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Patent Landscape Analysis Services

Outsource Patent Landscape Analysis

Get access to accurate and updated information on recent technological and patent developments at prices starting at $14/hour

Helping global enterprises with accurate and up-to-date information on recent technological developments and competitors to understand the value of their own patent portfolios, Outsource2india provides patent analysis for companies to position their patenting initiatives in the very competitive environment. We offer information services on technical innovations, third-party patent holdings, trends in technical and geographical coverage of patent protection.

Outsource2india's is a leading patent landscape analysis service provider. Our patent search and assessment process covers relevant categories of existing patents and pending patent applications. Foreign patent and non-patent documentation searches are also possible. Using this rigorously compiled and organized research, we assist in identifying additional or alternative markets and ways in your technology can be used, and practical patent strategy recommendations.

Our Patent Landscape Analysis Services

Besides evaluating and monitoring current patents and competitive activity, patent landscape analysis services and assessments from Outsource2india also enables you to -

  • Identify gaps and opportunities in technological, pharmaceutical, research sectors and markets
  • Optimize research and development efforts
  • Choose the best combination of new/fundamental technology creation and existing product improvement
  • Identify strategic partners for development and market collaboration
  • Maximize profitability and effectiveness of licensing strategies

Our Patent Analysis Process

We use a proven, precise, iterative process to collect data, analyze, identify workable strategies and define effective action plans to optimize your patent activities.

Data collection

Identification of players in the concerned sector, geographical coverage of patents and pertinent trends

Patent information analysis
Patent information analysis

Synthesis of patent data for a view over time and location, with comparison of possible projections into the future. Identification of patent clusters with economic potential

Strategy definition

Comparison and ranking of candidate strategies for development or acquisition, commercialization, licensing and/or transfer

action plan
Patent action plan

Objectives, timescales and intermediate phases, resources required, critical success factors and risk mitigation

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Patent Research Services to Outsource2india?

We are a leading data protection officer company. Outsourcing patent landscape analysis services to us provides you with the following benefits and much more -

  • Cost-effective Prices

    Our pricing structure has been developed to suit each customer's profile, from start-ups, to large corporations and MNCs.

  • Quick TAT

    Outsource2india brings you fast, efficient patent analysis conducted by our in-house experts.

  • High-quality

    We maintain high standards of patent industry knowledge through our commitment to meriting the loyalty of our employees and providing ongoing training for both established and new members of our patent analysis teams.

  • Expertise

    Besides best-in-class subject matter expertise, we also select our patents personnel according to proficiency in both written and spoken communications to make sure our deliverables to you are both accurate and actionable.

  • Adherence to Quality Standards

    Underpinning the excellence of our in-house patent experts and patent landscape assessment is our adherence to ISO and other recognized quality standards.

  • Full Adherence to the SLA

    Our processes are audited for the highest performance in output and delivery time. Project terms and conditions are integrated into a service level agreement (SLA) that gives you contractual assurance that your expectations will be met.

  • Data Security

    Our in-house IT systems are fully secured for your data protection. We also put a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place for each project to keep your information strictly confidential.

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Outsource2india Provided KOL Identification and Mapping Services to a Top UK Healthcare Service Provider

Outsource2india delivered hundreds of KOL database services irrespective of the geography or healthcare impacts using a proprietary methodology to research, collate, and analyze information to deliver better and more accurate outputs.

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O2I Provided World-class Secondary Research Solutions to a Swiss Company

A leading Swiss firm required accurate and reliable secondary research services. Our team of specialist research assistants provided the client with accurate services within a quick time.

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Hire Us for Patent Analysis

As your patent landscape search partner, Outsource2india provides highly cost-effective and accurate services for your enterprise. Our pricing structure has been developed to suit each customer's profile, from start-ups, to large corporations and MNCs. Compared to the costs of maintaining an onshore patent expert team, Outsource2india's tailored services have saved customers 50% or more while continuing to provide the highest quality service and results.

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