, Outsource2india performs market research functions with diligence by following scientific methods and time-tested market research methodologies.

Choose Outsource2india as your primary and secondary market research partner today and leverage the benefits of outsourcing. Contact us to outsource marketing research services today.

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