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Data Labeling Services

Outsource Data Labeling Services

Accurately identify and label raw data by choosing our industry-leading data labelling services provided at prices starting at $30/hour

Data labeling is an extremely important process in Machine Learning, and includes the identification of raw data (such as images, text files, videos, etc.) and labeling them in an informative manner through contextual labels which a machine learning model can then learn from. High-quality labeling is necessary for multiple use cases such as computer vision, NLP (natural language processing), speech recognition, etc. and is an essential building block for deep learning models.

When it comes to information labeling services, O2I is a premier data labeling service provider which offers what most other companies cannot, namely - accuracy, experience, and security. We work with a team of experienced human data labelers to generate exceptionally accurate labels for your data that you can use in machine learning models.

Our Data Labeling Services

Outsource2india is a leading provider of data labeling services in India. Labeling is exceptionally important to suitably train models since the accuracy of a trained model is only as good and accurate as the data label.

When you outsource labeling services to O2I, we combine our cutting-edge AI-automation tools while working on a secure AI platform to deliver best-in-class quality training datasets for even the most complex use cases. Our services include -

  1. Computer Vision Labeling

    Computer Vision Labeling

    When creating a unique computer vision system, we ensure we create and accurately label images, pixels, and multiple key points, as required. You can use the training data that we create then to build a computer vision model which properly categorizes images, detects object locations, identifies key search points in an image, or segment an image.

  2. Natural Language Processing Labeling

    Natural Language Processing Labeling

    Natural language processing or NLP is typified by first being able to manually identify important sections of a text file or text tags, and then labeling them with specific labels to generate a final ML training set.

    As a data labeling company, we can identify sentiments based on text blurbs, identify important parts in a speech, classify, identify, and segment proper nouns such as places and people, and even identify text in images, PDFs, and other unreadable files.

  3. Audio Processing Labeling

    Audio Processing Labeling

    As part of our labeling services, we can help with audio processing to convert all varieties of sounds such as speech, ambient noises (horns, whistles, or bird chirps), and much more into a structured, easy-to-apply format so it can be used for machine learning. Our team of data labelers manually transcribes the required sounds into written text.

Why Outsource Labeling Services to O2I?

At O2I, we ensure you are always on top of your requirements. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Better Execution

    We ensure all your data can be easily uploaded to our servers via a platform and format of your choice.

  • Designed to be Scalable

    Our team can scale as and when you require while building familiarity with your business rules, edge cases, context, etc. This means the quality of data also keeps getting better over time.

  • Expert Tools

    The data enrichment tools we choose to leverage include industry-standard tools as well as proprietary ones, ensuring we can significantly influence your ability to turn around large labeling tasks in the shortest time possible.

  • Exceptionally Secure

    Our adherence to higher security standards and data privacy regulations which are recognized internationally ensure your data remains private and secure throughout.

  • Flexible Pricing

    With customizable and rate card-based pricing options we ensure we have all sorts of requirements covered for our clients.

  • Streamlined Communication

    We clearly demarcate, organize, and streamline the communication channels with your internal team makes it significantly easier for the teams to work together.

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Outsource Data Labeling Services to O2I

At O2I, a leading data labeling service providing company, we can sufficiently train, validate, and fine-tune your models by securely labeling them. Outsourcing data labeling services has never been easier. Contact us now to take advantage of our end-to-end managed labeling solutions and expert data labelers and annotators.

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