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Outsource Social Media Monitoring Services

With over 74% of the online consumers relying on social media platforms to gather reviews about products and services, the importance of social media in business can no longer be questioned. Social media is increasingly becoming a lucrative platform for businesses as it can help you keep a tab on your customers, monitor their preferences, buying patterns, behavior, and learn what they talk about your business.

Whether you want to manage your brand reputation and brand perception, or to generate stronger relationships with your customers and prospects on the social media channels, social media monitoring is a valuable and vital service, one that Outsource2india can provide you with.

Our Social Media Monitoring Services

Outsource2india offers comprehensive social medial monitoring services that can help you monitor any news, comments, discussions, or reviews about your brand, services, products, company or executives in the social domain, and understand the general consumer perception. Social media monitoring also plays a key role helps in business research and competitor analysis, and can help you provide solution to your prospects' concerns in the real time, thus turning them into consumers, and eventually brand loyalists.

We have a team of social media analysts, SEO experts, and content writers who can monitor any online content related to your business on the social media platforms and forums, and also contribute towards the online discussions etc. Our social media monitoring services leverage following popular social media channels -

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

When you outsource social media monitoring solutions to O2I, we will scan through huge volumes of data presented each day by users to these social media platforms, and refer any mentions of your brand, growing trends within your industry, or responses to your products or services, and help in creating a positive image for your brand.

Why O2I to Outsource Social Media Monitoring Services?

Social media monitoring is an intensive process that can be very time consuming and costly if performed internally. Outsource2india has the best infrastructure, expertise to make use of popular social media monitoring tools, competent staff, and technology needed to actively engage with and monitor all major social media channels for any information related to your brand, products, and/or services.

We can help you optimize your social media spend for advertising, measure the associations between your actions & results, and help you improve your overall net performer score (NPA) at the most affordable rates with assured quality. Additionally, we ensure complete confidentiality and security of our client's data, so you can be certain that your business information will be in safe hands once you outsource social media monitoring services to us.

Social Media Monitoring Process We Follow

When you outsource social media monitoring services to O2I, we use a three-step process to ensure the best possible results for your company.

Step 1: Monitoring

  • Tracking your social media presence
  • Interpreting customer interactions with your brand
  • Product or service-wise profiling

Step 2: Analysis

  • Classifying and clustering all data points
  • Sentiment auditing
  • Organizing your data

Step 3: Reporting

  • Delivering detailed insights
  • Recommending actionable tasks
  • Following up periodically

Leverage the Advantages of Social Media Monitoring with O2I

When you outsource social media monitoring to Outsource2india, you get to work with a company dedicated to offering the best quality services in every project undertaken. We offer hassle free social media monitoring services to our clients, and make use of highly effective applications of predictive modeling in social media to offer best possible results.

Our team of social media enthusiasts leverages the best marketing tactics and ensures that your company has a great online reputation and goodwill across diverse social media platforms. Combined with 24/7 availability and service rates that save you up to 60% of the costs, we are a perfect choice for businesses planning to cement their presence in the social media.

If you are wish to work with a company having over a decade of experience in providing exceptional social media monitoring services to businesses around the globe, Outsource2india today.

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