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Anomaly Detection Services

Outsource Anomaly Detection Services

Collaborate with us to identify anomalous patterns in your datasets and empower yourself to make the best business decisions with our affordable services

Data is a crucial means of making business decisions for growth and success. However, business-friendly decisions can only be made when the data you leverage is free of anomalies. This is where detection of anomalies comes into play. When you equip yourself with efficient anomalies detection services, you can tap into unusual patterns within your data sets, thus being able to detect frauds, network intrusions, and other such events that tamper the data quality. Real-time anomaly detection should be made an essential part of your operations if you're from an industry, such as banking, retail, insurance, manufacturing, IT and telecom, and healthcare, among others. And when you partner with a professional anomaly detection company, you can leverage the best techniques to detect anomalies and mitigate risks associated with them.

Outsource2india is a leading provider of proprietary anomaly detection solutions with access to the best machine learning and AI techniques to automatically identify anomalies and act on them accordingly. With our team of experts with significant experience and adequate resources, be assured that your requirements will be met with high quality outcomes.

Anomaly Detection Services We Offer

Outsource2India follows a systematic approach and offers the following comprehensive anomaly detection and monitoring services as per your business requirements.

  1. Business Context Research

    Business Context Research

    The first step involves gaining a deeper understanding of the outliers and common patterns in your data. Our experts conduct business context research by carrying out Q&A sessions to achieve anomaly detection machine learning.

  2. Data Source Discovery

    Data Source Discovery

    The data elements should be handled efficiently to have access to as much information about the anomalies in the data sets, and how these anomalies are related. To achieve this, we perform data exploration, which gives us rich insights as to how to handle the data elements.

  3. Pre-Processing and Cleansing of Data

    Pre-Processing and Cleansing of Data

    Cleansing and pre-processing of data by our team of professionals helps ensure that are no invalid data combinations, duplicates, or missing data, which can cause inconsistencies and errors in results.

  4. Data Aggregation and Preparation

    Data Aggregation and Preparation

    Data aggregation and enrichment help augment the dataset with additional information, and then our experts prepare the data for specific algorithms. We then perform the verification of data quality to ensure accurate results.

  5. Anomalies Detection Algorithm Selection

    Anomalies Detection Algorithm Selection

    Out time-series anomaly detection services also include selection of the most appropriate machine learning algorithms based on the use case. We look through all types or techniques and match them with your requirements to ensure the most suitable algorithm is selected.

  6. Crash Monitoring

    Crash Monitoring

    After the deployment of the anomalies detection system, we assess the performance of the model to check for accuracy for anomalies in future. We also identify issues pertaining to the system and address those issues through our crash monitoring services.

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india For Abnormality Detection Services

Some reasons to choose us include -

  • Affordable

    Our solutions are available at highly affordable services to allow companies of all sizes to effortlessly partner with us for quality outcomes.

  • Professional Team

    We are equipped with adequate resources and a professional team to deliver copious amounts of work within the stipulated timeframe.

  • Data Security

    Being an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 company that complies with QDPR, we ensure complete data security and confidentiality of information.

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Outsource Abnormality Detection Services To Outsource2india

Our team of professionals have the knowledge and skillsets required to help you with each step of this process, along with the knowledge of the best machine learning techniques.

Get in touch with us now for high-quality cognitive services anomaly detection at pocket-friendly rates.

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