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Outsource Outsourcing Clinical Data Management to India

Your clinical trials must yield statistically sound, high-quality, dependable data if you are to transition from drug development to commercialization. This critical phase of clinical research requires expert professional intervention, but must not slow down market release. Until now, companies were often obliged to invest heavily in in-house resources in order to meet both compliance and time-to-market requirements.

Get The India Advantage!

large pool of post-graduates Large pool of post-graduates, PhDs & MBAs with excellent research skills
outsourcing to India cost-effective Low cost of labor, which makes outsourcing to India cost-effective
SAS, SPSS, & MS Excel Research analysts who are skilled in SAS, SPSS, & MS Excel
favorable government policies Favorable government policies that makes outsourcing seamless
telecom, utility  and research infrastructure World-class telecom, utility and research infrastructure
time-zone difference 12 hour time-zone difference

Quality Assurance with Accelerated CDM Phase Times

With public health at stake, pharmaceutical products can only be released if clinical trials data truly supports research and development decisions. Quality assurance must be embedded in every part of clinical trial data management to ensure the safety and confidence of patients, users and the public in general.

Companies in India use industry-leading clinical data management system that guarantees compliance of clinical data management process and all regulatory requirements. Additionally, most of the companies offer full technical and analytical support for data collection, cleaning, and management with the requisite clinical data management software applications and database systems in each case.

Popular Clinical Data Management Services

Make sure to find a vendor that can help you with a Clinical Data Management solution that is optimized for speed, accuracy, transparency, and accountability, while remaining within appropriate bounds of quality and cost.

Here are few of the clinical research data management service offerings that you can outsource to India -

  • Data management planning
  • Case report form (CRF) design
  • Database design and implementation
  • Integration with your existing systems, if required
  • Clinical data entry
  • Statistical analytic services
  • External data and event reconciliation
  • Data quality audits

Advantages of Outsourcing Clinical Data Management to India

Look for an outsourcing provider in India, who can partner with you to provide the results you need, and when you need them, with robust, dependable and highly affordable services. Luckily, you can find reliable vendors in India having clinical data management system resources with a flexible work approach, and adapt to the changing needs of your development cycles, while upholding industry and compliance standards.

Additionally, service providers in India work closely with the clients to understand, define, and analyze their specific needs. They take care to express those requirements in terms of a customized software environment that matches to the clinical data processing and storage requirements mandatory for their client's projects. The result is professional clinical data management services delivered on time and within budget, without the headaches of constantly having to maintain your own on-site resources.

Outsource to India for Reliable Clinical Data Management

There are many research service providers in India, who take takes extreme care to safeguard both the quality and the privacy of your clinical data. They use the latest versions of operating systems, database management systems and specialist applications, and ensure those are fully protected against any possible intrusion or attack. These Indian research companies offer an attractive outsourcing alternative for clinical data management (CDM) with quality that is second to none, superlative efficiency to beat your competitors hands-down, and unmatched cost-effectiveness.

Data backups are carried out at their end with full monitoring and testing to ensure data integrity and recoverability at any time. All Clinical Data Management / CDM projects are rigorously monitored both in terms of teams working on them and system resources used, to ensure that data for each project remains strictly within the operational perimeter of that project. Outsource CDM services to India to benefit from high-quality and affordable clinical data management solutions.

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