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Outsource News Abstraction Services

News Abstraction Services

Outsource2india helps clients curate data from all possible sources to enable clients to utilize right data at the right time. By bringing crucial information to your fingertips, we provide neatly compiled and customized reports of the latest market trends and developments, industry news, trade news, economic trends, and news articles. Simplifying the exhaustive process of data abstraction, Outsource2india (O2I), offers exclusive News Abstraction Services to businesses who require comprehensive reports containing critical information.

Our professional, qualified team prepares summarized reports and newsletters that target areas of the market that are most relevant to your company criteria. O2I's competitive pricing, knowledge base, and qualified team of experts offers companies, both small start-ups and global businesses, the highest standard of quality for all possible News Abstraction projects.

News Abstraction Services We Offer

Outsource2india conducts expert level research with Factiva and Keyword searches to source articles, along with a final manual review for content assessment periodically to assess target business areas. Our exhaustive list of services includes -

  • Corporate Developments - Compilation and analysis of stocks on a daily basis
  • Earnings Surprises/Unexpected Earnings - Accounting reports and daily updated reports for expected measured earnings
  • Market Performance Reports - Compiling reports for significant industry and economic trends those are relevant to your unique market
  • News Abstracts and Summaries - Preparing a unified and detailed summery from various news sources
  • Press Reportage Analysis - Analyzing current press and news reports relevant a specific business
  • Media Content Analysis - Conducting a deconstructed media research analysis
  • Newsletter Creation and Preparation - Customized industry newsletters containing comprehensive, organized information for your business

Process We Follow for News Abstraction


  • List of sources (Offline, Online & Print)
  • Documenting and reviewing sources


  • Review chart preparation
  • Check relevance


  • Data abstraction
  • Report preparation

Benefits of Outsourcing News Abstraction Services to O2I

Ensure your business is obtaining information from the most pertinent news, market, media, and industry sources by choosing O2I. We create News Abstraction content, summaries, reports, and newsletters to benefit your company in numerous ways, including -

  • We can handle several industry domains like Pharma, Financial, Retail, Macroeconomic outlook, Oil and Gas, BFSI, Telecom, etc.
  • Receive detailed perspective and analysis on developing market trends and fluctuations, stock and economic news, and media analysis reports whenever you need it
  • Have access to all the latest and most pertinent news without having to devote valuable company time and personnel to the task of combing through numerous online media and news sources
  • Get frequently updated reports, newsletters, or summaries on a daily or monthly basis depending on your needs
  • Learn about industry trends affecting your business, extracted and organized from a multitude of news outlets, so you can stay informed about potential opportunities or risks
  • Discover how economic and market trends are effecting your competitors, as reported by various media and news sources
  • Get classification of information depending on ranks, types, industries, and other parameters so your business can easily access, read, and understand the data in the reports and newsletters

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Outource2india is a leading company offering news abstraction services in India. Allow O2I to extend almost 25 years of research services experience to your business when you task our knowledgeable team to engage in vital research and news extraction for your News Abstraction and Newsletter needs.

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