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Cast Away Your Apprehensions about Research Services Outsourcing

Within a relatively short period of time, India has transitioned from being a software service provider into being a knowledge-based outsourcing goldmine. The gigantic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) wave has opened up new avenues and paved the way for companies to outsource high-tech knowledge based jobs to India.

research services outsourcing refers to the offshoring of knowledge comprehensive business processes that require diverse and specialized domain-based expertise. The Research Services Outsourcing industry, unlike the BPO industry, provides domain based processes and business expertise.

How is Research Services Outsourcing Different from BPO?

Research Services Outsourcing occupies the higher end of the BPO spectrum, making it a subset of BPO. Research Services outsourcing is the natural progression of BPO. Over the years, global companies have outsourced numerous low-end processes to India and are now willing to outsource high-end processes such as research services.

There is bound to be enough apprehension when you outsource a service and it tends to perpetuate when it arrives at outsourcing high-end processes like Research Services. The concentration of dependable skill sets and business standards in the offshore location, can prove to nullify the prevalent doubts and questions about outsourcing.

India is home to a large pool of knowledge professionals ranging from Medicine, Law, Biotechnology, Education, Training, Pharmacy, Engineering, Design, Animation, Analytics, Paralegal, Content, Research and Development to name a few.

The Steady Growth of the Research Services Industry

Research Services Outsourcing is more challenging, with its demands on advanced and adept skills, compared to BPO which is like a commodity business that focuses more on information technology and its various sectors.

It definitely hasn't been a smooth ride for India to emerge as a strong research services outsourcing power. It takes a fair amount of mental vigor to take on knowledge-based tasks that are not confined to process expertise, but demand advanced and specialized skills.

This could be one of the reasons why outsourcing Research Services services would prove to be more difficult than outsourcing BPO services.

Compared to BPO, some of the challenges involved with Research Services is to maintain high quality standards, address the requirement of a higher level of control, get access to a talent pool, make investments in infrastructure and ensure enhanced risk management and confidentiality.

Even though The Research Services Outsourcing era is catching on quickly, it does not mean that it is the end of the larger BPO epoch. The BPO industry will continue to have its due importance and be successful in India.

The research services outsourcing industry lacks confinement and is widespread. It doesn't restrict itself to information technology like BPO, but delves into challenging sectors like clinical research, business research and intellectual property research. India has been rated the most preferred research services destination, owing to the country's quality IT training, friendly government policies, large talent pool and low labor costs.

What Makes India the Preferred Research Services Destination?

Are you having apprehensions about the quality standards, the talent pool, the confidentiality of your information and risk management measures in India? You need not worry, as the Indian outsourcing scene is developing and adapting to international quality standards at lightning speed. Here is why India is fast becoming the most preferred research services outsourcing destination:

Large Talent Pool

Indian research companies focus on the educational and technical qualifications of its research workforce. The dedicated education system in India produces trained professionals in the fields of Education, Law, Finance, Science, Architecture, IT, Engineering and other such competitive fields. These strong resources, along with enhanced technical expertise, have a great command over the English language. You can get access to such professional research skills only in India.

Adherence to International Quality Standards

The Research Services industry much like the BPO industry, has become quality conscious and has begun to follow strict international standards of quality like the Six Sigma and ISO seals. Six Sigma identifies and prevents shortcomings in manufacturing and service - related processes. Many Research Services services providers are in the process of achieving acclaimed quality management standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) like the ISO 9002, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2001 to name a few. When you outsource research services to India, you can be assured of quality and accuracy.

India Offers it All - Benefits, Skills and Timely Deliveries

The fundamentals of outsourcing can be applied to knowledge based services as well. Carrying out research services onshore with a shortage of trained professionals can prove to be more expensive, when compared to getting the same job done from an offshore location. Moreover, by outsourcing, you can get your research projects completed with precision, quality and adroitness.

With the large availability of trained manpower, offshoring is undoubtedly more reliable and cost-effective

Advantages of Outsourcing Research Services to India

By making a decision to outsource research services services to India, you can get access to -

  • Trained research services professionals at work
  • Time and energy that can be invested into your core business
  • Standard operational efficiency
  • Valuable cost savings that can be utilized for growing your business
  • A definite increase in profits

Research Services Skills Available in India

Indian knowledge-based firms have the following skills -

  • Ability to analyze data and information and use it to generate meaningful documents
  • Skills in using various sources to compile research information
  • Capability in converting raw technical data into presentable documents
  • Skills in using high-ended conceptualization and theoretical knowledge
  • Proficiency in using various advanced software and hardware devices
  • Ability to maintain workflow, apply quality controls and meet deadlines

Perks of working with an Indian research company

  • Adherence to international standards of quality
  • Cost-effective services
  • Timely delivery of services, usually ahead of the deadline
  • Uninterrupted research services on a 24/7 basis

Quick adaptability to changes and streamlined processes have taken over the face of research services outsourcing, thereby reducing the loopholes. Onshore and offshore projects are already running so successfully, that in no time there will be little or no difference between the two. This outsourcing trend, can help you maximize your profits, while helping you to drastically reduce your cost. Don't wait any longer. Outsource research services services to India and give your company a competitive edge.

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