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Data literacy is very low. As the amount of data increases, the need for people to understand the data also increases. We have the know-how, experience, and a team of data scientists to train your team and help them not only understand, but, leverage data science to its full potential.

In case of organizations that already have a team of data analysts, the best option is to opt for data science training services for corporates as it helps in enhancing the skills of their employees. Businesses, both large corporates and, start-ups alike, can benefit from trained data scientists who are highly competent and industry-ready. Data science for corporates empowers professionals to provide quantifiable data-driven evidence, identify trends and opportunities, and empower management to make informed decisions.

Data Science Training Services We Offer for Corporates

At Outsource2india, we offer professional data science services for corporates, which facilitates data science adoption for organizations of every size. Whether you are looking out for executive level training on data science solutions for your employees or seek technology training on big data and analytics, we can help you with everything. Our training services for corporates in India helps businesses in successfully implementing data science solutions to achieve augmented results. We have expert resources to offer corporate training for data science. By providing impactful data science services to clients across the globe, we are also equipped to provide training on big data analytics for CXOs. Our servicesfor corporates can be broadly classified into the following three categories -

Data Processing Workflow
  1. Classroom Training

    Our unique classroom training is tailored to precisely address the specific skill requirements of three types of stakeholders, which are the CXOs, middle level management, and the technologists. For each of these stakeholder groups, we have a tailored classroom training program. We understand that the right mentorship can help you effectively manage the disruption in the technology and hence we build capabilities for performance.

    Our sessions include intensive hands-on training programs to solve the real-world business challenges. The training sessions we provide offer hands on practice, a wealth of live use cases, and online/phone support post-training. We are always at the forefront of changes in the market. In addition, our course modules are continually tailored to meet your requirements. Our data scientists, with deep big data analytics expertise, will empower you to take business decisions and to derive valuable insights from your big data. Our programs will have a direct and measurable impact on your key performance indicators.

  2. Digital Data Science Learning Academy

    Being a flagship digital data science learning academy, the curriculum is designed to cater to vertical-specific needs. We have several modules of quality content segregated by levels such as basic, intermediate, and advanced along with strong a team of mentors for offline support. Users receive a certificate with total credits achieved and personalized statistics with information around courses done, test scores etc. User activity can integrate with Human Resource Management tools and can be integrated with mobile technology. These are engaging and interactive e-learning courses with content created to go through formative and summative evaluations.

  3. As a Combined Offering - Online and Classroom

    The digital learning academy provides a wealth of use cases, case-studies, and hands on practice. The content is customized to match the unique requirements of a specific domain. If client has a specific dataset, that they want us to customize the training program around, we can do that too. This ensures the training is relevant and relatable. The content is designed by mentors that are certified data scientists and are practitioners of data science. Hence, the content is healthy mix of applied data science and academic concepts. Modules prepares participants to take up global-level certification examinations, for example, after attending our Big Data and Hadoop training program, participants are well prepared to take up global certification examinations from Cloudera and Hortonworks. Our modules have a direct and measurable impact on client's key performance indicators.

  4. Data Science Training Modules

    4-step Data Science Training for Corporates We Follow

    Generally, at Outsource2india, we follow a four-step process to provide the training - The process we follow is summarized below -

    1. Analyze the requirement shared by the organization
    2. Build a custom training module
    3. Share our proposal with the client
    4. Once the proposal is approved, the pre-requisites met, the training is conducted either on-premise or on hired location

    Our Service and Technology Expertise

    The content of our training is designed by mentors that are certified data scientists and are practitioners of data science. All our professionals carry years of multi-domain industry experience and also constantly upgrade themselves with the new developments in the industry.

    Our Technology Depth Covers -

    Our industry experts have successfully provided this service to numerous clients across different industry sectors. We have -

    • Efficiently served clients across 8 different industry sectors
    • Impacted 50+ leading firms worldwide
    • Trained 5000+ professionals

    This was achieved with the support provided by our team of eminent data scientists, architects, and engineers having decades of experience in big data and machine learning. They are actively engaged in developing solutions for structured and unstructured data.

    Our Services Are Employed For -

    • Building capabilities for performance through our training services
    • We have separate and customized trainings for CXOs, mid-level and analysts
    • Our intense classroom trainings are complemented by e-learning modules that will help audience learn complex topics at their own pace
    • To enable decision makers on adoption of big data technologies and what tools and services fit their business environment

    Software We Leverage

    The software we leverage hugely depends on the type of technology topics that are chosen for the training. However, most often, we use the following -

    • A big data platform
    • Open source software like Python/"R"

    What Are the Benefits of Our Data Science Training for Corporates?

    Following are some of the major benefits of our services for corporates -

    • Customizable and industry-focused training content
    • Classroom interactive sessions presented by industry experts
    • Hands-on assignments with lab projects
    • Regular assessment on understanding via simple and intuitive quizzes
    • Our customized training will demystify the subject and clear away the myths and empty talk surrounding the topic
    • Impart insight into the types of problems that can be solved using analytics
    • Set on a path for faster adoption of data science services and solutions

    Why Choose Outsource2india for Data Science Training for Corporates?

    Having an eminent team of big data experts and data scientists, at Outsource2india, we provide the best possible training programs. Our instructors carry rich multi-domain industry experience and can equip you with the right skills and techniques to correctly interpret the existing data. You will also be able to make easy-to-understand, which is easy to communicate. However, following are some of the major benefits of outsourcing to us -

    • Affordable Training Programs

      We provide highly targeted training program where you will be equipped with specific skills that help you add value to your business. While doing this, we bill you strictly based on the expertise of the trainers involved

    • High-quality Training Process

      We take feedback for every training conducted and make amendments where necessary to constantly improve the quality of the services we provide. Furthermore, for online modules, the content and the working are thoroughly evaluated by the experts in the respective domain

    • Best Infrastructure

      Be it online academy or on-premise deployment, we have the required infrastructure to provide the best training programs. For online academy, we either use a cloud-based infrastructure, hosted by third-party and administered by us and the on-premise deployment is integrated with the client's learning portal

    • Strict Security Guidelines

      We follow strict user management guidelines for solution on cloud and also have stringent data security measures in place

    • Timely Completion of the Training Project

      We understand that it is critical to complete the training projects on time to equip your staff on time to quickly analyze, organize, and interpret the data

    Choose Outsource2india for Top-quality Data Science Training Services

    Outsource2india is a leading outsourcing firm providing a gamut of data science to global clients. Being in the outsourcing industry for over 25 years now, we are equipped to precisely cater to specific training requirements of the clients. Besides, data science training services, we also offer automatic document classification and lead scoring services.

    If you are looking for top-quality training for corporates , then you are at the right place. Just get in touch now.

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