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Outsource Recommender System Development Services

Are you looking for a way to cross-sell or up-sell on your e-commerce website by providing the customers with intelligent recommendations? Wouldn't it be amazing if the client is provided with product suggestions based on their interests, purchasing history, buying patterns, demographic details, etc.?

If you want to improve client interaction and sales on your e-commerce website, then, a recommender system is what you need! These intelligent systems use deep learning technology to make accurate product recommendations and can be easily integrated into your existing website or mobile app.

Outsource2india develops highly intuitive recommender systems which leverage powerful artificial intelligence & ML algorithms to enable smart decision-making by providing customers with relevant suggestions in the world of endless choices. Our product recommendation engine development services can help you realize your e-commerce targets.

O2I's Recommender System Development Services

Our services are uniquely positioned for the e-commerce companies that have vast catalogs and product assortments. We consider the past customer behavior, preferences, sales data, search terms, demographics, user location, browsing pattern across your website or mobile app, and a lot more to churn out the most relevant product or services recommendation as well as promotions. By incorporating machine learning into our software, the recommendations have become even more relevant, as the system intelligently alters recommendations based on the user behavior in real time.

Some of the key features of our recommender system include -

  • Ad Recommendations for Re-targeting

    Re-targeting is popularly being used these days to remind prospects about the products they had earlier showed interest in, and encourage them to make a purchase. The recommender system we build can be integrated with your re-targeting advertisements.

  • After-sales Marketing

    Our recommendation system can be used to keep the customer engaged even after they have purchased from your e-commerce website. Our powerful recommender system will help you target your customers with the right messages and product offers even after they have left your website.

  • Recommendations During Product Returns

    Once the recommendation engine understands what type of products were returned and why, it can suggest other product options, sizes, colors, fit that the customer might like and make purchase. One of the most impressive features of our recommender system is that it can turn a product return into a new sales opportunity!

  • Out-of-stock product Recommendations

    When a product is out of stock, a company loses an interested customer who was willing to make a purchase and may not return. In cases when a product runs out of stock, our software helps you can make the most of this situation by recommending other similar products which the customer might like.

  • Personalized Product Merchandising

    All e-commerce marketers know that each customer is different and have unique choices. Therefore, showing the same product assortment to all customers might not be the right decision. We have used this understanding in developing a recommender software which caters to individual preferences of each customer, by offering them with products that they might like upfront. This can make an enormous difference in conversion rates.

  • Follow-up Email Marketing

    Days that follow after an email is sent post product purchase are extremely critical to upsell and ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Our recommender system has an in-built feature to send follow-up emails to customers with relevant and useful offers /product suggestions which they might be interested in rather than multicasting a generic offer to all customers.

  • In-store or Proximity Marketing

    Our recommender software can be integrated with NFC, Beacons, and GPS technology so that companies can know which customers are within the proximity of your physical stores to send them messages on their smartphones or apps to entice them to visit the physical store. Or if they are already inside the store, it can allure them with offers on the products they customers are most likely to purchase, ensuring better conversions.

  • Recommendation System for Efficient Customer Service

    Our powerful recommendation system can help an agent on call suggest the best cross-sell or up-sell options without investing too much time or thought into the process. The engine can generate the right product and service recommendations while the customers are on the call with your support staff or engaged in a chat with your agent or chat-bot.

O2I's Process of e-Commerce Recommendation Engine Development

Our team comprises of talented and skilled software developers with expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. They follow a streamlined process while developing the recommender software.

The key steps in the process include -

Requirement Analysis

In the first step, we understand the client's requirements to analyze their current website or application

Recommender Solution Development

After analyzing the requirements, our team of software developers will develop the customized recommender solution with the help of our team of data scientists

Software Integration

Once the recommender solution is developed, it is integrated into your existing e-commerce website or mobile application

Result Enhancement

Once the recommendation engine starts working on the website, the results are carefully monitored for quality

Further Improvements and Updates

Once the system is running, we analyze the results and performance on a regular basis and assist with implementing recommendations for personalized marketing, retargeting, and email marketing

Key Benefits of Outsource2india's Recommender System Development Services

Outsource2india has been a leading IT technology outsourcing company in India developing innovative, powerful, and cost-effective software for over 2 decades. We have the experience of offering advanced software and data science services to the biggest online retailers and e-commerce giants. Outsourcing recommender system development to us can give you access to the following benefits -

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

    With the right recommendations, your end users and customers always get personalized merchandising and customized offers. This ensures that customers can easily find what they are looking for, increasing satisfaction ratings for your e-commerce website

  2. Easy Up-sell and Cross-sell Recommendations

    Once the system is fully functional, it will automatically make the right up-sell and cross-sell suggestions to your customers, tempting them to purchase other add-on products or services

  3. Increase in Basket Size and Average Order Value

    Measuring conversions is the thing of the past for e-commerce owners, who are more concerned about the order value. With the right recommendation system, our e-commerce clients have achieved a significant increase in basket size, thereby increasing profit margins

  4. Improved Visibility on Search Engines

    When everything is working smoothly and customers opt to come to your website again and again because they like what is being recommended; your search engine rankings will see an upswing automatically

  5. Cost-effective Software Development

    We provide our clients with resource-effective software applications at highly reasonable prices which automatically reduce your operational costs to a great extent

  6. High-quality Services

    Outsource2india is an ISO-certified organization with a multi-level quality checking and assurance team which ensures that we deliver high-quality and most intuitive recommender system development

  7. Single Point of Contact

    Dealing with multiple individuals to keep track of a project is a cumbersome task. We understand this problem and hence assign a single project manager to every client when they choose to outsource their requirements to us. This manager will be a single point of contact between you and us and will keep you updated at every stage of the project

  8. 24/7 Availability

    We ensure that our clients have no trouble in contacting project managers for any kind of project-related details upon project commencement. Our software developers and project managers work in the client's time zone and are always available during work hours through email and phone to solve any of the client's queries

Outsource Recommender System Development Services to O2I

Outsource2india has been a pioneer in providing recommender system development services in India which leverages data science. Personalized and customized e-commerce experiences are what users are looking for and we can help you provide just that by developing an intelligent recommender software which uses advanced data sciences and machine learning.

Earlier, companies used historical sales data to make product recommendations, but today, with the use of AI, it is becoming possible to provide better recommendations right from the first customer interaction. Contact O2I to leverage these technologies to take your e-commerce website to the next level of excellence and achieve greater customer satisfaction, repeat visitors, and increased profits. Get in touch with us today!

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Recommender System Development Services FAQs

  • What is a Recommender System?

    A recommender system is an information filtering system that generates a meaningful recommendation to users for products or services that might interest them.

  • What are the types of recommendation systems?

    A few types of recommender systems include collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, and hybrid recommendation systems.