The advantages of automation are well-known. Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) takes those advantages to a new level by automating complex processes which needed human judgement to handle process exceptions or inefficiencies. Know how O2I's CPA services can help you increase your business productivity and improve the overall process accuracy.

Process Automation using AI can execute data-intensive and rule-based tasks executed by humans at a faster rate. It is the buzzword of the modern times because more companies are realizing the benefits of intelligent automation. Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are becoming mainstream choices for many organizations to digitalize complex judgement activities involving unstructured data. From construction to insurance, it is widely applicable across a range of business segments in the vertical market.

Outsource2india has vast experience in offering customized automation solutions that leverage data science, analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics and automation techniques.

Our Cognitive Process Automation Services

Cognitive process automation can be the right choice if you are looking for ways to free knowledge workers from getting tied up with dull, repetitive tasks that require little or no judgement. Our Robotic process automation with intelligence solutions are domain agnostic, as we have the capability to automate processes across diverse industries. It cognitively performs tasks similar to humans, but with better precision and zero scope for errors. By integrating O2I's cognitive techniques with software, the machine learning component comprehends the context unsupervised from every instance.

Our big data-based process automation solution can -

  • Extract enterprise data and insights robustly with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from digital documents that are native and scanned
  • Generate reports every hour, order reports from third-party, and do more by automating routine, rule-based business processes
  • Help you build automation platform for front office, back office, and support functions
  • Make cognitive decisions with intelligence so that judgements can be made with Artificial Intelligence
  • Support scalability by increasing the number of bots with the increase in the volume of transactions

O2I's Technical Capabilities

O2I has been a trusted provider of Cognitive Process Automation service for 2+ years to various businesses and industries. We believe that cognitive automation of process steps can reduce the cost and streamline the way each business operates. Along with our automation services, we also introduce a team of big data scientists and engineers who carry decades of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning to provide bespoke solutions.

Our Technology Competence Includes -

  • Cognitive computing and deep learning
  • Big Data Solutions and cloud hosting of SaaS services
  • Image and text-based mining solutions
  • Predictive analytics
  • End-to-end Machine Learning based automation solutions

To deliver powerful results, we employ powerful automation software to automate your routine business tasks. The software we use include -

Our 5-Step Method of Cognitive Process Automation

We have already helped many clients worldwide in saving valuable money and time by automating routine activities in areas such as business process automation, industrial automation, and infrastructure management. Our services are designed to help improve your process efficiency by as much as 30% within 90 days.

Here are the steps we follow for Cognitive Process Automation -

Understanding the Scope  

01. Scope Understanding

In the first step, our teams gather requirements, sample data, and visualization needs to interpret the goals and objectives

Data Analysis  

02. Data Analysis

This stage acts as a preparation stage for the solution. In case of repeat deployment, data analysis acts as a configuration stage

Building a Model  

03. Model Configuration

Here we develop customized solution by leveraging Big Data, RPA, OCR components and modules, along with interface development

Quality Analysis  

04. Quality Analysis

We run the solution with variable data to test the accuracy of the solution and model on the automated process. The solution is tested before being passed on to production state

Solution Deployment  

05.Solution Deployment

Deployment of the production-ready solution along with handover activities and contracted period of support

Areas Where Our Services are Employed

O2I's AI-driven operations are finding its use in many areas of business to facilitate accurate data capture, workflow management, and better business decisions.

Our services are employed for -

Solution ConsultingSolution Consulting
Solution as a ServiceSolution-as-a-Service
Product ImplementationProduct Implementation
Project DevelopmentProject Development

Our CPA service is being widely used across multiple domains for performing tasks such as -

Information Technology
Payroll Management
Finance & Insurance
  • IT helpdesk
  • Data center management
  • Infrastructure management
  • Contract verification
Information Technology
  • Travel desk management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Reporting
  • Data processing
  • Text extraction from image
  • Data Entry
  • Data Extraction
Payroll Management
  • Payroll accounting
  • Payroll processing
  • Compliance settlements
  • Supplier setup
  • Supplier Amends
  • Purchase order management
  • Invoice Data Processing
  • Customer interaction
Finance & Insurance
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Reconciliations
  • Fixed assets accounting
  • Loan processing
  • Claims processing

Key Benefits of Outsource2india's Cognitive Process Automation

Cognitive process automation can help you save big on expenses while accomplishing the tasks more quickly. Hence, the reasons why you should use our CPA services include -

  • High Reduction in Cost - By integrating CPA with existing infrastructure, organizations can save up to 50% of the incurred costs in the long-run
  • Decreased Cycle Times - CPA is a powerful way to autonomously handle rule-based, routine process quickly from inception to completion
  • Increased Throughput - Over 70% faster work rate is achievable with CPA because it is not only accurate but also agile and purposeful in task processing
  • Superior Productivity - Enables knowledge workers to focus on high-skilled tasks that require greater cognitive abilities
  • Efficiency in Process - High coherence and ability to seamlessly interface with upstream & downstream systems are the reasons it is a must-have for process automation
  • Lower Transactional errors - Process Automation eliminates transactional errors with 100% accuracy
  • High Accuracy Validation Using Cognitive Decision Engine - Switching from manual validation of scanned document to CPA-based validation eliminates the scope of human errors
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction - CPA is highly efficient because it is cost-effective, less error-prone, and offers better TAT

Quality, Infrastructure, and Security Measures We Follow

As part of our efforts to deliver better client experience, we take measures to ensure that our services are reliable. Our approach involves -

Security Measures
  • Comprehensive testing before deployment in production environment
  • Sends alerts real-time or via email
  • Stakeholders are alerted when system confidence level is lower than benchmark
  • Cloud-based infrastructure hosted by third party
  • API for in-house application integration
  • Supports document upload with browser and network connectivity
Security Measures
  • Can be hosted on internal, external, and hybrid cloud setup
  • Solution integrates with third party applications
  • Safe and controlled access by authorized personnel

Outsource Cognitive Process Automation Services to O2I

Outsource2india's Big Data-based process automation solution involves AI-driven methods to reduce the involvement of knowledge workers. By integrating CPA and RPA, you will no longer need a dedicated back office team, because the bots act as virtual workforce, providing 24x7x365 service with great agility and accuracy. We also offer an array of data science services that are designed to make your business process faster and cost-effective.

O2I's customers have tasted success by adopting CPA and we have success stories to share. Read our case study on how O2I helped a Mortgage Company in the US by Automating Loan Quality Investment (LQI) Process using CPA.

If you want to outsource your CPA services, our expertise can help you accomplish the best results. If you have decided on outsourcing cognitive process automation services to India, look no further. Get in touch with us for a quick consultation.

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Cognitive Process Automation Services FAQs

  • What is cognitive process automation?

    Cognitive process automation leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Text Analytics, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Machine Learning to improve the user experience.

  • What is the advantage of cognitive automation?

    The benefits of cognitive process automation include increased business agility, improved service quality, enhanced data security and compliance, and enhanced work efficiency, among others.