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Outsource Retail Analytics Services

Retail Analytics Services

Outsource2india helps enterprises use credible data insights to ensure profitability and improve overall ROI with specialized retail analytics services. Data-driven businesses often require to collect, cleanse, and analyze data to curate valuable information that take them to the next level. With customized and targeting retail analytics services, Outsource2india helps identify and retain the most profitable and prospective customers for any business. By using data mining techniques and other information such as data pertaining to competitor businesses, the skilled team of market analysts at O2I transform the way retail businesses operate.

Outsource2india provides a cost-effective solution to gain deeper insights into their business with dynamic offshore retail analytics services. Allowing clients to utilize real-time data, O2I helps retailers increase customer wallet share, enhance complimentary store sales, and gain higher margins thereby reducing wastage of marketing dollars.

Our Retail Analytics Services

Our professional research services team at Outsource2india has over two decades of experience in providing offshore retail analytics services to help businesses take the right business decisions and save a great amount of money in the long run. Specializing in providing comprehensive retail analysis services, we offer -

  • Market Basket Analysis - O2I provides comprehensive data modeling services for group affinities and commonalities within the same industry
  • Optimizing Markdowns - Our professionals use your retail data to generate models for product markdown optimization
  • Price and Promotion Optimization - Our services aim at attracting large audiences by optimizing price and promotion, while still turning a profit
  • Demand Forecasting - Using demand forecasting, our team helps you analyze the demand and supply based on predictive models
  • Analysis of Competition - The experts at O2I will help your business find an effective way to approach the market using a new product or service. This is done by investigating data from your competitor's businesses
  • Performance Target Management and Price Rules - The dedicated professionals at O2I will develop price models to meet performance demands

6-Step Retail Analytics Process

Outsource2india's team uses a 6-step process to analyze and gather business data so that they can use it in the most effective way to help your business. The process comprises of the following steps -

Data Preparation  

01. Data Preparation

Our team of experts prepares the data for use by checking all data for accuracy, before we proceed with the next step

Pattern Recognition  

02. Pattern Recognition

Depending on the type of retail industry that the customer's business operates in, our team analyzes data to create models that present patterns which can be used to simplify the decision-making process


03. Data Segmentation

This process involves creating groups that match with specific competitor, product or customer segments that will help you understand and use data in a better way

Customer Analytics  

04. Customer Analytics

Our team finds an effective way to approach your customers in the store or through marketing techniques, after analyzing them based on key indicating factors specific to your business industry

Trend Analytics  

05. Trend Analytics

We use trend analysis to get most accurate and trending information pertaining to your industry which is essential for retail as it subsists on trending data

Quality Checking & Data Layout  

06. Quality Checking and Data Layout

Our research services team gathers data about current and past customers by using key data points in your company, to make crucial decisions

Why Outsource Retail Analytics Services to O2I?

Outsource2india is a leading knowledge services partner for various businesses around the world and offers extensive business analytics services to all industries. There are several reasons to outsource analytics services to O2I, these include -

  • Affordable pricing
  • ISO 9001 certified processes
  • Experience in analyzing data pertaining to various industries
  • Data collection tools from various international businesses
  • Savings up to 45%

Outsource Retail Analytics Services to O2I

Outsource2india is a leading provider of retail analytics services in India. The professional research services team at O2I has unparalleled expertise and skills in techniques such as SAS, SPSS, R, MS Excel, and much more to help you with complete analytics services to help your business progress. Our team is regularly trained in the latest software tools and uses advanced statistical technique to help your business achieve the results it needs. We aim at delivering the best services to our valued customers.

Get in touch with us to learn more about outsourcing retail analytics services. Find out about our affordable pricing structure.

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