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Outsource PowerPoint Presentation Support

You have the raw data, as well as the numbers, but if your target audience isn't impressed with your presentation, odds are that you will fail to make the desired impact!

At times like these, Outsource2india's globally successful, and highly professional PPT Creation Services can come to your aid! We excel at creating stunning PowerPoint presentations, allowing you to present your business research data in a more compelling fashion.

PowerPoint Presentation Support for Comprehensive Research Data

Outsource2india has 25 years of experience in providing high quality PPT Creation Services with an extensive experience in offering research and analysis services.

Our creative design teams are a perfect mix of designers as well as data analysts, and help you in translating your business research data into engaging presentations that promote your brand value in the best possible light.

Our PowerPoint presentation services present comprehensive research data as eye-catching and professional presentations for our customers. The USP of our PPT Creation Support is our ability to present thoroughly researched business data in a visually interesting manner. Our expert data analysts can work with research data pertaining to various industry verticals, and present it concisely to our designers. Our PowerPoint designers have significant experience working with applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign etc., and leverage it to design PowerPoint presentations with improved graphics, layouts, and even infographics.

Our Capabilities

Some of the more recent examples of our research data presentations include the following -

  • Government Committee Presentations and Reports
  • Company Budget Presentations
  • Presentations for Research Data Conclusions
  • Presentations for New Product Launches
  • Investor, Keynote, Conference and Town Hall Presentations
  • Presentations for Consulting Project Outcomes
  • Presentations for Acquisitions, Mergers as Well as IPO Offerings

Why Opt for Our PPT Creation Services?

At Outsource2india, we owe our global success in delivering insightful PowerPoint Presentation Support to our exemplary PPT Support team consisting of both graphic designers as well as data analysts. This, in turn enables us to further distinguish our PPT creation services from our competitors. Some of the highlights of our PowerPoint Presentation Services are -

  • Presence of Experienced Data Analysts - Our data analysts come from commendable institutions and have a minimum experience of at least 5 years in data analysis and presentation. They support our graphic designers in creating powerful PowerPoint presentations by deciphering a large amount of complex research data accurately
  • Team of Experienced Graphic Designers - Our graphic designers have a minimum of 5 years of experience in working for renowned design firms. All our designers are trained to work with the latest graphic design software and technology, and oversee various phases of the PPT design such as typesetting, layout, cover design, template creation, infographic elements etc.
  • Flexible Delivery options - Our standard delivery timeframe is 48 hours. Based upon the urgency and the importance of the project (such as impromptu executive presentations), we can deliver complete projects within turnaround times as short as 12 hours (generally overnight due to time-zone constraints)
  • Quality Final Output - Our PPT Creation Services are further differentiated by an extensive global delivery model, allowing us to delivery impactful and attention-grabbing PowerPoint presentations to Senior Executives and CXOs all over the world in a short timespan

Advantages of our Research Data Presentation Services

We are experts in visualizing your market, financial, pharmaceutical and business research data into impactful presentations. Our PowerPoint Presentation Support can help the following business professionals -

  • Financial Consultants - Our enhanced services for financial consultants include performing a visual overhaul of copious amounts of financial research data, and presenting it in an easy to understand and engaging manner
  • Venture Capitalists - Our PPT Creation Services for venture capitalists are characterized by short turnaround times, including expedited overnight delivery, if required
  • Business Intelligence Professionals - We can develop detailed custom infographics from a large amount of research data to facilitate business intelligence professionals
  • Market Intelligence Professionals - We categorize and display a large amount of market intelligence information in a visually interesting way for an effective PPT presentation
  • Investment Bankers - Investment bankers routinely face the challenge to present varied complex data to clients in an engaging manner. At O2I, our Presentation Support extends to providing them with an absorbing PowerPoint presentation which clients can easily comprehend and appreciate

Our Client Success Stories

The Client - Our client was an online payment company whose presentations were being prepared by a part-time designer. Most of the PPTs were very generic in nature, and heavily borrowed from PPTs designs available online for free.

The Requirement - The clients' internal data team was heavily pressed for time, and therefore could not focus on preparing customized presentations and infographics. The client therefore approached O2I with his requirement for creative and engaging presentations.

Our Solution - We set up a 24/6 support team headed by a business intelligence manager. The team was able to deliver impressively designed PowerPoint presentations with an accurate representation of data within minimal turnaround time.

The Result - The client was able to achieve considerable success with the help of our expertly created PowerPoint presentations, and is outsourcing close to 50 reports per week to us.

If you want to read more of our client success stories, see examples of our impressive work, or are interested to know about our PowerPoint presentation services, contact our team right now for details!

Pricing Preferences

We have three flexible pricing options for our PPT Creation Services -

Price Per PowerPoint - Choose from our suite of professional, pre-template designs which do not require extensive graphic design

FTE (Full Time Equivalent) - Our FTE rates are ideal for medium to large enterprises who require an exclusive team of professionals working on their presentation at all times

Price Per Hour - We recommend this option for clients who require presentations varying in complexity, design choices and volume

Outsource2india - The Best Place for Innovative, Engaging PowerPoint Presentations

At Outsource2india, our considerable expertise in the fields of creative design and research services allows us to be a "one-stop-shop" for attractive PowerPoint presentations.

When a presentation is not planned well, it tends to meander and has no definite purpose. At O2I, we avoid this pitfall by initially contemplating the overall theme of the presentation with the client; whether they want it to be informative or persuasive; if tables and graphs are actually required or a simple infographic outlining the general figures would work; who the audience is and what they would prefer to see etc.

Reach out to us today, and discover for yourself how we can re-invent the presentation of critical research data through our distinguished PPT Creation Services.

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