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Outsource Lead Scoring Services

It's becoming increasingly difficult to attract new buyers in today's age, as attention spans are getting shorter and clients are forming opinions before even interacting with your sales team! Lead scoring, therefore, becomes an important sales function and can be employed by modern marketers to drive increased top-of-the-funnel activity and conversions. Learn more.

Outsource Lead Scoring Services

Lead nurturing is now not only important to entice and nurture future prospects, but is also directly connected to how effectively you build your brand awareness and generate revenue. At Outsource2india, we are pioneers in leveraging digital channels for better lead management, and have seen the rise of new social and online techniques changing the game altogether. We understand that your sales team is pressed for time, and has to make hundreds of phone calls, send emails, and follow up on promising leads. But what if at the end of the day, all this effort leads to naught? That is where our lead scoring services come in, allowing you to attract new buyers, nurture them, and close your deals faster for a win-ready sales strategy.

Our Lead Scoring Services

At O2I, our sales lead prediction solution is built by a team of experts proficient in big data technologies, software engineering, and data sciences. Our AI based lead scoring solutions understand that new techniques need to be developed in order to turn potential leads into the “self-directed buyer” who has access to readily available information online. Our solution is cloud-hosted and is multi-tenant in nature, and supports various pre-defined custom application interfaces which can easily connect and sync with your internal applications. Using our services, you can generate lead scorecards which are attuned to the feedback provisioned from your sales team, therefore intelligently modifying lead scores through algorithms which only get better with time. Our proprietary sales lead prediction system lets you rank leads using customer data, set up various custom rules to add or subtract points and track the pages they visited, the links they clicked, and the product features they used in order to create a holistic persona of the ideal customer.

Our lead scoring services include -

  1. Lead Nurturing

    Our lead nurturing services are driven by artificial intelligence, and allow you access to intelligent sales cycle analytics that adapts to your audience. You also gain the ability to build and test different iterations of a particular strategy, while also generating reports from a single visual interface. Our system allows you to make the most out of your dormant leads by re-engaging them, while helping you schedule automatic emails based on custom parameters such as time, number of interactions, etc.

  2. Lead Qualification

    In today's market, the right context and speed are extremely important when it comes to aiding your sales team make correct, informed decisions when it comes to sales lead value assessment. Our lead qualification services will help you identify the hottest leads available to you, before your competition gets to them. We apply objective grading to all your customers allowing you to quickly find the best ones, further ensuring that you can prioritize your sales outreach to suit what matters to you. We even integrate with Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics to ensure you have access to the data that you need, when you need it.

  3. Lead Automation and Segmentation

    Ask any sales lead and they will tell you how much time they spend on repetitive tasks which require a large chunk of their time and attention. With the right set of tools provided by Outsource2india, you can immediately start optimizing sales leads while automating important but time consuming tasks such as lead assignments on a daily basis. You can create rules both simple and multi-part in nature to automate daily tasks, while also maintaining separate scoring rules for different customer segments which segment your customer data into individual scoring sheets.

  4. Data-Driven Interaction

    Our team of big data professionals pool in their combined experience to create custom processes for your lead management initiatives. We use relevant data taken from your customer's online behavior in order to help personalize your offerings to suit their requirements, before a single call has been made. We can help you display targeted offers on your website for different clients, while creating data-driven email paths to target customers as you uncover new information about them. Our solutions are so perfect; your customers will feel that you are a mind reader!

  5. Sales Cycle and Customer Analytics

    Our services are paramount if you want to measure what actually matters in your sales funnel, and build on it for continued success. Our sales cycle analytics leverage easy-to-use reporting features to notify you of attributes which work in your favor constantly, while helping you identify the channels and campaigns which generated the highest revenue and ROI for your business.

    Our customer analytics help you understand your customers' journey and find the key hit-point metrics at each stage of their conversion. You can leverage this information to re-target lost clients at the right time, while helping you attract new ones with the right mix of offerings suited to their purpose.

  6. Our services can be used for -

    Solution ConsultingSolution Consulting
    Solution as a ServiceSolution-as-a-Service
    Product ImplementationProduct Implementation
    Project DevelopmentProject Development

    The Lead Scoring Process at Outsource2india

    At O2I, we know that your best customers usually share similar characteristics and take certain similar steps while journeying through your sales funnel. Our process is designed from the ground up to determine what those characteristics and steps involved, assign points to each, and determine the score threshold based on the same.

    We consider 3 different criteria to settle down on the ideal lead scoring process for your enterprise. These include -

    • Explicit Criteria - This criterion contains information provided by your customers, either on a call or by entering their details on your registration form. It can also contain obvious information which is usually taken to be true, and could have been gleaned by your sales rep while on a call. This can include the client's location, the area of business, age particulars, etc.
    • Implicit Criteria - This includes factors based on the customers' behavior while visiting your web page, downloads made from your site, or web sessions attended. These can help you determine what they are exactly looking for, and offer a solution which suits their requirements.
    • Negative Criteria - As per your requirements, you can designate certain explicit or implicit criteria to be negative. These negative scores can be applied to characteristics which point to the fact that the customer might not be a valid lead, and therefore should not be treated as one.

    Once we define what the lead scoring process should do for you, we proceed with the following steps -

    Defining the Scope of the Project  

    01. Defining the Scope of the Project

    We calculate your exact requirements and test the sample data to ensure the process suits your exact requirements. At this stage, we also define visualization needs.

    Data Analysis  

    02. Data Analysis

    This is the preparation stage for the project where we configure the process for different conditions in case of a repeat deployment

    Model Configuration  

    03.Model Configuration

    We develop a solution model comprising of different data points obtained with the help of big data techniques and tools

    Quality Analysis  

    04. Quality Analysis

    We test our developed solution against unseen and unverified data so as to determine the accuracy of the model and the quality of the output generated.

    Solution Deployment  

    05.Solution Deployment

    Once the solution is finalized and all the stakeholders approve of it, we deploy the same using a cloud-based delivery model

    Our custom solution can incorporate various features such as -

    • Advanced Report Generation
    • Campaign and Program Analysis
    • Anonymous Buyer Retargeting
    • Influence Modeling
    • Custom API and Integrations with pre-existing software
    • Marketing Strategy Analysis
    • In-depth Dashboards and Reports
    • Marketing Calendar Integration
    • Customer Engagement Engine
    • A/B Testing
    • Revenue Modeling
    • CRM Integration

    Lead Scoring Tools We Use

    Our lead scoring solution is backed by a comprehensive set of tools built from the ground up and customized for your requirements. Our solution is completely industry-agnostic and is hosted on the cloud so you and your team can access it from a location and device of your own choosing. Some of the tools we leverage in order to provide you with an ideal solution include -

    Our Technology Expertise

    We have worked with clients across industry verticals, and our team of data scientists and big data professionals has allowed us to carve a niche for ourselves. When it comes to leveraging machine learning and deep analytics for lead scoring solutions, you can count on us. From forecasting lead values across business units, to prioritizing them, and even predicting conversion rates, our wholesome solution is all you need in order to achieve better success.

    Our tech expertise includes -

    • Expert Big Data Solutions
    • Cloud-hosted SaaS services
    • Text and image based mining
    • Machine Learning based automated workflows
    • Deep learning and cognitive computing
    • Predictive analytics

    Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Scoring Services to O2I

    O2I offers extremely specialized lead scoring services in India as well as throughout the world. With our help, you can reach new buyers and form an important relationship for the future. Some of the benefits you stand to gain from include -

    • Gain the ability to automate routine communications via emails and other digital methods
    • Ensure pipeline accuracy by removing redundant and inconsistent data, false leads reported as true, etc.
    • Visualize data trends with easy, real-time analytics and BI dashboards
    • Real-time feedback on lead quality and top ROI sources
    • Improved team performance by identifying best practices and customer approach opportunities
    • Improved sales efficiency with the help of prioritized leads
    • Easy scoring and forecasting of leads in order to predict conversion rates
    • An optimized contact strategy throughout the lifetime of the sales cycle

    Outsource Lead Scoring Services to O2I

    At O2I, our lead scoring services will help you stay relevant, get the basics right, and attract the right customers without having to worry about the veracity of the leads. With our advanced sales conversion prediction, you can customize what each customer sees on your website, which emails they receive, and how they are approached with the help of data-driven opportunities.

    We would love to tell you more about our products and pricing, so get in touch with us right away for a custom solution based on your requirements!

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Lead Scoring Services FAQs

  • What is Lead Scoring?

    Lead scoring is a process used by sales and marketing teams to rank leads based on their perceived readiness to buy specific products or services.

  • Why is lead scoring important?

    Lead scoring is important because it allows the sales team to spend more quality time on those leads that are more sales-ready.