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Outsource Case Study on Financial Data Analysis Services

Financial Data Analysis Services Case Study

O2I’s end-to-end financial analysis services for a leading US based organization helped them make more value based and efficient investment decision making.

The Client

A leading hedge fund based in the US was looking for an R&D partner for information and data development to devise their trading and investment strategies. They wanted their partners to quickly do financial data analysis and provide descriptive data, ratios, statistics and standardized financial data to search for investment opportunities that matched their specific criteria.

The Challenge

Data points offer concise and key data for specific periods and parameters. These serve as a vital input for the preparation of equity research profiles.

The client wanted Outsource2india to provide them with data research services and compile financial data points for 50 leading energy companies in the US. The project also included preparation of a template in mutual agreement with the client, compilation of quarterly data across five years and basic ratio analysis in the client given template. In addition, pension and currency analysis and compilation of analyst estimates was also requested by the client.

Since financial data is used by businesses to monitor and manage their success, and also by outsiders to evaluate the standing and health of a company, the challenge lay in addressing two diverse group of audience that had different objectives of reading the reports.

Also, the client wanted huge amounts of data to be processed in a relatively short period of time.

The Solution

O2I designated the assignment to an implementation panel consisting of domain experts, qualified domain specific engineers and technical editors. This was very important keeping in mind that international quality standards had to be maintained throughout the process.

The actual process began with the collection of raw data of a company from their websites, SEC filings etc. Typical data points captured included -

  • Income Statement (quarterly/ annual for ‘n’ years depending on client requirements)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Detailed Notes to Accounts (depending on client requirements)
  • Parent Company’s Financial Statements
  • Broker estimates (utilizing estimates sent by client)
  • Industry operating statistics (depending on client requirements)

Commerce and management graduates then began compiling basic data points in a logical manner. Additional analysis like ratio, pension and currency analysis was done by a team of experienced management graduates.

The Results

Before starting on the actual project, O2I carried out a trial program and submitted the results to the client. The client was extremely satisfied with the preliminary outcome of the trial. Since commencing the actual project, O2I has completed the bulk of the project much ahead of the original schedule.

The client has expressed his satisfaction by facilitating negotiations to commence live operations shortly. This also gives rise to possibilities to offer additional services like more value added finance and accounting resources.

Outsource2india’s rapid scale up capabilities on the manpower and delivery front coupled with our technology focus especially on proprietary software for workflow and extraction provided numerous benefits for the client. Not only did they have a qualified player working on their extraction activities, which saved time, money and effort but they also gained a lot by flexibility and transparency in our operations.

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