Natural Language Processing Services

Natural Language Processing Services

Leverage our natural language processing services and get access to next-gen, self-learning applications that understand contextual nuances

Are you looking for natural language processing services that fuse linguistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence? Our team can assist you in eliminating complexity and processing documents quickly by integrating NLP capabilities into your applications, bots, and IoT devices for diverse industries. Your company can leverage our NLP expertise to create a next-generation digital assistant that is contextually relevant, comprehends the language people use to communicate, and makes smarter decisions.

As a leading NLP company, we offer clients from a variety of industries self-learning, next-generation software that can comprehend various languages, contextual cues, industry-specific jargon, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can assist businesses in developing new NLP apps or updating their current ones by incorporating conversational intelligence.

Natural Language Processing Solutions We Offer

We are a professional natural language processing company and provide a full bouquet of NLP services, including -

  1. Natural Language Processing as a Service

    Natural Language Processing as a Service

    With this offering, we offer several pre-trained models for content classification, sentiment analysis, and entity extraction, among others.

  2. Natural Language Processing Consulting Services

    Natural Language Processing Consulting Services

    If you are unsure of how natural language processing can be leveraged in your specific business environment, our NLP consultants can provide detailed information and roadmaps.

  3. Text Classification Service

    Text Classification Service

    With our text classification service, we label and organize textual data into groups for further analysis. This data can also be used to train your machine learning models.

  4. Named Entity Recognition Service

    Named Entity Recognition Service

    Our natural language processing specialists use named entity recognition to identify and classify named entities in textual data. We also automatically extract data from unstructured text, such as names of people, locations, and so on.

  5. Part-Of-Speech Tagging

    Part-Of-Speech Tagging

    We have significant experience and expertise in marking up words in a text as corresponding to a specific portion of the speech, based on both its context and definition.

  6. Sentiment Analysis Service

    Sentiment Analysis Service

    We help our clients to accurately analyze and visualize their customers' voices, values, and sentiments related to their company and products based on text data.

  7. Text Summarization Service

    Text Summarization Service

    We have helped many clients to summarize large volumes of documents or text into smaller, meaningful documents through automatic text summarization.

  8. Text Generation

    Text Generation

    We leverage computer algorithms to make sense of the free-form text in a certain language. We can also leverage our expertise to create similar text using training examples.

  9. Chatbot Services

    Chatbot Services

    Our world-class NLP algorithms can be used to function as effective chatbots that understand user input and then return the asked-for value.

  10. Language Translation

    Language Translation

    We can use our natural language processing algorithms to identify the language of specific text and translate it into the desired language accurately.

  11. Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text

    Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text

    Here, we unleash our NLP algorithms and models to convert text into conversational speech or convert spoken words into text.

  12. Dialogue And Discourse Identification

    Dialogue And Discourse Identification

    Our NLP models have been trained on massive amounts of data and can identify dialogue and discourse in text or speech. They can then output the desired result in the format of your choice.

Natural Language Processing Process We Follow

Being a top provider of natural language processing solutions means we follow a streamlined and tested process. Our process includes the following key steps -


01. Extract

We collect training data to read the text


02. Load

The relevant data is extracted and input into the processing engine


03. Transform

The raw structured data is processed for capturing specific variations, and metadata and tokens are extracted, normalized, and cleansed to complete the extraction process


04. Analysis

The data extracted from the system is carefully analyzed to find patterns and relationships that are meaningful

Why Are We The Natural Language Processing Company?

Some of the benefits of choosing our natural language processing solutions are -

  • ISO-certified

    We are an ISO-certified company with 24 years of cumulative experience in AI development and natural language processing.

  • Data Security

    We offer robust security to your data and ensure that the right efforts are taken at our end to preserve and secure your data.

  • Quality Certified

    We are an ISMS-certified company that adheres to global quality standards. Our dedicated quality assessment team validates the quality of all our deliverables.

  • Scalable Solutions

    We help you scale at speed and see a better outcome in the shortest time. Our team has incredible bandwidth to support complex needs.

  • Quick TAT

    Our TAT is one of the best and it's one of our key business drivers that makes us the best natural language processing service provider in the industry.

  • Professional Staff

    Our NLP implementation team has years of experience in the AI and automation sector and brings with them the key talent that is required to drive results.

  • Cost-effective

    Our NLP services are cost-effective and customizable to maximize the value that our clients receive from us.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

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Customer Success Stories

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We Helped an Electronics Firm Streamline Inventory Management

A leading electronics firm needed a reliable RPA solutions provider to help streamline its inventory management process. Our team helped the client with cost-effective services.

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O2I Helped a Healthcare Service Provider with Chart Extraction Services

We Helped a Healthcare Service Provider with Chart Extraction Services

A leading healthcare service provider was looking for a trusted chart extraction service provider with experience in RPA methods. Our team provided the client with cost-effective services.

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Outsource Natural Language Processing Services to Us - The Industry Leader

The teams we create are tailored to your company's demands and operational procedures and include the best product owners, business consultants, QA experts, software developers, designers, and project and product managers from our worldwide talent network. With us, you get access to -

  • State-of-the-art natural language processing services
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Affordable natural language processing services

Get in touch with us now to learn more about how we can deploy NLP to further your business’s objectives.

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