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CATI Web Surveys

Outsource CATI Web Surveys

Transform your business with CATI Web Surveys and know your competitors, reach out to significant customers, and get insightful feedback

Outsource2india brings the convenience of comprehensive CATI web surveys and call center CRM technology solutions under a single and trusted platform. Our CATI services connect all the interviewers to a central server. The survey module is connected to the CATI tool and web-based software to bring all the interviews on a single online podium. Thus, the CATI web surveys consultant can work from any geographical location.

With a two-decade of experience in providing various sorts of research services, Outsource2india has provided CATI web surveys and call center CRM technology training to several global clients. If you have any similar needs, then, outsource CATI services to us.

CATI Services We Offer

By choosing us to outsource CATI web surveys, you can depend on our CRM market research experts to provide seamless CATI web surveys. They use Internet tele-technology and state-of-the-art data collection software. The features of the CATI services that we offer are -

  1. Custom CATI Web Surveys & CRM Market Research

    Custom CATI Web Surveys & CRM Market Research

    The market research through CATI is a survey conducted through computer-aided questionnaires. Thus, it can transform your business and enable you to make sensible decisions as per the market data. Our CRM market research will allow you to -

    • Know the reasons behind the high attrition
    • Prevent potential customer from leaving
    • Understand your competition
    • Contact quality customers
    • Gain insightful feedback to help customize your business
  2. CATI Web Surveys & CRM Technology (on Call Center) Training

    CATI Web Surveys & CRM Technology (on Call Center) Training

    At Outsource2india, our employees undertake two levels of CATI-specific training - one is to improve their knowledge of marketing research, and another is to concentrate on the project's details to churn out maximum information.

    At the first level, our professionals receive training on market research that helps them acquire a general understanding of the research process and its methods. They learn several techniques for managing problems and tread on the heels of precautions to ensure the efficacy of their roles.

    At the second level, they obtain specific training course that provides a comprehensive clue up about the background of the work they are going to work on - business details, profiles, and its goals for the client who is under study. They also get ample training in questionnaire management.

  3. Constant Growth of CRM & CATI Web Surveys Associates

    Constant Growth of CRM & CATI Web Surveys Associates

    O2I's employees are incessantly assessed on various project performance parameters by research companies and MR experts. The analytics tool can measure their performance in terms of their behavior, civility, readiness, speech clarity, quality, accent, and speed of speaking. It also analyzes interview techniques based on how they rebut to the objections and more.

  4. CATI System Compatible with CRM

    CATI System Compatible with CRM

    We provide compatible CATI tool that will amalgamate perfectly with your CRM and seamlessly interface with the IVR. It is created to work with the complicated CRM tools and is flexible enough to support issues related to randomization, skip modes, forwarding issues, routing, piping, and more.

    O2I's CATI web surveys tool has been integrated into the CRM and serve the following benefits -

    • Forecasting
    • Distributed dialing
    • Screen and Call Recording
    • Call Monitoring
    • Quota management

CATI Web Surveys Technologies We Use

To provide the best CATI web surveys solution, we extensively use a range of tools and software, including -

Zoho Survey Google Forms SurveyMonkey VAIRKKO Suite AskNicely NPS Software 123FormBuilder Compport GetFeedback SurveyLegend SurveySparrow Nfield SoGoSurvey NotifyVisitors MySurveyLab Site24x7

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What are the Benefits of Outsourcing CATI Web Surveys Services to O2I?

If you decide to offshore CATI web surveys to us, you can take advantage of the following list of benefits.

  • Custom-priced CATI Web Surveys

    The price of our CATI services depends on your business size. In the case of some budget constraints, you can reach out to us and we will custom quote the price to suit your end requirements.

  • Modern Infrastructure Facilities

    We are proud of our modern infrastructure tools, system, and facility. Our employees work in a safe, clean and safe environment and have access to the latest BI tools and software.

  • 100% ISMS Compliance

    When you work with O2I for CATI web surveys, you do not have to worry about information systems compliance. We have been accredited with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certificate and have the necessary means to manage and address a wide range of IT-related risks.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team has rendered CATI web surveys in India for several IT/non-IT industry. We have served countless clients with our solutions and have a robust team of CATI experts, data science specialists, experienced BI professionals, on-demand consultants, support staff, and more.

  • High-Quality CRM Market Research Services

    With the high-end CRM market research, you can expand your capabilities across an unfamiliar market. It will help you generate reports, gain real time, make data-driven decisions, and expand market reach.

  • 100% Project Security

    All projects we carry out have an appropriate timeline. They are all documented and shared via FTP over a secure server. Our CATI web surveys team use VPNs to communicate, thus, you do not have to worry about any type of data leak.

  • Short Turnaround

    Our CRM market research services are among the best in the business. We have an experienced team of more than 200 data management experts, including consultants, BI experts, and more who can significantly cut the TAT to a range of 30% - 40%.

  • Economies of Scale

    Our CATI web surveys solutions are known for its scalability. If you want to increase or decrease the deliverables of your CRM market research project, you can come to us with your custom demand.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    As a leader in CRM market research services, we have a comprehensive framework of support team and consultants around the world. Thus, you can always contact them with your request/question from anywhere.

Client Success Stories

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O2I Delivered Top-quality Primary Research Services to China's leading Trade Advisors

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O2I Provided Primary and Secondary Research Services to a Leading Digital Transformation Company

O2I Provided Primary and Secondary Research Services to a Leading Digital Transformation Company

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Outsource CATI Web Surveys Services to Outsource2india


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O2I can provide CATI web surveys and call center CRM technology market research services on par with the international levels. As a leader in providing research services in India for the last 25 years, our solutions can help you expand your business. The process we pursue is designed by a team of talented market researchers. Thus, by outsourcing CATI web surveys to O2I, you will get the best-trained professionals to carry out the CRM market research. Our systematic models of CATI services are the best in the industry which will boost your ROI and expand your reach.

Reach out to us if you want cost-effective CATI services. Our agents will revert with a customized quote.

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