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Outsource Types of Web Based Market Research Services

As a business in an increasingly digital landscape, it's important that you are able to quickly and accurately gather important data related to the needs and desires of your target market and use it to make educated decisions in your field. Web based market research allows you to do this in a way that gathers vital data from a number of online resources for real time analysis of what matters most to your customers.

Outsource2india offers comprehensive web based market research services for businesses around the globe. From medium sized businesses to international corporations are eager to better understand the impact of their branding efforts online. We offer comprehensive qualitative primary research and quantitative primary research for businesses in many major industries.

Web Based Market Research - 5 Types

We offer a number of options for businesses in many industries, including primary, secondary and CATI survey research.

  1. Primary Research

    Primary research is information that can be directly collected from a source such as your target demographic audience, and past or current customers. It can be done in a number of ways including through both qualitative and quantitative means.

  2. Qualitative Primary Research

    Qualitative primary research involves using focus groups and interviews to gather important information from key members of your target audience. We do this with open ended interviews that require complex answers beyond the typical "yes" and "no" and that will reveal things like innate interests, dislikes, trends and emotional factors that affect buying behaviors.

    Focus group research is done in groups of six or more people that are led by a trained professional in that field. Because we have such a wide base of trained experts in a number of disciplines we can expedite the process of having and building focus groups for your business.

  3. Quantitative Primary Research

    Beyond opinions and interactions with target audience members, there are times at which you will want more numerical data with which to work. We offer surveys that allow us to gather numerical data from a large group of people that can be analyzed to better understand the thoughts and actions of your market. Online tools make this faster and easier than ever before to accomplish.

  4. CATI Surveys

    Computer aided telephone interviews are a powerful and highly effective means of generating large volumes of data from your target audience and existing customers without the expense of manually operating a survey.

    To develop a CATI survey for your business we will develop an objective brief and survey draft, then a call script and lead list with which to start contacting prospects. We have the resources and technology already in place to conduct these telephone interviews and can work with you to customize the process to fit your specific market. Most often, CATI surveys are used to better understand how your products and services are perceived in contrast to those of your competitors and what issues your competitors may be concerned about.

  5. Secondary Market Research

    Secondary market research involves analyzing large volumes of data from secondary sources online. Web based market research can be done rapidly - almost in real time - because of the plethora of resources available including social media, organic search results and online news sources.

    Secondary research sources used by our staff include -

    • Trade Associations
    • Marketing Departments of Local Colleges
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Insurance Companies
    • Banks
    • Real Estate Companies
    • Wholesalers
    • Manufacturers
    • Libraries and Public Information Centers
    • Books and Publications
    • Magazines and Newspapers
    • Media Representatives
    • Competitors
    • Business Information Centers
    • Federal Government Resources
    • Regional Planning Organizations
    • Discussion Groups

Whatever your web based marketing needs, contact the experts of Outsource2india today and learn more about what we can do for you. From organizing and executing complex primary research to digging into a vast array of information both online and offline, we have the experience needed to provide the data you are looking for about your target audience.

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