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Outsource Case Study on Data Extraction from Web Documents

Data Extraction on Web Documents Case Study

Outsource2india's extraction and conversion of 350 articles to web format enriched the content and marketability of a web-based advisory service of a company providing financial services in the UK.

The Client

Mr. Dickinson's* financial services company is based in U.K and provides direct access to rich knowledge and advice by highly regarded professional advisors, especially in the area of international trade, offshore business and research surveys.

The company's website is a “content magnet” that makes its knowledge assets widely available, projects its corporate image and attracts potential customers around the globe. It also gives the company an opportunity to offer value-added services to their customers.

The Challenge

Outsource2india was approached by Dickinson's company with the task of improving the presentation of their financial analysis. O2I was shortlisted as it not only offers outsourcing services but also provides in-depth knowledge of products and services to the customers. The team selected or the project consisted of qualified analysts with an MBA (IT) knowledge level.

The task involved the extraction of documents in Word and pdf format into a prescribed format with images and tables (styles). The documents were redesigned and converted into HTML files for presentation on the company's website.

This required a higher level of technical expertise as the researcher has to understand and re-present the content of the articles/press releases which are usually from various fields of management. The researcher's skill lay in interpreting the content and presenting it in the desired format using charts and tables. This was a challenge as the documents sometimes lacked clarity and readability. There were also times when conversion would tend to add ambiguity to the web document.

The Project

The company had compiled more than 250 articles from different authors to be published on its website.

Within a week, Outsource2india had assembled the required infrastructure and formed a team of technical editors with the required domain expertise. Targets were set to meet the requirements of the client and the author.

Using automated software, the team completed the extraction and conversion of 350 articles within a span of 20 working days, exceeding the target of 250 articles within the same time-span.

Outsource2india could successfully present the content as per the format and design approved by Mr. Dickinson's company. This enabled the company to enrich its website with updated and
well-presented content and thereby add value to its customers.

The Result

Mr. Dickinson found the outsourcing venture faster and more cost-effective than the in-house activity of his company and was satisfied with the delivery and performance of Outsource2india.

Within 40 working days, O2I completed the extraction and conversion of 600 articles for the company. The delivery model involved uploading the completed articles to the company's website on a daily basis.

O2I continuously improves on the quality and volume of output and is scaling up capabilities in terms of workforce, delivery and quality standards to meet the increased demand from the client.

Mr. Dickinson has decided to build a long-term relationship with O2I as outsourcing web documents has saved considerable time, money and effort for his company.

* Name changed to protect identity

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