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Outsource Newsletter Services

Newsletter Services

Outsource2india provides focused and bespoke newsletter services to help clients position their products and solutions with a clear visibility. Our research skills combined with our adept copywriting team, we provide the kind of content you and your customers want to consume. While we keep up with the latest industry trends to prepare newsletters, we focus on specified market segments, curate relevant information, draft newsletter content to help you take a leap in terms of awareness. Our quality centric newsletter service leverages on our market research expertise.

At Outsource2india, our analysts and research experts help you understand your audience as well as competitors to produce the right kind of professional newsletters. These newsletters can help your brand gain a broader reach without having any hassles related to in-house designing and development.

Newsletter Services We Offer

Be it an online newsletter or an in-house journal or a partner update, Outsource2india can help you gauge your customer expectations from you by providing you with the right content, presented in the liveliest manner. Combined with a fresh perspective and in-depth market knowledge, our newsletter services are not only created for edifying purposes but to visually impress your audience too. Our newsletter services include -

  • Educational/ Informative Newsletters - When it comes to educating the market to sell something, Outsource2india can help you with newsletters that are meant to reach and impress the right consumers
  • Research Journals - Outsource2india has skilled in-house research analysts and writers who can use research details to carve out customized journals to allow you reaching your customers with more authentic and valid data
  • Financial Newsletters - We can design newsletters laden with current financial trends and economies to update your partners on a regular basis

Why Choose Outsource2india for Newsletter Services?

Outsource2india's newsletter services score for its consistency, style, and delivery. Our solutions help you -

  • Stay connected to your customers in a more unobtrusive way
  • Pioneer effective communication
  • Publish research reports, graphs and more intensive information with ease
  • Leverage expertise in market research and news abstraction services
  • Produce targeted newsletters for wide range of industries

Process Flow

Since each newsletter is unique in its content and appeal, we customize our process to provide the best within the budget. By guiding you with content strategy and mailing list creation, we take care of your needs as well as provide our expertise over it. The generic process that we employ is as follows -

Choose Outsource2india as Your Newsletter Service Partner

We at Outsource2india boast of our market research capabilities and proven content curation record to help our clients get an edge over their competitors. Since we combine industry expertise with flawless content, the result is much more strong and distinct. Our market research analysts come with decades of experience to handhold you to target the right demography or market for your newsletters.

Contact us today to outsource newsletter services to India. Feel free to ask for samples to see how our work speaks for its own merit before you decide on outsourcing newsletter services to O2I.

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