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Outsource Research Services Team at Outsource2india

In the day and age when technology is taking over, the possibility of machines taking over people is becoming a reality for many businesses. However, for a knowledge-intensive field like Research Services, this threat is baseless. The knowledge process outsourcing industry is riding on a wave of intellectual talent, bringing in new opportunities and paving the way for better global business.

Outsource2india’s Knowledge Team

We have a highly qualified Research Services Outsourcing team backed by PhDs, Masters Degrees and MBAs in their respective areas of expertise within the knowledge industry. They include biologists, chemists, bioinformatics, statisticians, bioinformaticians, statisticians, software programmers and algorithm developers with B.Tech, M.S and PhD experience. Our employees all have an MBA degree with specializations in fields as varied as Marketing, Finance and Human Resources.

Outsource2india can offer you intellectual capacity separately for Market Research, Financial Analysis and Life Sciences.

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Our Market Research Data Analysis Team

We have expertise in areas like Management, Mass Communication, Marketing - Brand Personality, Marketing - Customer Satisfaction, Marketing Research, Business Research and Marketing Communication.

Our multi-talented specialists are PhD and degree holders from premium institutes. They have rich industry experience alongside teaching experience in national and international institutes of great repute. They have numerous publications, books and literary achievements as add on feathers to their caps. They have acquired professional membership in councils and associations that support their cause.

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Our Financial Analysts

Our Financial Analysts have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, statistics, finance, economics, and business, they have in-depth knowledge of accounting policies and procedures, corporate budgeting, and financial analysis methods. Our analysts have great proficiency that allows them to assess current trends in business practices, products and industry competition. They keep abreast of new regulations and policies that may affect the industry. They monitor the economy to determine its effect on earnings.

Being financial analysts they need to have extensive mathematical, computer, problem solving and analytical skills. Good communication skills are a necessity considering they need to communicate complex financial concepts and strategies in language intelligible to the client. A flair for sales and strong interpersonal skills are crucial to the success of a financial analyst.

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Pharmaceutical Research Analyst

Resources in this section of our Research Services are engineers, postgraduates in science, MBA/CPA equivalents or business editors. The technical areas of expertise include chemicals, polymers, petrochemicals, biotechnology etc.

Our areas of expertise include database services and research services where we have the intellectual capacity to offer business journal indexing, database integration services, information extraction services, financial data points, company research, primary and secondary research integration, news briefs and quick query services.

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