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Did you know that those businesses which fully leverage business data to make strategic decisions outperform competitors by a whopping 85%? We can help convert data into charts, graphs, and other readable formats to encourage employees throughout the organization to understand and utilize key data points to make crucial business decisions. Outsource data processing services to us to optimize business processes and boost organizational productivity.

Our online data processing services help formulate better business strategies. We work with many input formats for printed material, photo scans, excel tables, or MS office formats. Our experts judiciously use data entry for error-free data inputs and use OCR and ICR for speed and efficiency. Reach out to our experts today and cut down 50% of costs with our customized data processing services.

Experienced Data Management Professionals at O2I

Our Data Processing Solutions

We are an ISO-certified data processing company with a sterling global presence. Our data processing solutions help clients globally to represent data more visually. Our offerings include -


Data Cleansing Services

Our services help build clean, coherent, and up-to-date data sets to uncover actionable business insights. We validate the relevance of your data, boost business efficiency, and improve returns on your investments.


Forms Processing Services

We help you eliminate physical storage by converting hard data into electronic form. We leverage the imaging method to digitize forms; we then extract valuable information from them using sensitive algorithms.


Data Mining Services

We represent your enterprise data in the form of easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Our services enable you to identify intricate patterns and actionable insights to boost decision-making.


Data Collection Services

In an organization, data is everywhere. We carefully navigate each data point to capture accurate data, remove the discrepancies, and store them categorically to ensure easy retrieval.


Data Modernization Services

We transfer and update structured and unstructured data from siloed legacy systems to cloud-based databases. Our services enable you to reap the benefits of new technologies while inducing speed and agility into your workflows.

Our Data Processing Workflow

Our workflow aims to give you the complete benefits of our services. Our data processing process includes the following stages -


01. Data Scanning

We enter data by typing or scanning hard copies using OCR & ICR technologies; we organize and index the data for storage and access


02. Data Cleaning

We edit gleaned data, ensure accuracy, sort relevant data, and remove unnecessary data; we arrange data for meaningful interpretation and further processing


03. Data Aggregation

We facilitate data gathering from multiple sources, and clean and express it in the form of a comprehensive analysis


04. Data Validation

We run quality checks on predesigned metrics to ensure data reliability without misrepresentation across all data subsets


05. Data Tabulation

We present the classified data in a tabular form so that they could be understood easily


06. Data Analysis

We model data to discover useful information, suggesting conclusions that support the decision-making process

Industries That Benefit from Data Processing

Almost every industry has its share of voluminous and unmanageable data that grows by the minute. However expectations of Data management vary from industry to industry. Some type of data processes across industries that O2I supports is listed.



Product data updation and image processing services



Aggregation of reservation data, passenger feedback etc.



Maintain and cleanse inventory records



Indexing of city/state plan records



Hospital records, patient information


Banking & Financial

Process Invoice and Financial instruments


Advertising & Marketing

Manage archived consumer data, build structured databases



Claims documentation, verification and validation

The Benefits of Choosing Us As your Data Processing Company

We custom-define the data cycle to help your data meet its specific objectives. By outsourcing data processes to us, you can increase operational efficiency and shift your focus to core business functions. Partner with us to leverage the following benefits -

Cost-effective Services

Cost-effective Services

Leverage experienced professionals without hiring them on the payroll. Expand your team and enjoy up to 50% cost benefits with our efficient and accurate online data processing services.

Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Our team utilizes OCR and ICR technologies to process raw data into actionable insights. We offer digitize data in a wide range of formats including XML, SGML, XHTML, MathML, CML, ThML, MSReader, Adobe, Palmdoc, HTML, and PDF.

Scalable Services

Scalable Services

Our multiple delivery centers allow us to handle large volumes of data within a short period. We scale up or scale down our offerings as per your requirements at no additional costs.

Quality Services

Quality Services

Our Quality Assessment team performs multiple quality checks of a project to ensure that all the Service Level Agreement guidelines are followed. They assure accuracy levels of over 98%.

100% Data Confidentiality

100% Data Confidentiality

We ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your data. Our FTP protocols are in sync with industry standards for the speedy and safe transfer of information.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From


Data Entry Services

Hire us as your data entry service provider to add scalability and accuracy to your team. Digitize your data and make well-informed business decisions.


Data Conversion Services

Our data conversion services come with a wide range of file formats like hard copies, Word, PDF, HTML, InDesign, Quark, etc.


OCR Services

With our OCR services, you can make documents editable to ensure higher accuracy and superior customer service.


eBook Conversion Services

Outsource e-book conversion services to us and let our experts take care of the technicalities. Obtain quality outputs at optimized costs.

Customer Success Stories

Case Study on Business Journal Catalogue Indexing

Case Study on Business Journal Catalogue Indexing

We developed a business journal indexing solution for a leading US-based organization that improved its reputation as an easy-to-use business journal in the reader's eyes.

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Case Study on Data Mining to Extract Contact Information from LinkedIn

Case Study on Data Mining to Extract Contact Information from LinkedIn

We provided a Swiss manufacturer with data mining services. They required contact information data mining services and had prior experience in data mining on several social media channels, especially LinkedIn.

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Client Testimonials

Data Processing Services in Philippines

With more than 25 years of experience in data processing, we have the required expertise and skills to provide high-quality data processing services in Philippines. Our team of data processing experts ensures that the results we deliver are highly accurate and are error free. Some of the services we offer include data cleansing, data mining, image processing, data abstraction, etc.

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Data Processing Services in Philippines

Outsource Document Processing Services to Outsource2india

With more than 25 years of experience in data processing, we have the required expertise and skills to provide high-quality data processing services. Our team of data processing experts ensures highly accurate and error-free outcomes. Reach out to us today to boost operational efficiency with our error-free document processing services.

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