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Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics

According to a white paper by Evalueserve (2004), a global market research and Intellectual Property services firm, the success in offshoring Business Process Operations (BPO) to reduce costs and improve quality has encouraged many companies to start offshoring their high-end knowledge work as well.

The tilt towards outsourcing has happened largely because the cost and quality benefits are coupled with access to good and reliable talent. Offshoring of high-end knowledge work is handled at Outsource2india by means of our Research Services Services.

The global Research Services industry is estimated to reach USD 17 billion by 2010, of which USD 12 billion (almost 70%) would be outsourced to India alone.

Within the field of Research Services Services, bioinformatics, data mining and analysis, biotech and pharmaceutical research (Contract Research) and Intellectual Property Research (IPR) are expected to make huge strides in the area of outsourcing.

Informatics in Biotechnology

With the current information overload, culling out the necessary information has become time consuming. This has given rise to the science of Informatics, which uses information technology (IT) for data management and analysis. Informatics has been applied to diverse fields from medicine, biotechnology and food technology to fine arts. It involves the management and analysis of data using advanced computing techniques.

The recent flood of data from genomic sequencing, functional genomics and proteomics has given rise to the field of Bioinformatics, through which vast amounts of genomic data produced globally is stored, managed, retrieved, analyzed and integrated. This data, which is now publicly available in databases, involves the use of advanced data capture, data warehousing and data mining techniques - all of which form part of the field of Bioinformatics. In simple terms, Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary research area that uses mathematical, statistical and information technology tools to manage and analyze biological data.


Cheminformatics uses computers for the management, mining and analysis of chemical structures and related property data and information. Cheminformatics is particularly used in drug designing, for lead screening and optimization of new chemical entities (NCE). Until recently, drug designing involved a labor-intensive, trial-and-error process, often spanning a time-frame of 15-20 years. Now cheminformatics has made it possible to use information technology to plan and automate processes related to the chemical synthesis of possible therapeutic compounds. The application of Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics helps us decide well in advance which chemical entity forms the strongest contender.

Why should you outsource research informatics?

Outsourcing research informatics offers you the following advantages. You will -

  • Decrease time from lab to market
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Minimize financial risk by minimizing operational and ownership cost
  • Cash in on resources with in-depth experience of regulatory processes around the world
  • Be able to focus on your core strengths

Outsourcing to India - cash in on the big benefits

  1. Cost benefits

    India offers substantial cost advantages - often as much as 40-60 percent - in the areas of contract research and clinical trials. By offshoring data mining and analytics, cost advantages can rise as high as 70 percent.

  2. Quality, process experience

    Contract research organizations (CROs) in India are being widely used by pharmaceutical companies, for lead optimization and improvement in manufacturing processes.

  3. Qualified manpower

    India provides a large pool of English-speaking, highly-qualified engineers and scientists at a lower cost. The R&D being outsourced to India relates to areas such as molecular biology, DNA sequencing, molecular biology software packages, and molecular modeling.

  4. India’s IT track record

    India’s proven track record in information technology and business process outsourcing makes it a prime destination for bioinformatics and Research/Analysis outsourcing.

  5. Growth in Indian biotech industry

    The Indian biotech industry, which has been growing at the rate of 28.09% from the year 2005, is estimated to reach the $5 billion mark by the end of 2010. India will emerge as a key destination for clinical trials & stem cell research. The BioPharma industry which develops vaccines, therapeutics and other products, will come into the limelight as a major segment of the Indian Biotech industry. Biotechnology will contribute to Indian agriculture through the development of a large number of genetically modified crops.

The Indian Government has recognized the value of Research Services in the country’s economy and has taken considerable measures towards liberalization and deregulation. Consistent with WTO guidelines effective from 2005, India offers 10-year tax concessions on revenue to companies making Research & Development (R&D) investments here.

Why Outsource Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics to O2I?

Building in-house informatics and scientific skills for your company will involve high investments in qualified people, as well as in the infrastructure which includes hardware, software and database requirements.

At Outsource2india, we possess state-of-the-art infrastructure and bioinformatics software to handle lab automation and algorithm development for the various high-throughput assays, preclinical assays, process development, image analysis and microarray analysis. We have a wide talent pool of research personnel from leading bioinformatics training institutes. Our people have received intensive in-house training and are well-equipped with specialized skill sets essential for high-end work.

At Outsource2india, we understand the impact of data flood on pharmaceutical companies and research organizations. We use the latest bioinformatics tools to handle bioinformatics, genomics and drug-discovery initiatives.

At Outsource2india, we have the best talent to handle Synthesis Planning, Reaction and Structure Retrieval, 3-D Structure Retrieval, Modeling, Computational Chemistry Visualization Tools and Utilities

Why will Outsource2india be a good outsourcing partner?

  • We have over 25 years of experience in successfully delivering contract research to satisfied customers.
  • We have evolved as a mature outsourcing business to interact with global customers.
  • We understand the regulatory environment and can handle issues relating to confidentiality and Intellectual Property Rights.
  • We offer competitive prices and by outsourcing to us you can significantly save on your project budget.
  • We offer excellent customer service, providing you with regular updates on your project and receiving feedback from you.
  • Our partnership with our customers focuses on long-term collaboration and growth.

Outsource your Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics needs to India

We’ve been in the business of Research Services outsourcing and other outsourcing services for over 25 years now.

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