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AI Services in Healthcare

Outsource AI Services in Healthcare

Bank on the most advanced AI services in healthcare to develop medical AI technology solutions to meet your healthcare process needs

Healthcare artificial intelligence services have transformed the industry in sweeping ways. It has helped enhance preventive care, boost the quality of patient life, and ensure accurate diagnoses. It has also led to improved outcomes in several endeavors. However, developing tailored AI solutions for your healthcare center requires time and resources. It depends on a proper and correct understanding of how AI fits into a particular healthcare process.

We have over a decade of experience in developing AI solutions in healthcare. Over the years, we have developed diverse AI solutions to help in the accurate diagnosis of diseases, virtual health assistants, automation of redundant tasks, etc. Our expertise lies in understanding your process to identify the inherent needs and develop a solution that fits the bill to a t. We integrate it into your system and handhold end users till they get comfortable.

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Services We Offer

Our effective strategies to ensure the best ROI; our experts help eliminate security concerns regarding sensitive patient information. Our healthcare artificial intelligence services include -

  • AI Clinical Documentation Services

    AI Clinical Documentation Services

    We leverage machine learning and Natural Language Processing to make clinical documentation less time-consuming, more intuitive, and highly productive.

  • AI Medical Records Management Services

    AI Medical Records Management Services

    Make medical record management easy with our AI technologies. Identify and categorize reports and extract data from different sources for quick decision-making.

  • Healthcare Fraud Detection Services

    Healthcare Fraud Detection Services

    We develop solutions that can parse through data to detect patterns and flag suspicious things that may cost you heavily. Our services help establish a robust value-based care delivery system.

  • Healthcare Virtual Assistant Services

    Healthcare Virtual Assistant Services

    Reduce manual and repetitive tasks and make information access easy through integrated voice skills of AI-powered virtual assistants.

  • AI Services in Clinical Trials

    AI Services in Clinical Trials

    Leverage our AI technologies to expedite clinical trials by developing patient-centered endpoints. Seamlessly combine phases I and II of clinical trials and collect and analyze voluminous data in real time.

  • Healthcare Cybersecurity Services

    Healthcare Cybersecurity Services

    Use our AI systems to develop solutions that can identify new malware, generate alerts and secure sensitive data for providers.

  • AI Services in Healthcare Diagnosis

    AI Services in Healthcare Diagnosis

    We implement our solutions to evaluate massive amounts of patient data (doctor & lab reports, medical data, etc.) and provide relevant assistance to clinicians.

  • AI Services in Dosage Error Detection

    AI Services in Dosage Error Detection

    Get rid of prescription errors and eliminate chances of potential lawsuits by developing AI solutions that can spot and correct errors, confusion, and typos.

  • AI Services for Connected Medical Devices

    AI Services for Connected Medical Devices

    Leverage our AI technologies to develop solutions that collect data from devices and transmit them to other capable devices to enable remote troubleshooting and predictive maintenance.

Our Approach to AI Services in Healthcare

We develop customized medical AI systems in healthcare to meet your business needs. Our process flow includes the following steps -


01. Identify Business Goals

We work with you to understand your needs and identify your business goals so that our AI solutions sync with your objectives


02. Set Performance Metrics

We assign a team of experts comprising data scientists, AI engineers, and data analysts who develop top AI solutions to empower your healthcare center


03. Technology Implementation

We develop solutions and test their usefulness. We work on identifying and correcting critical bugs and flaws


04. Product Integration

After the bugs are eliminated, we integrate the product into your business systems while ensuring minimum downtime


05. Testing and Evaluation

Post integration, we evaluate the system architecture to ensure all processes and verticals are perfectly aligned

Why Hire Us as Your AI Services in Healthcare Provider?

We help you make better decisions, identify business opportunities, and provide data-driven insights for improved outcomes. Outsource AI services in healthcare to us to leverage the following advantages -

  • Top-notch Healthcare AI Solutions

    We have 25 years of experience building different AI solutions for healthcare providers. We automate end-to-end workflows to develop customized AI solutions for specific process needs.

  • Expert Team of AI Professionals

    Our AI services in healthcare team comprise data scientists, engineers, AI software engineers, and a data analytics lead. Our experts have deep knowledge of data science, ML, Data Mining, Hadoop, NLP, etc.

  • Guaranteed Cost and Time Advantage

    We bank on advanced processes and programming techniques that ensure 40% lesser costs. Our timely services ensure a 30% reduction in TAT.

  • Complete Data Security

    As an ISO-certified medical AI technology company, we ensure that your sensitive information is safe with us. We streamline data collection, end-to-end management, and secure storage.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Data Engineering Services

Transform raw numbers into viable, readable, and insightful data and present it to the board for proactive decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Our AI services help you with solutions that enable smarter and faster processes. We promote growth at scale.

Machine Learning Services

Our machine learning services help you develop solutions for predictive analysis for various use cases, data pre-processing and processing, model training, and so on.

Deep Learning Services

Our deep learning services help automate troubleshooting, high-speed image processing, optical character recognition, semantic analysis, and so on.

Data Analytics Services

Our data analytics services use analytics to parse data and create new revenue and business models. We ensure that you stay in tune with emerging market trends.

Data Science as a Services

Our data science service helps you collect data from diverse sources and convert unstructured data to structured data. We determine the correct datasets and variables and analyze them for insights.

Business Analytics Services

Understand emerging trends, anticipate future trends accurately, and get foresight into risk management with our advanced business analytics services.

Business Intelligence

Leverage our BI services to make data-driven business decisions. Gain increased organizational efficiency and faster analysis with our intuitive dashboards.

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We Created Data Storage and Processing Infrastructure for a Banking Group

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Outsource AI Services in Healthcare to Outsource2india

AI technology in healthcare is gaining importance as it enables healthcare professionals to address day-to-day patient needs. We make outcomes better and more satisfying for all stakeholders. We bank on highly skilled AI professionals, the best AI technologies, and well-developed processes to develop the best solution for your needs. Our solutions help -

  • Meet a specific AI need that is slowing down your overall process
  • End-to-end process automation to reduce dependency on human intervention

If your healthcare business is looking for either of these two, our AI services in healthcare can deliver the best solution.

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