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Remote Data Entry Services

Outsource Remote Data Entry Services

Connect to the best data entry operators in the world and ensure that your datasets are accurate at prices starting at just $6/hour

Technological advances have obviated the need for workers to be present at the office for several kinds of jobs. One such job is data entry. In the age of the pandemic when work from home became the new norm, remote data entry services got a special boost. Even the best data entry companies realized that remote working is a great way to pool in talent from around the world. Given this realization, and accompanying benefits, it now distinctly seems that data entry services are all set to go remote.

Outsource2india has over 2 decades of experience in providing VPN data entry services to companies around the world. We connect companies with the best data entry operators across the globe and assist them to get all their data entry requirements met with a wide range of benefits.

Our Remote Data Entry Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including -

  • Remote Textual and Numeric Data Entry

    Remote Textual and Numeric Data Entry

    Textual data entry is a kind of data entry service where data operators scoop and enter data directly from a source. A good example of textual data entry is keying in the information contained in a PDF or paper-based data into a particular digital format. Businesses avail this service to go digital and make all business information available online through accessible systems. VPN data entry services have made the job of textual data entry faster to expedite the process of business transformation.

  • Remote Image Data Entry

    Remote Image Data Entry

    Remote Image data entry service is designed to assist you to convert or edit normal or scanned images into data as per the business requirements. This a job which demands extraordinary skills in terms of concentration and typing speed. We provide access to professionals with profound exposure to image data entry services with expertise in several popular software. Our remote image data entry services assure you quality output in fixed time frames.

  • Remote eBook Data Entry Services

    Remote eBook Data Entry Services

    Our eBook Data Entry Services is tailored to assist companies to speed up their publication process with the help of experienced data operators operating from remote destinations. We have experience in handling data requirements for eBooks that double up as guides, reports, articles, files, social media content, and more. Our remote services assist in collecting, cleansing, enhancing, and merging data for ebook publication. Our clients bank on us to eliminate duplicate entries and other redundancies.

  • Remote Insurance Data Entry Services

    Remote Insurance Data Entry Services

    Our team of insurance data entry specialists will work remotely to handle all types of insurance data entry requests. We specialize in insurance application data entry, new business data entry, Quoting and proposal data entry, producer books data entry, insurance business acquisition data entry, market research data entry, etc. We provide VPN data entry services for life insurance annuity, motor insurance, health insurance, etc.

  • Remote Medical Claims Data Entry

    Remote Medical Claims Data Entry

    Our team facilitates EMR maintenance and associated healthcare service requirement with medical data entry services. We assist in maintaining a range of healthcare and practice records such as demographic records, diagnosis records, instrumental records, medical diagnosis, lab records, etc. We have been remotely serving facilities such as healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, and practices. We have a specialized team operating from remote locations to handle the requirements for medical data entry.

  • Medical Billing Data Entry Services

    Medical Billing Data Entry Services

    Our comprehensive medical billing remote data entry solutions help in keying in details about medical bills from bill statements. This includes keying in payment posting to highlight the payment due from payers and patients. Our services entail receiving payments and explanations of benefits from the client and meticulous posting of these details into the client database.

  • Remote Legal Data Entry Services

    Remote Legal Data Entry Services

    Our legal data entry professionals have wide experience in legal and attorney data research services. We specialize in data entry for specific legal research requirements, attorney research requirements, database creation needs, and document entry services. We back our services with proper quality check. We have an excellent track record of timely completion of data research and entry requirements because of our wide legal knowledge and legal industry expertise.

  • Remote Product Details Data Entry Services

    Remote Product Details Data Entry Services

    We provide a wide range of product data entry services to facilitate requirements such as collecting product information from sources, collecting catalogs for selling, cross-selling, and up-selling services. We cater to industries such as e-commerce, manufacturing sector, insurance, etc. Our remote workers handle diverse product data entry services i.e., from adding product images to product descriptions; from adding product specifications to product features, and from updating product details to product categorization.

  • Remote Scanned Images Data Entry Services

    Remote Scanned Images Data Entry Services

    We offer multidimensional image capturing data entry services. Our extensive solutions include image data keying, image data extraction, image data correction, image data indexing, image data filling, image data retrieval, and processing among others. We have wide experience in entering image data into databases, directories, excel spreadsheets, booklets, handwritten docs, etc. Our services entail frequent comparisons to create a final database that is free of deviations.

  • Remote Survey Forms Data Entry

    Remote Survey Forms Data Entry

    We have wide experience in providing efficient and accurate questionnaire/survey data entry services to assist organizations with smart decisions. Our services are designed to assist you to capture, collate, and organize data accurately. We specialize in online survey form data entry, offline survey form data entry, email survey form data entry, sales survey form data entry, polling form data entry, market research data entry, customized data entry, etc.

Our Remote Data Entry Process

As a remote data entry service providing company, we follow a detailed and well-designed remote data entry service process which consists of the following steps -


01. Requirement Gathering

We sit with our clients to understand their project requirements. Only experts in full knowledge of your niche will interact with you to understand your needs. This helps in fostering a better understanding of the nature & scope of the project so that we can provide a customized service experience


02. SLA Signing

Once we agree on the process and timeline, we create a mutually agreed SLA for the project. All questions about service expectations, quality parameters, and security are put down in black and white


03. Team Creation

This is an internal process, in which we pick the most talented data entry professionals with experience in your niche for your project. We create a team based on factors such as compatible time zones, knowledge of the language, typing skills, etc. The size of the team depends on the scope of the project


04. Project Initiation

After the team is created, the project is initiated. Work is executed keeping in mind the deadline committed. We have a bench of reserve employees to take on the project at short notice in situations that require fire fighting


05. Review

During the execution of the project, we carry out random quality checks to keep errors at bay. The review is done by a specialized team excelling in the particular niche and having adequate exposure to reviewing


06. Submission

Once the review is completed we submit the project to the client and keep ourselves in standby mode for any suggested changes. Once the client approves the project we close the project

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Benefits of Outsourcing Remote Data Entry Services to Outsource2india

There is a wide range of benefits of outsourcing remote data entry services to us. These include -

  • Cost-effective Service

    As we work across offshore locations, we tap into the easy availability of local talent at lesser costs. We pass on this cost benefit to our clients. Our services also come with no other associated costs which make our service very cost-effective.

  • Complete Data Security

    We provide complete data security with the help of a range of security measures. This covers infrastructure security, physical security, and end-to-end network security. In addition, we take regular backups to ward off crises triggered by emergencies and unexpected events. To maintain our strict security measures, we also carry out regular security audits.

  • High Accuracy

    We guarantee complete accuracy to our clients. This is because we take each completed work through an end-to-end quality check. Along with a dedicated team we assign a quality control team for your project. The team consists of members who understand your niche because of their exposure to the niche. The team is responsible for double-checking the entries made and flagging inconsistencies. We bank on the expertise of our team to meet all parameters of quality expectations.

  • Access to Wide Talent

    We provide you with skilled resources from around the world so you do not have to bother about having a regular in-house team to meet your data entry needs. You can get resources at the click of a mouse and scale your resource requirements up or down as per your business needs. You don't have to worry about issues like attrition, pandemic, paying additional benefits, etc.

  • Wide Experience

    We have over 25 years of experience in providing quality data management services to our clients. Over the years we have built a vast team of data entry operators around the world and trained them in different niches. We can therefore provide trained and experienced remote data entry professionals in your niche.

  • Customized Service

    We help you hire a remote team of data entry operators and coordinate with them as per your service needs. We tailor a dedicated strategy for every data entry project. Our strategy is based on specific business needs. After we understand your requirements, we train our remote specialists on the specificities of your requirements. The team is led by a project manager who doubles up as a one-stop contact for all your needs.

  • Advanced Technology

    We bank on several software applications for data processing and compilation. One such technology is automation. We have adopted automation for routine data entry. For medical claims processing, we bank on scanners driven by OCR software. This is yet another reason for our error-free and fast service delivery.

  • 24/7 Service

    The big advantage of our remote data entry services is that work never comes to a halt because of our time-zone advantage. We are a global company and have our delivery centers spread across continents. Therefore, we can afford to work on client projects round the clock and complete them within agreed time frames.

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O2I Provided Professional and Accurate Data Extraction Services to a Consulting Company

A leading NZ-based consulting firm required reliable and accurate data extraction services. We provided highly reliable and cost-effective services to the client.

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We are very satisfied with the quality of service Outsource2india provided. They showed great professionalism and flexibility.

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Outsource Remote Data Entry Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in providing remote data entry services to a range of clients based in the US and across the world. We have been helping businesses in real estate, e-commerce, insurance, banking, legal services, and healthcare, among others meet all their data entry requirements with a great degree of accuracy and timeliness. Our VPN data entry services are tailor-made to suit your individual requirements. Our presence in multiple offshore locations and access to skilled talents helps us be the most reliable remote data entry service provider.

If you too are looking for the best remote data entry services in India and abroad, get in touch with our experts now.

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