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Outsource Prepress Services

Prepress Services

Prepress is a crucial part of the publishing, advertising, and marketing industry, be it for books, journals, magazines, or other collaterals. With rising print-run costs as well as the requirement for improved efficiency across the board, outsourcing prepress services is the way to go for global publishers.

At Outsource2india, we understand how difficult it is to find experienced digital prepress professionals who can not only help in customized graphic content production, redesign and conversion for your print needs, but also help in typesetting and proofing accurately. With an experience of over 18 years in Prepress, Artwork, Design and Premedia services, our Adobe Certified professionals are able to deliver high-quality digitization by leveraging the latest in technology.

Our Premedia and Prepress Service Capabilities

Outsource2india's professionals are adept at managing the entire content publishing lifecycle, including graphic design, pagination, foolproof editing, proofing, and keyboarding for a variety of industry verticals such as medical, legal, financial etc.

Our prepress service offerings include the following -

  1. Graphic Design Services

    For any print medium, graphics serve as an important way to communicate with the reader, while holding the person's interest at the same time. Our teams of skilled graphic designers produce stylish and efficient graphics for a variety of print requirements-from advertisements to brochures, medical books, etc. Our graphic design services include graphic reproductions, redrawing, image resizing, color corrections, retouching, digital proofing, etc. We work with both digital and print forms, and leverage the capabilities of the best graphic design software available, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FreeHand, etc.

  2. Typesetting Services

    We understand how important it is to compose crisp and clean layouts so as to deliver the intended message clearly to the reader. Our skilled typesetters are experienced in all forms of conventional typesetting, ensuring you always have a wide range of typesetting options to choose from - be it less complex pagination levels or complex design projects. We offer typesetting services in multiple languages for both print and digital media, while leveraging the latest software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Quark, etc. for print-ready page layouts.

  3. Prepress Production Services

    Our prepress production services serve as a one-stop-shop to take your print job from initial conception and design to the printing press; be it for a book, brochure, direct mailer, or any other printed matter. Our attention to detail ensures accurate file preparation and color manipulation as per the client's requirements. At all stages of the process, we ensure to keep you within the loop regarding the final deliverable, which can then be delivered to you electronically via FTP or VPN.

  4. Proofing Services

    At O2I, we understand that for a publisher, proofing is a very important step since once approved, the proof serves as a binding contract between them and the printing company. Our trained experts check your proofs for complete correctness, including checking and verifying digits and details such as URL's, color accuracy, bleed and trim marks, image positioning, etc.

  5. Content Digitization Services

    Our content digitization services are perfect for clients who have a large volume of documents which cannot be electronically converted, and therefore require manpower to accurately and efficiently enter the data manually. Not only is our service cost-effective, but is tailored to meet your publishing styles and requirements, while keeping in mind urgent deadlines. If you have content in an unreadable file format such as JPEG or non-editable PDFs, or require quick digitization of voluminous books or yellow pages, we can help.

Our Prepress Service Workflow

prepress process

We follow a streamlined process workflow to ensure that our prepress services are executed with perfection. We have dedicated project supervisors who organize and take ownership of the production workflow, while generating daily reports for your perusal. Our prepress workflow includes the following steps -

  • Receiving all input files from the client and allocating dedicated resources / supervisors based on the project complexity and resource availability
  • Debriefing client regarding the project (if needed), and subsequent project execution
  • Using latest software to carry out the Prepress activity
  • Ensuring that a dedicated supervisor monitors the process at each and every step
  • A comprehensive Proofreading and QC of all project files including 1:50 independent reviews conducted by the supervisor
  • Liaising with the clients, sending them the final deliverables and carrying out any modifications, if requested

Prepress Services - Key Differentiators

There is a reason why organizations from all over the world consider Outsource2india as one of the foremost prepress and pre-media service providers. Our promise of on-time delivery and dedicated skilled resources allow us meet all project related challenges while providing cost-effective and timely prepress solutions. By outsourcing your Prepress requirements to us, you stand to gain from the following -

  • Ability to hire skilled resources with a vast experience in the prepress industry based upon your requirements, thereby saving you human resource costs
  • Unmatched accuracy and quality for all your publishing requirements, as we make use of high-end software
  • Extensive cost savings in real estate, software purchase, administrative setup, and infrastructure
  • A robust redundancy model with multiple office locations around the world to ensure all work projects are adequately backed up and can be completed in due time

Our industry experience and presence of talented workforce has helped us provide custom prepress solutions to varied clients belonging to diverse industry verticals. Read this case study to find out how we delivered print-ready artworks using dedicated software for an established Prepress enterprise, and helped them meet their business goals.

Make Outsource2india Your Ideal Partner for Prepress and Premedia Services

Our USP lies in understanding the importance of the press and print medium for your business model, and with over 2000 satisfied global customers, we can guarantee that our Prepress Services will leave you highly satisfied.

Our prepress solutions are geared towards ensuring that all your requirements, from graphics to typesetting, proofing and scanning receive identical care and attention, while reducing your press running costs and increasing profits.

Contact us now for timely and cost-effective prepress solutions and Premedia Services. We will be glad to showcase our sample projects and display our experience in offering prepress services for over 18 years.

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