Social Media Monitoring Services

Social Media Monitoring Services

Identify influencers and brand evangelists and generate new leads with our advanced social monitoring services at just $14/hour

At Outsource2india, we enable clients to not just monitor but respond decisively to various online activities that affect their brand. Our focused social media monitoring services boost customers' sentiments by analyzing brand-related posts and responses to enhance awareness, promotion, and preference. We use various analytic methods to calculate the involvement of the audience to augment sales and attract good leads.

Our services help optimize your media expenses on social ad campaigns to ensure higher ROI. We help you keep tabs on various social networking sites, blogs, and forums to help you understand your brand position better. With our social media monitoring reports, you can strategize and refocus your marketing policies to capitalize on your presence in the global market.

Social Monitoring Services We Offer

We offer corporate social media monitoring services to clients in 160+ countries. Our services include -

  1. Brand Reputation Management

    Brand Reputation Management

    74% of customers look up online reviews before purchasing a product or a service. We scan your brand's social media to ensure that you have a spick and span online presence.

  2. PR & Crisis Management

    PR & Crisis Management

    We scan the internet with a microscope to access stakeholder reactions and market sentiments about your brand and products. We can sniff issues long before it becomes a crisis. Our services include quick communication strategies in case of a real crisis.

  3. Social Media Marketing Analytics

    Social Media Marketing Analytics

    We gather and analyze data from your social channels and offer you critical insights to support your business decisions. And we measure the success of your decisions by analyzing its response on social media.

  4. Social Media Market Research

    Social Media Market Research

    We accumulate both historical and real-time data from your social media channels to better identify and define your brand's target market.

  5. Competitor Analysis

    Competitor Analysis

    We identify your social media competitors, and we monitor their activities to keep tabs on their product and communication strategies. Also, we keep an eye on how the market responds to their social media performance.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Social Monitoring Services to Outsource2india?

Our experts provide the best brand monitoring social media solutions to enhance your online presence. The benefits of outsourcing social media monitoring services to us include -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    We offer cost-effective and flexible pricing packages to our clients. Our services start at $14/hour.

  • Information Security

    Being an ISO-certified company, we ensure 100% data security for our clients. So, you can rest assured that the information shared with us will never be divulged to any third party without permission.

  • Experienced Team

    Our talented online reputation management experts deliver quality and error-free social listening and monitoring services to international clients.

  • Quality Services

    We offer the best-in-class social monitoring services to clients at affordable rates. Our outcomes endure several rounds of quality checks before proceeding to the client.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    We have access to world-class social media tools and software to offer cutting-edge services that provide strategic insights into your branding and social media endeavors.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Research Support to Top Global Marketing Strategy Firm

Primary Research Services to Top Chinese Trade Consultants

A well-known Chinese client was looking for a team who could help them with primary research services. Our team at O2I delivered cost-effective services to the client.

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O2I Provided KOL Identification and Mapping Services to Top UK Healthcare Service Provider

Secondary Research for a Swiss Hospitality Company

A well-known Swiss hospitality firm was looking for a partner who could provide them with secondary research services. Our team provided the client with services within a quick time.

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Let me thank you for the professional way in which you are managing the project and meeting our deadlines. Unfortunately, our second supplier- I cannot say the same for and have let us down considerably.

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Outsource Social Media Monitoring Services to Outsource2india

We are a social media monitoring company with 24 years of experience Outsource2india offers a range of business research services to international clients. Our clients benefit from our flexible pricing options and a customer-centric approach. Our social media enthusiasts leverage the best marketing tactics to ensure that your company has a great online reputation across diverse social media platforms.

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