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Research Services Outsourcing - Limitless Opportunities

As technology and manpower work hand in hand, making Life simpler, the horizon for opportunities seems to extend further and further. The realm of outsourcing expanded business thinking beyond both creative and geographical boundaries. The opportunity to get good if not better results at a nominal price led to the rise of BPOs. Several factors like the economy, employment conditions, education system and technology made India an important competitor in the BPO race, a great location to outsource to.

Research Services Outsourcing was the next BIG thing. Starting off as an off-shoot of the BPO industry, it has rapidly developed into an industry of its own. Research Services Outsourcing involves outsourcing knowledge-based business processes. While BPOs deal mainly with customer care and technical support, Research Services deals with high-end processes like valuation, research, analysis etc in various fields.

Research Services - A piece of the pie for everyone

The Research Services outsourcing industry is currently expanding its reach. Every industry is looking to develop their knowledge-base and develop strong foundations. As Research Services outsourcing involves advanced information search, analytical interpretation, technical skills and decision making, it opens its doors to virtually every industry hungry to outsource its research services.

Market Research Services

Research Services Outsourcing can be used widely in the study of the market and to make calculated business decisions. Data management, data modeling, data mining, integration and data analysis, database content creation, management, development and optimization are some of the commonly available fields exposed to the use of Research Services. Research Services Outsourcing can also be used in finance and other accounting services from bookkeeping to auditing.

Research Services Outsourcing can also be used in product and brand management, investment analysis, competitor analysis, competitive intelligence and benchmarking. It can also be used to develop marketing material such as flyers, newsletters, sales literature, presale literature, proposals, website promos, catalogues, press releases and to design questionnaires.

Legal Process Outsourcing - Intellectual Property Rights

Outsourcing your IPR needs is fast becoming a much-desired service. With several multi-national companies setting up their R&D departments here, India has become the main Research Services option for customers all over the world. Services such as document writing, global filing, Patent Portfolio Analysis, Patent Mining and Administration, end-to-end Patent Application Drafting and Filing, Patentability Assessment, Patent Claims Mapping and Patent and Technology Landscaping are now outsourced to Research Services service providers.
Patent attorneys are now employed by Research Services service providers to give legal advise on infringements so that customers have access to the best wisdom for their research endeavors.

A Research Services service provider can also do write software, license agreements, write legal briefs and memos like patents, drafting, legal research.

Web Research Services

Research Services Outsourcing can be used for online research services. It can be used to develop a website, provide useful analytic data, provide a better understanding of your customers and enhance your success rates.
Some of the services that can be outsourced to Research Services service providers are website analysis, web site design and promotion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online and e-mail marketing, link building, syndicated research, trend analysis, etc.

Pharmaceutical Research

This is another field that can immensely benefit from Research Services outsourcing. With the significance of research and development work in the industry, fields such as Pharma, Bio and Cheminformatics and Biotechnology can use several Research Services services. Processes such as Database creation, protein annotation, signal process tool development and analysis, text and web mining, QSAR analysis etc can be outsourced to a Research Services firm. It is also used in the medical industry for clinical research and drug discovery.

Engineering and Technology

Architectural services, Engineering Services for the development of automotive and aerospace industries and Animation services can also be outsourced. Outsourcing design jobs to India will soon be a huge industry.
This latest trend in the world of manufacturing allows a product today to be conceived in the US, designed in India, manufactured in China and sold in markets across the globe

VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) chip and engineering design, computer-aided simulation and engineering, Chip design and embedded systems (design jobs), Programming, software development and other forms of technological research can be offshored to firms in India offering Research Services services.


As vast a field as it is, Research Services Outsourcing meets all the requirements. Services such as Journalism (editing and copywriting for newspapers and journals), Report Writing and Presentation, Content Writing, Illustrations and article writings for the internet, Technical Writing (manuals, help files, manuscripts, white papers, tutorials, guides etc), Blog Writing, English language services, Publishing and any more can be outsourced to professionals in the field employed by a Research Services service provider.

Apart from above, Research Services outsourcing can also provide services in other fields such as business content development, legal writing, audits, courseware, proof reading, editing, accounting articles and many more.

The Research Services Revolution!

The use of skill and knowledge in the Research Services Outsourcing industry directly transforms into higher pay scales. Providing an incentive to work and chances to recognize true potential and skill, the Research Services industry has taken long strides into becoming one of the leading business opportunity suppliers. Surveys reveal that the Research Services industry is here to stay and grow. By 2010 the Research Services Outsourcing industry is likely to reach $18 billion and India will receive a whopping 70% of that growth opportunity. With its limitless opportunities for use in any and all industries available, Research Services Outsourcing in India has now opened the door to innumerable avenues. The world is soon to witness the Research Services Revolution and companies must now decide whether to join or be left behind.

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