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Outsource Equity Research Services

Outsource Equity Research Services

Identify high-performing stocks set to soar. Try our equity research services for detailed sector analysis, in-depth financial modeling, and accurate research reports.

Chasing economic trends, interpreting financial data, and analyzing equity performance are some of the major roadblocks preventing efficient investment management. Institutional investors, fund management firms, and financial consultants partner with experienced firms like ours, that offer offshore equity research services to evaluate company portfolios and help their clients make the right investment decisions.

With a diversified research approach that covers macroeconomics, we focus on market capitalization and help you identify companies with above-average growth prospects. Our senior research analysts provide value-added perspectives for businesses across growth-oriented sectors. Such insightful and differentiated research assistance helps you make informed investment decisions.

Ready to identify financial instruments that deliver superior returns for your clients? Then let’s create synergies, which can be leveraged across the equities value chain for the benefit of your clients.

Customer Success Stories

Case Study on Financial Research & Analysis Services

Custom Financial Research Support for a US-based Private Equity Firm

We helped a leading equity firm execute a research project on the pension funds of different states in the US in a record time of just four months.

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Financial Data Analysis Services Case Study

Turnkey Financial Data Analysis Services for a Hedge Fund Organization in the US

Our end-to-end financial data analysis services helped a leading US-based hedge fund organization make value-based and efficient investment decisions while devising their trading and investment strategies.

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Clients Speak

We have carefully reviewed your documents and are suitably impressed with the meticulous details with which you are conducting your audits to ensure exceptionally high quality for the extracted data delivered.

VP, Leading STM Publisher, USA

Our Equity Research Analysis Solutions

Declutter complex financial records and company performance metrics to make informed investment decisions with our remote equity research services. We offer custom solutions to meet your specific investment goals.

  • Company Valuation

    Company Valuation
    • Option pricing models and comparable analysis
    • Determine the fair value of a company
    • Identify a company's worth
  • Investment Recommendation

    Investment Recommendation
    • Data-powered investment recommendations
    • Evaluate risk appetite and investment goals
    • Custom investment research assistance
  • Earnings Estimates

    Earnings Estimates
    • Analyze economic indicators and industry position
    • Generate accurate earnings estimates
    • Evaluate a company's future earning potential
  • Thematic Research

    Thematic Research
    • Transformative themes to create investment opportunities
    • Analyze trends and capitalize on long-term shifts
    • Identify opportunities and anticipate disruptions
  • Enterprise Grading and Analysis

    Enterprise Grading and Analysis
    • Market positioning and financial statements analysis
    • Integrate industry insights and advanced analytics
    • Grade enterprises based on their prospects
  • Industry Analysis

    Industry Analysis
    • Analyze market trends and competitive forces.
    • Track changes in regulatory environments
    • Guide investment decisions
  • Equity Valuation

    Equity Valuation
    • Relative valuation of equities
    • Stock price analysis
    • Market condition assessment
  • Portfolio Analysis

    Portfolio Analysis
    • Analyze portfolio's risk-adjusted metrics
    • Recommendations for asset allocation models
    • Monitor positioning and statistical performance

More Services We Offer

 Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Analysis
 Channel checks and Primary Market research surveys
 DCF Analysis
 IPO Grading and Analysis
 WACC Analysis
 Sector and Macroeconomics Reports
 Earnings Forecast

Equity Research Platforms We Specialize In

PitchBook AlphaSense FactSet Thomson Reuters Eikon Bloomberg Terminal S&P Capital IQ YCharts Zacks Research System (ZRS)

Equity Research Process We Follow

Our equity research experts follow a meticulous approach to provide well-researched and analyzed reports on equity research.


01. Data Collection and Equity Analysis

We gather data on stock performance, shareholder equity, return on equity, and other relevant metrics of the company to ensure thorough evaluation.


02. Financial Modeling and Performance Evaluation

Our teams develop intricate financial models for evaluating the company's performance and forecasting its future.


03. Market and Industry Analysis

We conduct an exhaustive analysis of the market and industry factors that influence a company's operations and performance.


04. Stock Valuation and Forecasting

We analyze industry trends along with diverse variables and use financial models to estimate the value of a company's stocks.


05. Generate Equity Research Reports

We compile our findings into comprehensive equity research reports, which include all the relevant insights that showcase a company's position.


06. Investment Recommendations

We provide investment recommendations tailored to each client's needs based on equity research reports and stock analysis.

Sectors We Cater To

Consumer Goods and RetailConsumer Goods and Retail
Industrial and ManufacturingIndustrial and Manufacturing
Real EstateReal Estate
Transportation and LogisticsTransportation and Logistics
Media and EntertainmentMedia and Entertainment

How do Outsource2india's Equity Research Services Help Your Business?

At Outsource2india, the team of equity research analysts has in-depth understanding of the different types of industries and firms that need equity research services. Ably supported by our equity analysts, this consequentially helps to turn our insights into action. We offer businesses with both buy-side and sell-side equity research services. Buy-side analysts and Portfolio Managers can benefit to a large extent with our insights. Financial advisors and clients can use our detailed equity research in their business dialogues and negotiations.

Our equity research analysts put in extra effort to provide a point of view on the fundamental business characteristics of any firm. Our analysts are also experienced in offering valuable reviews on the competence of the market price and the potential of price appreciation in the near and distant future.

The Equity Research Metrics Used at O2I

Our team of equity analysts conducts reviews and cross-checks many factors while developing equity research reports. Some of those are listed below -

  • A systematic approach to fact gathering and due diligence
  • Using standard methodologies for valuation and applying them to facts
  • In-depth understanding of the company, its business, financial condition, and the earnings capacity
  • Scrutiny of sales and expenses in the income statement
  • Analysis of the cash and non-cash components
  • Usage of tools to evaluate the cash flow, quality of investments, earnings, and balance sheets
  • Scrutiny of issuer characteristics like accounting policies, pattern of financial filings, disclosure, and accessibility
  • Analysis of issue characteristics like seasoning, trading volume, volatility, dilution, inside ownership and insider buying and selling

What Sets Our Equity Research Firm Apart?

We assess various industry sectors and harness the top fintech platforms to provide you with robust, data-driven stock metrics and equity parameters, which help drive effective investment strategies.

  • Detailed Financial Modeling

    We develop intricate financial models that help you track stock performance and predict trends. Such a detailed financial analysis empowers you to understand the true value of stocks.

  • Global Market Coverage

    Our wide-ranging industry coverage provides information and updates on various sectors across the globe. This broad perspective enables you to seize opportunities in diverse markets.

  • Proficient Equity Research Consultants

    Our equity research consultants give you exclusive information on public company stocks and an awareness of the company’s strategies and outlooks, a rare luxury for most investors.

  • Meticulous Stock Valuation

    We conduct extensive evaluations of company stocks using proven techniques and advanced methodologies to provide you with clarity on the company's worth.

  • Equity Research Data Security

    We follow robust data security practices and implement measures to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your data from potential security breaches.

  • Customized Equity Research Pricing Structure

    As research needs vary based on specific business needs and budget constraints, we offer pricing models that align with the requirements and deliver the best value.

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Outsource Equity Research Services to O2I

Get a granular perspective on equity market trends with our investment research services. Besides company performance and risk portfolios, we also evaluate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, helping you align investments with best practices. With us, you gain access to our skilled analysts whose knowledge of markets, finances, and economics provides valuable insights, which can be passed on to your clients. We provide insights on competitive positioning and market movements that help allocate reserves more effectively.

Eager to empower your clients with the data to make profitable investment decisions? Connect with us to assess companies’ stocks and identify the best investment opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the sectors you cater to with your equity research support?

Our online equity research caters to diverse sectors including telecommunications, consumer goods, energy, healthcare, real estate, industrial manufacturing, transportation, technology, logistics, and more.

How do you ensure your equity research reports are accurate and reliable?

We rigorously verify data, meticulously analyze markets, and create financial models to generate reliable reports, which then undergo multiple quality checks to ensure accuracy.

Is outsourced equity research risky?

While data security concerns and limited project access are the common risks of outsourcing, these can be mitigated by choosing an equity research company that follows data security measures and offers transparency.

How do you ensure the reliability of your equity research data?

We thoroughly analyze market reports, company performance metrics, and industry trends to provide accurate estimations, forecasts, and stock recommendations.

What is the turnaround time for your equity research project?

The scope and complexity of the research defines the timelines for equity research projects. However, we deliver dependable, comprehensive reports in the most efficient time frames.