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Fraud Analytics Services

Outsource Fraud Analytics Services

Partner with us to get unparallel fraud analytics insights to prevent fraud before it risks your business

The world is experiencing the digital revolution; everything from buying food, clothes, and furniture to consuming every bit of information is done through digital systems. So, transaction between consumers and business also happens in the digital format and has opened to numerous avenues for online fraud. Thus, are you scared of protecting sensitive information from vulnerable activities online? Are you finding it hard to find skilled professionals to safeguard your business against data breaches, identity theft, and hacking? Are you looking for a fraud analytics company to outsource your needs? Then you have come to the right place.

We are a leading fraud analytics service providing company that has offered protective solutions to numerous businesses around the world. Our experts look into each business with an individual POV to provide real time authenticating processes, identity analysis, and risk decisioning intelligence. We are highly experienced in handling huge datasets to detect complex anomalies and provide advanced fraud risk analytics.

Fraud Analytics Solutions We Offer

Fraud analytics has become a prime entity that every business should possess in today's world. We have been offering these services for more than two decades now. It has made our experts aware of various fraud types and delivers solutions at a rapid rate. Here are some of the key services we offer -

  1. Software Certification

    Software Certification

    Every business has an onus of having software certification. So, we help in getting certification in the following software and more -

    • PA-DSS certification and compliance
    • PCI-DSS certification and compliance
    • EMV certification
  2. Rule Based Engines Development

    Rule Based Engines Development

    For the non-programmers, we develop rule based engines using fraud analytics software. We develop these engines for both existing and new fraud detecting software.

  3. Data Encryption Protocol

    Data Encryption Protocol

    We ensure that the data is properly encrypted to safeguard it from breach. As we have the best data encryption process, we make sure any data transferred or received from the clients is encrypted to protect it from threats.

  4. Fraud Detection Software Development

    Fraud Detection Software Development

    Our fraud detection software is top-notch and includes a plethora of features like -

    • Customer fraud parameters checklist
    • Development of security management features
    • Fraud data analysis programs
    • Anti-money Laundering
  5. System Integration

    System Integration

    If clients have existing software, then we ensure they don't go useless. We integrate your software with added security features to make sure frauds are detected. Here are key integrations that we do -

    • EMV integration
    • Credit check module integration
    • Fraud data mining system integration
    • Fraud management system integration
    • Fraud pattern recognition system integration
  6. Payment Authorization

    Payment Authorization

    We deploy tokenization to replace credit cards usage. When payment authorization requests are raised, tokens with verification codes are used to complete the transaction.

Why Are We The Preferred Fraud Analytics Company?

We have a proven track record, tools, and resources to cater to every need. Furthermore, outsourcing fraud analytics solutions to us will give access to a plethora of advantages as mentioned below -

  • ISO Certified Partner

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified outsourcing services provider who has catered satisfying results to hundreds of clients for nearly two decades.

  • Quality Assurance

    We are known for delivering high quality services. So, before delivering each project, our QA team runs multiple QA checks to ensure the project is of the highest quality that meets client needs.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When businesses choose us as their fraud analytics solutions provider, we dedicate an experienced project manager to each client. This manager closely works with you and be a direct point of contact at any time until the project is successfully delivered.

  • Precise Solutions

    It's vital to take quick decisions to right actions while dealing with digital fraud. So, our provides extremely delicate software that provides appropriate solutions against fraud within a quick span.

  • Data security

    We take immense measures in protecting client data. As an ISO certified organization, we always maintain international standard data security protocol and allow only authorized personnel to access client data.

  • Customized Pricing Options

    Clients get cost effective solutions by partnering with us. We provide customized pricing options for clients based on their requirements and business size. It helps clients save some of their budgets to invest in their core competencies.

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Outsource Fraud Analytics Services to Us!

We are a leading provider of fraud detection analytics to clients across the globe. We have successfully offered fraud risk analytics to several clients' various niches to safeguard their business and increase revenue. Outsourcing your fraud analytics requirements to us will -

  • Help quickly identify suspicious transactions, devices, or user activities and prevent any fraudulent
  • Get you cost-efficient fraud analytics solutions that get rid of your worries and allows you to focus on core competencies
  • Get access to experienced professionals who are aware of frauds that businesses encounter

We ensure to automate fraud analytics to validate devices, authenticate users, and detect fraud users. If you would like to safeguard and prevent your business from any type of fraud, get in touch with us now.

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