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Outsource Cognitive Process Automation Services

Embrace the future with our Cognitive Process Automation services.

Integrate AI, Machine Learning, and Python-based frameworks to optimize processes and personalize customer interactions.

Contact us to harness the massive potential of cognitive computing.

Imagine a world where technology evolves with your business, learning, and adapting to the ever-changing data landscape. That's the power of our offshore Cognitive Process Automation services.

Serving global clients with custom cognitive business automation support, our solutions are built on Python-based open-source frameworks like Django, Flask, and Numpy, automate complex cognitive tasks. This creates a digital workforce that streamlines workflows, optimizes operations, and provides actionable insights. At the core of our service is the unique integration of AI-powered analysis with human cognitive abilities. We leverage advanced machine learning models and data mining techniques to analyze large data sets, extract valuable insights, and provide decision support. This results in a self-learning, scalable solution that outperforms human limitations.

Take the first step towards a more productive and cost-efficient organization by outsourcing your cognitive enterprise automation needs to us.

Case Study

  • Case Study on Document Processing Automation Platform Development
  • O2I Developed a Big Data Platform for Document Processing Automation

    A leading banking organization was looking for a service provider who could develop a big data-based platform which would help them to automate the document processing. Our team of data science experts developed the platform incorporating all the requirements of the client.

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  • Case Study on Helping US Mortgage Company by Automating LQI Process
  • O2I helped a Mortgage Company in the US by Automating Loan Quality Investment (LQI) Process

    A top mortgage company in the US contacted Outsource2india for automating loan quality investment (LQI) process. Our expert team of engineers and big data scientists successfully modelled a solution through Cognitive Process Automation. These solutions enhanced transaction accuracy, and rate of work while lowering the processing time and manual FTE.

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  • Cognitive Automation Services We Offer

    Our technological capabilities coupled with our deep industry expertise enable us to provide solutions designed to streamline your operations and drive business growth. We understand the challenges of today's dynamic business environment and are dedicated to helping you overcome them with our innovative solutions, which include -

    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

      Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

      Our Robotic Process Automation integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, be it your ERP, CRM, or any other operational software. This feature ensures that the implementation of our RPA solution does not disrupt your current workflows, but instead, enhances them.

    • Applied Intelligence

      Applied Intelligence

      Our applied intelligence service utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms, enabling businesses to automate complex processes, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

    • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Services

      Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Services

      Our Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Services feature a robust and transparent transaction record-keeping system, allowing all participants in a decentralized network to verify and audit transactions independently, thereby enhancing trust and security in financial operations.

    • Conversational Bots

      Conversational Bots

      Our conversational bots feature multi-language support, enabling businesses to engage with customers globally in their native languages, thereby improving customer service and expanding market reach.

    • Process Mining Solutions

      Process Mining Solutions

      Our process mining solutions leverage advanced data visualization techniques, providing businesses with clear, intuitive representations of their processes, thereby enabling them to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies for improved operational performance.

    • Automation as a Service (AaaS)

      Automation as a Service (AaaS)

      Get automation solutions on a subscription basis, eliminating the need for cost-intensive infrastructure. Our team of automation experts uses cloud-based technologies to provide scalable and flexible solutions.

    Our Innovative Platforms and Tech Stack

    We harness a variety of cutting-edge cognitive automation platforms and technologies to provide remote cognitive process automation solutions. Here is a blend of advanced tools we use to deliver tailored support that meets your unique business needs.

     Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
     Voice Recognition
     Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
     Data Analytics and Big Data Technologies
     Machine Learning (ML)
     Natural Language Processing (NLP)
     Emotion Recognition
     Business Process Management (BPM) Software
     Cognitive Reasoning
     Computer Vision
     IBM Watson
     Blue Prism

    Our Approach to Deliver Stellar Cognitive Enterprise Automation Services


    01. Project Blueprinting

    We analyze the project requirements and visualize sample data to precisely outline the scope of the project.


    02. Data Pre-processing

    Our team prepares for the solution's implementation, configuring the setup for a possible repeat deployment.


    03. Intelligent Solution Development

    In this step, we develop solutions using big data, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) components and modules.


    04. Precision Testing

    We then test the solution with diverse data to verify the model's accuracy and implement necessary cycles of improvement based on the results.


    05. Go-Live and Support

    Finally, our team deploys production-ready cognitive automation solutions followed by handover activities and support, including components to alert stakeholders when the system reports lower confidence levels.

    Sectors We Cater To

    • Retail and E-commerce

      Retail and E-commerce

      Improve customer experience and streamline inventory management, driving sales and reducing overhead costs.

    • Transportation and Logistics

      Transportation and Logistics

      Optimize routes and shipment tracking to speed up delivery times and reduce costs.

    • Legal


      Automate document review and contract analysis to reduce manual effort and improve accuracy.

    • Manufacturing


      Automate production processes to reduce downtime and increase output.

    • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

      Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

      Improve research data analysis and regulatory compliance to speed up drug discovery and minimize errors.

    • Finance and Banking

      Finance and Banking

      Automate financial data analysis and fraud detection, reducing errors and improving compliance.

    • Insurance


      Accelerate claim processing and boost risk assessment to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

    • Information Technology

      Information Technology

      Automate repetitive IT tasks to improve efficiency and enable your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.

    • Energy and Utilities

      Energy and Utilities

      Automate meter reading and billing to improve accuracy and customer satisfaction.

    • Telecommunications


      Fast-track service requests and optimize complaint handling to improve customer satisfaction.

    • Healthcare


      Automate patient data management and administrative tasks to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.

    • Human Resources

      Human Resources

      Speed up tasks like resume screening and employee onboarding to save time and improve hiring efficiency.

    What Sets Our Cognitive Automation Company Apart?

    Our custom automation support helps you save big on expenses while accomplishing the tasks more quickly. Besides that, we also offer some unique benefits which include -

    • Efficiency in Process

      High coherence and the ability of our solutions to seamlessly interface with upstream and downstream systems help you improve your process efficiency.

    • Decreased Cycle Times

      We provide powerful CPA tools to autonomously handle rule-based, routine processes quickly from inception to completion.

    • High Accuracy Validation Using Cognitive Decision Engine

      Assisting you to smoothly switch from manual validation of scanned document to CPA-based validation, we help you eliminate human errors.

    • High Reduction in Cost

      Whether you are planning to integrate CPA with your existing infrastructure or seek project-based support, we have you covered with our dynamic pricing model. This helps you pay-as-you-go and reap huge returns in the long run.

    Additional Services You Can Benefit From

    Test Automation Services

    Enhance your software quality and speed up delivery times with our Test Automation Services.

    Data Engineering Services

    Leverage our data engineering services to transform your raw data into actionable insights and drive business growth.

    Data Analytics Services

    Stay ahead of the curve with our data analytics services as we help you uncover hidden patterns and drive strategic decision-making.

    Artificial Neural Networks Services

    Harness the power of artificial intelligence to predict outcomes and uncover patterns with our artificial neural networks services.

    Transform Your Business with Smart Solutions - Outsource Cognitive Process Automation Services

    At the intersection of innovation and efficiency, our cognitive automation solutions and services suite offers businesses a transformative path to cost-effectiveness, accelerated delivery, scalable operations, and new, collaborative human-machine operational models. We provide cognitive solutions that learn and adapt over time, mirroring human efficiency and heuristic techniques. This learning capability significantly reduces the likelihood of bot failure when faced with non-configured variations, thereby enhancing operational reliability.

    Additionally, our cognitive intelligence solutions enable straight-through processing, allowing entire transactions to be processed without human intervention. This is a significant advancement over the traditional band-aid approach, where decision-making steps were kept out of RPA’s scope.

    Embark on your automation journey with us. Let our cognitive automation solutions and services be the catalyst that propels your business to greater heights of efficiency, operational excellence, and innovation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How is Cognitive Automation Transforming the Workplace?

    Cognitive automation is revolutionizing the workplace by automating complex tasks that require human-like cognition. It's leveraging AI and Machine Learning capabilities to enhance decision-making, increase efficiency, and reduce errors. For instance, it's used in HR for resume screening, in customer service for handling queries, and in finance for fraud detection.

    How does cognitive automation apply to different industries?

    Cognitive automation is applied across various industries. Healthcare uses it for patient data management, retail for personalized marketing, and manufacturing for predictive maintenance. Its versatility makes it a game-changer across sectors.

    What is the operational mechanism of cognitive automation?

    Cognitive automation functions by mirroring human cognitive abilities using digital systems. It leverages advanced technologies such as AI, ML, and NLP to facilitate enhanced decision-making and increased operational efficiency.

    What are the challenges associated with implementing cognitive process automation?

    Implementing cognitive intelligence automation solutions can be challenging due to the need for substantial data for training, the complexity of integrating it into existing systems, and the requirement for skilled personnel to manage it.

    How are data privacy and security maintained while embracing cognitive process automation?

    Data privacy and security are maintained in online cognitive process automation through robust encryption methods, stringent access control measures, and regular auditing. Compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR is also assured.