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Prepress Services

Outsource Prepress Services

With rich experience in PDF workflows, we make printing flawless with high-quality prepress services that are ideal for packaging, publishing, and print media at rates starting at $10 per hour

Prepress is a crucial part of the publishing, advertising, and marketing industry. Today, one of the ideal choices for publishers across the world is to outsource their prepress requirements and rid themselves of a huge burden of budgets and time.

At Outsource2india, we have a team of experienced digital professionals who can help in customized graphic content production, redesign, and conversion for print needs, help in typesetting and accurate proofing. With an experience of over 23 years in Prepress, Artwork, Design, and Pre-media services, our Adobe-certified professionals can deliver high-quality digitization by leveraging the latest in technology.

Our Digital Prepress Services

Our prepress services include the following -

  • Graphic Design Services

    Graphic Design Services

    Our teams of skilled graphic designers produce stylish and efficient graphics for a variety of print requirements-from advertisements to brochures, medical books, etc. We work with both digital and print forms and leverage the capabilities of the best graphic design software available such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FreeHand, etc.

  • Typesetting Services

    Typesetting Services

    Our skilled typesetters are experienced in all forms of conventional typesetting, ensuring a wide range of typesetting options to choose from - be it less complex pagination levels or complex design projects. We offer typesetting services in multiple languages for both print and digital media.

  • Prior-To-Print Production Services

    Prepress Production Services

    Our prior-to-print production services serve as a one-stop-shop to take a print job from initial concept and design to the printing press; be it a book, brochure, direct mailer, or any other printed matter. Our attention to detail ensures accurate file preparation and color manipulation according to the client's requirements.

  • Proofing Services

    Proofing Services

    Our trained experts check proofs for complete correctness, including checking and verifying digits and details such as URLs, color accuracy, bleed and trim marks, image positioning, etc.

  • Content Digitization Services

    Content Digitization Services

    Our content digitization services are perfect for clients who have large volumes of documents that need to be electronically converted which requires manpower to accurately and efficiently enter data manually.

Our Prior-To-Print Process Flow

Our workflow includes the following steps -

1. Receive Files

Receive input files from client

2. Allocate Resources

Based on project complexity and resource availability

3. Debriefing Client

Regarding project and project execution

4. Prior-to-print Activity

Use latest software for the activity

5. Supervising Activity

Dedicated supervisor monitors process

6. Comprehensive QC Process

Proofreading and QC project files including

7. Approve Client

Liaise with client, carry out modifications

8. Send Files

Send final deliverable

What is Pre-flight?

Pre-flight is the final step in the printing process where the design file is validated for correctness. Here, the preflight professional oversees the final run-through, looking for bad extensions, corrupted images, buggy fonts, color bleeding, as well as other minor and major faults that may have crept through quality control stages, undetected. If the digital final is faultless, it is sent further for printing. However, if unresolved flaws are above the threshold, the file is sent further back in the workflow for rectification.

Generic Pre-flight Workflow

While pre-flight workflow can vary with the file type and printing purpose, here's the overarching method followed globally -

 The minimum file resolution mustn't be lesser than 300DPI
 Pixelation issues must be avoided by ensuring image
 Use CMYK color profile for images to have a better color range
 If offset machines support the use of hexacromatic process, use spot colors, metallics, and other special colors outside the CMYK range
 In Illustrator and InDesign, select the image file(s) and click "Embed" in the Links palette
 Flatten the final artwork file in Photoshop or paste as 'embedded' instead of 'linking' as done on the Photoshop CC
 Export the final as high-resolution images with 300DPI or more. Alternatively, choose high-quality formats such as TIFF, JPEG, etc.
 Ensure correctness of margin to avoid image or content from being too close to the page border
 The artwork exceeding the page dimensions must be extended past the artboard to allow the reduction of unwanted borders in trimmed page
 Add crop marks on pages to trim pages to the precise size

Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer Pre-flight Settings Workflow

Here's a workflow on PDF pre-flighting to make the process seamless for printers -


Access PDF and select the right tool

  • Print Production
  • Select Pre-flight in the right pane

From the library drop-down, choose a preferred format

  • To view available profiles - Select 'Profiles' button
  • To view a list of available checks - click the 'Select Single Checks' button
  • To view a list of available fixups - click the 'Select Single Fixups' button

From the menu, use the following options to choose the preferred view

  • Favorites
  • Most recently used
  • Most frequently used
  • Most available

Select preferred profile, run check, and fix issues to see respective descriptions


After profile selection, click 'Analyze' to execute inspection without attempting an error fix or 'Analyze And Fix' to detect and fix issues. If your selection is 'single check only', you'll have the 'analyze' option. On the other hand, checking 'single fixup' initiates fixing through the 'Fix' option

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Adobe InDesign Workflow for Preflight Settings

Adobe InDesign for pre-flighting is slightly different from the rest. When this tool is used, the process for InDesign pre-flight configuration is as follows -

  1. Open InDesign and select 'Windows'>'Output'>'Pre-flight' in the right pane

    Shortcut - Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P
  2. At the bottom of the document window, double-click the 'Pre-flight' icon. If no errors are found, the icon is green, else it is red

Pre-flight Tools We Use

Enfocus PitStop Markzware FlightCheck Agfa Apogee

Why Outsource Digital Prepress Workflow Solutions to Outsource2india?

By outsourcing services to us, clients gain from the following -

  • Extensive Cost Savings

    You can achieve cost savings because we offer you customizable pre-press productionsolutions. You can select solutions that are relevant to your needs to save money.

  • Global Delivery Network

    Robust Redundancy Model with multiple office locations around the world to ensure all prepress packaging services are adequately backed up and can be completed in due time.

  • ISO Certified

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified premedia services provider based in India and serving a global network of clients. We ensure quality in every step of our delivery process.

  • Timeliness

    We ensure on-time delivery of our digital prepress services to avoid delays from transpiring to rescheduling or publication postponement.

  • Scalability

    Our prepress outsourcing solutions are highly scalable so you can always find us dependable when you need to count on experts capable of dealing with volume.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Video Clipping and Editing 0f 100,000 Drone Videos for a Popular Italian Studio

Provided Video Clipping and Editing 0f 100,000 Drone Videos for a Popular Italian Studio

Italian video production studio had clipping and editing services completed for 100,000 drone videos build a high-quality stock video library. Learn more about how we helped the client achieve their goal.

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O2I Provided Creative Content Writing Services to a Renowned HR Management Software Firm

Provided Creative Content Writing Services to a Renowned HR Management Software Firm

International HR management software provider was provided creative content writing services by us. Learn more about how we helped them achieve their goals.

Read more


The quality of Artwork delivered during the trial period was exceptional and that helped us to decide on our new Outsourced Partner from a couple of quotes from companies across the globe.

Director - Operations, Leading pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands More Testimonials »

Outsource Prepress and Pre-media Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is one of the leading providers of digital prepress services in India.

Contact us now if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective digital prepress service provider. We will be glad to display our experience and showcase over 23 years of digital prepress solutions through our sample projects.

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