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Outsource SKU Data Entry Services

Our veteran SKU data entry experts offer professional data entry services to eCommerce companies to streamline their inventory database at rates starting at just $6 per hour

Running an eCommerce operation can get challenging when you have a shoddily done inventory and stock database. So if you have a disorganized and unstructured stock-keeping database, don't waste time hiring FTE for handling Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) data entry. Instead, outsource SKU data entry services to Outsource2india at affordable rates and 100% quality.

Outsource2india is an SKU data entry service providing company backed by 24 years of experience in a range of SKU data entry services. We are professionals who understand the importance of optimizing the data streams on stock visibility, inventory level, and purchasing fulfillment to avoid complications during audits. Our team ensures accurate data entry and robust quality checks to keep your SKU batches spic and span.

SKU Data Entry Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a well-known SKU data entry service providing company. We serve our customers with the best SKU services in India. And Indian isn't the only region we serve. We also reach customers from The US, UK, Middle East, Canada, and other ASEAN countries. Our SKU data entry services are as follows -

  1. SKU Database Data Entry

    SKU Database Data Entry

    Being a leading SKU data entry services company we have teams adequately trained in automation data entry tools to edit, add, delete, and update SKU identifiers. We sort stocks based on alphanumeric codes. As part of standard data entry tasks, we update identifiers by adding description data that'll enable quick lookup and sorting of search results from the database.

  2. Data Mining of SKU

    Data Mining of SKU

    We use a deep-dive data collection strategy to collect and consolidate data from multiple data sources, whether internal or external. This enables our clients to build the SKU database in the correct format, order, and enrichment levels.

  3. Product Segmentation in SKU

    Product Segmentation in SKU

    We perform complex segmentation of the SKU database to form tree structure for brands and their products to enhance discoverability using filters, keywords, descriptions, etc. in short, we optimize the eCommerce back end to improve search performance.

  4. Management of Inventory in SKU

    Management of Inventory in SKU

    If managing your SKU is a hassle, we'll take over the managerial roles to ensure supplies are in stock. At the same time, we also prevent overstocking. We make sure that the SKU inventory up-to-date. We also provide layouts to the SKU database with correct fields like ID, pricing, product tables, and much more.

SKU Data Entry Process We Follow

SKU data entry services from O2I keep your resources from getting tied up doing repetitive tasks. We always bring the best solution for restructuring the SKU database. Our process is transparent and understandable with minimal effort. Outsourcing SKU services is easy and our process is as follows -


01. Scan and Upload

The client grants us access to their raw datasets where SKU data entry is important. Data is accessed via secure login credentials or exporting into txt or spreadsheet format


02. Download/Access Files

The scope of work will be planned based on data evaluation. We focus on retaining good data instead of purging everything at once


03. Key-in Document

Our SKU data entry experts harness OCR and other similar data capture tools to import data into a workable format


04. Index, Sort, & Move

The data which is captured through reading tools are subjected to indexing and sorting


05. Quality Check

After the SKU data entry process, the datasets will move into the hands of QA experts. They will analyze if the updated values are accurate before certifying the correctness

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Why Outsource SKU Data Entry Services to Outsource2india?

O2I is a standard choice for companies that need the best SKU data entry services in India. Over 1000 clients from various parts of the world have been our customers of which many have extended the contract due to satisfaction. Here's are the reasons it's important to choose outsource2india as an SKU data entry partner -

  • Pocket Friendly Rates

    The SKU Data Entry services can be customized to your exact needs. Just reach our agents and convey your requirements with clarity and we'll help you choose and pay only for the services you need.

  • 100% Data Security

    Outsource2india is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 compliant outsourcing company. Our data handling policies are compliant with the most stringent regulations across the world. So we can assure zero-misuse and zero-loss of your data.

  • Multiple Data Format

    It wouldn't matter in what format you choose to send your data. We will ensure it is read using the correct tool and in a workable format.

  • High-quality SKU Data Entry Services

    We always enrich the quality of data by following a planned approach. This will eliminate the issues with the utilization of SKU database.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    You will be impressed by the fast TAT which we promise and deliver to all our clients. In that way, your project goals need not be realigned until the completion of SKU data entry.

  • ISO Certified SKU Data Entry Services Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified SKU data entry service provider offering high-quality SKU data entry services. Our SKU data entry services fulfill all the assurances made ahead of the project.

  • Scalable Services

    The SKU data entry service is scalable. So if you want a bulk of your inventories to be processed on priority we always have the bandwidth to permit scaling.

  • Experienced SKU Data Entry Professionals

    We have certified data entry experts who are eligible to handle large projects and have the expertise in SKU database and data entry tools. Our team uses a continuum of automated data entry tools to ensure 100% accuracy.

  • 24/7 Support

    We offer robust agent support to all our clients. Our team operates from secure global delivery centers. To quickly reach our human agents, ping us or contact via our priority channels like email, phone, or webchat.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Scanning & Data Entry to a UK-based Software Firm

Outsource2india Provided Scanning & Data Entry to a UK-based Software Firm

A software enterprise with headquarters in Berkshire delegated scanning and data entry assignments to us. O2I's team configured a customized data management solution in short notice.

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O2I Provided e-commerce Data Entry to Bike Accessories Seller

Outsource2india Provided eCommerce Data Entry to Bike Accessories Seller

A parts and accessories retailer headquartered in Poland offshored data mining and data entry projects to us. We provided eCommerce data entry services within their budget.

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We were very satisfied with the quality of service Outsource2india provided. They were able to meet our requests with great professionalism and flexibility. We look forward to having your team fulfill future projects for us.

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Outsource SKU Data Entry Services to Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we routinely deal with all types of data entry requirements. Being headquartered in India, we have large coverage and technical and infrastructural bandwidth to handle all types of SKU data entry projects for individuals and enterprises. We have a strong brand presence all over the world as a leading SKU data entry service providing company because our unique process fulfills the client's requirement without sacrificing the quality even if the costs are less. We customize our SKU data entry services for businesses no matter what budget they have in mind.

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