Outsource Medical Writing Services

Are you a biotech company, a medical devices company or a pharmaceutical company looking for high-quality medical writing services at a cost-effective price? Outsourcing your regulatory, clinical, scientific and marketing communication documents to an authentic services-provider, which is experienced in delivering medical writing services, across diverse therapeutic areas, would be the ideal solution to fulfill your medical writing requirements.

Outsource2india (O2I) offers specialized medical writing services that include all medical and scientific communications, reports, documents for regulatory submissions and educational materials supporting pharmaceutical products.

O2I’s Medical Writing Services

At Outsource2india, we offer an extensive range of customized medical writing services that include:

  1. Regulatory and Clinical Writing Services:

    Our services can be used to create content for the following documents:

    • Pharmaceutical / regulatory documents (INDs, NDAs, ANDAs, BLAs, IMPDs, SmPCs )
    • Annual / periodic safety reports (INDARs, PADERs, CTSURs, PSURs )
    • Investigator brochures
    • Investigational new drug applications
    • Case report forms
    • Informed consent forms
    • Clinical study reports
    • Clinical trial protocols
    • Adverse event narratives (subject narratives / safety narratives)
    • ICH-compliant clinical study reports
  2. Medical / Marketing Communication Writing Services:

    Our services can be used to create content for the following documents:

    • Medical manuscripts
    • Meeting abstracts
    • Medical slide presentations
    • Medical newsletters
    • Content for medical websites
    • Medical posters and highlights
    • Executive summaries
    • Patient education materials
  3. Medical Publications:

    Our services can be used to create content for the following documents:

    • Medical publications
    • Medical supplements
    • Medical synopses
    • Medical journal articles
    • Conference / CME documents
    • Medical Book chapters

The Outsource2india Advantage!

With the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry expanding at a rapid pace, companies are looking for faster and more efficient ways to bring new drugs to the market. This has led to an ever growing need for high quality medical writing services. When you choose to outsource your medical writing services to O2I, you stand to gain numerous benefits, which include:

  • Highly experienced medical writing staff with post-graduate degrees in pharmacy, medicine and other life science subjects
  • Expertise in preparing and writing of documents across a wide range of therapeutic areas
  • Completion of all writing projects within the given deadlines
  • Preparation of all regulatory and clinical documents according to relevant guidelines
  • Convenient, flexible and cost-effective pricing structure that allows you to pay per project or per word
  • Provision of medical writing services in other foreign languages

The O2I Project Delivery Process!

We have created a robust process, which ensures that our medical writing services are high on quality, right from inception to completion. Each project is assigned to a project leader who selects the writing team, based on the project specifications of the customer. The writing team is in turn supported by subject matter experts (medical, regulatory or scientific), graphic designers, document processors, biostatisticians and language experts. The final document is again reviewed by our quality control experts before submission.

O2I’s Commitment to Excellence!

Medical writers at Outsource2india are committed to maintain high standards of excellence by making sure that our customers’ ideas are clearly communicated to their specified target audience. This is achieved through extensive research, writing of well-structured documents and consistent editing.

Contact us to outsource your medical writing requirements and get access to customized medical writing services at cost-effective prices.

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Medical Writing Services FAQs

  • What does a medical writer do?

    A medical writer writes clear and well-structured scientific documents such as clinical research documents, medical journals, and content for healthcare websites, health magazines, and news.

  • What qualifications do you need to be a medical writer?

    Becoming a medical writer usually entails getting certified by the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) and clearing the Medical Writing Certification Examination.