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Outsource Directory Services

What Are Directory Services?

Almost all organizations use immeasurable amounts of digital data that needs to be tracked and updated regularly for day-to-day business operations. Information about clients, prospects, vendors, management, staff, mergers, etc. can be a part of this information. Data directories are used to keep a track of all important data so that it's managed properly.

Directory services store, organize, and provide access to directory information and guarantee that updated data is accessible in real time, to all stakeholders.

Directories may hold details about the following:

  • Targeted Industries
  • Specific Roles in a Industry
  • Contact Information of Decision Makers and Executives in a Particular Industry
  • Complete Data including Address, Company Name, Contact Name, Designation, Email Address and Direct Phone Number

When Do You Need Directory Services?

Directory services can be used for any number of operations in your business, whenever you need to add data in a hierarchy. A common example is creating directory for a particular industry where you recognize a growing or developing market for which you can provide a very specific solution. This might be a subset of businesses that are ready to upgrade with your services, or transit from an existing service of yours.

Why Outsource Directory Services?

Directory Services are the most effective ways to contact and manage new leads from a variety of industries. This process requires extensive knowledge and experience in data mining and performing in-depth research and finding and managing hordes of information from reliable secondary sources across various industries.

Further, it needs ensuring 100% data accuracy by cross-referencing it and testing it against other directories. Such a process can be extremely time consuming and tedious and requires an eye for detail.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

Why Outsource Only to Outsource2india?

To act on the generated leads and carry detailed data research and management, as quickly as possible; you need a firm like ours which can gather data from a number of data sources. O2I's web directory services organize your business's directory to give all stakeholders simplified access to any information they need in real time.

Our staff has specifically cultivated an eye for detail and has exceptional levels of dedication. They make careful investment of time and money to create and collate accurate directories that match key specifications and demographics you have outlined for an ideal prospect. Additionally, language is not an issue for us and we are capable of gathering data from businesses in emerging markets along with developed English-speaking countries.

If you need to create a directory that provides clear and concise data about a subset of businesses or individuals in your industry, contact Outsource2india today. We can help you create directories by following your specific guidelines and ensuring it is done as quickly as possible with complete accuracy, so you can act on it immediately.

Experience and Performance is The Key

  • We have over 25 years of experience in offering Directory Services
  • We have offered directories to prestigious institutions such as Boston University, Stanford University and the Yale School of Management with great success
  • We have also converted documents in a variety of languages, such as Portuguese and Swedish, into online formats, complete with accents and appropriate punctuation
  • O2I is known for fast, reliable results, integrity in business and experience in outsourcing wide spectrum of services
  • Our dedicated team members and the unprecedented value of our services set us apart from our competitors

Contact Outsource2india for Customized Directory Services

Whether you need a new directory created from scratch at a short notice, or need an ongoing service provider to grow your internet directory services in emerging markets or developing industries, the experts at Outsource2india can get the job done for you.

For outsourcing directory services to India, reach us today. Our organization is capable of proving complete directory assistance to make your directory access more efficient and productive today!

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